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Bush's Fumbling of the "War on Terror"

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posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 12:11 PM
I wanted to note three things that I have seen where Bush has done some major fumbling on his "war"

I am not saying that these are the only ones...

1. Attacking Iraq - This is a given. But if law enforcement was on the trail of Ted Bundy and took a detour and resources to go after someone else that we did not even have the final investigation in on there would be an outrage.

2. His use of the word "Crusade." He has used this twice. Once soon after 9/11 and again last year. Do we not have enough problems that we need to bring in Eurpean history into this??? I would think that his handlers would have taken this off his speech. What is he to do next talk about the benefits of the slave trade?

3. His silence on the matter of the Quran abuse. His people have only made statements that these are isolated incidents or insulated isodents (can you guess which TV show that came from ).

He should have been on tv making every statement about how this is uncalled for and those responible will be dealt with.

If we are going to fight terror it is not enough to shot and bomb - we need to not give people a reason to hate us even more. These incidents give terrorists foot holds to continue the fight and is used by them to sway the minds of other people to their cause. Bush needs an advisor ( Perhaps a Muslim Cleric to run things through.

Just my ideas...

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