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Space travel show on discovery

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 09:12 PM
Did anyone watch that 2 hour mini-movie on discovery tonight? a fictional story of astronauts travelling to mars, venus, io, saturn's rings, pluto, and a comet? pretty good rendition of what it might be like to actually travel up there, i missed a couple pieces but how did the one astronaut die?

the only thing i couldnt find realistic was travelling into venus, and an astronaut walking on the planet, he/she would be crushed almost instantly by the intense pressure. discuss

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 06:07 PM
No I didn't see it, maybe you would like to expalin it in more detail?

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 07:39 PM
basically it was a fictional story about what it would be like i guess exploring the planets, nasa or whoever the space agency was built an enormous (for what we have built) space ship , i believe powered by ion propulsion although i could be mistaken, had a room taht spun to provide .50 g , half earths gravity

first stop was venus, they landed a craft and two astronauts walked around gathered data for about an hour, the maximum time their space suits and space ship could survive the horrid conditions

from there they travelled to mars, where they searched for water with a probe, discovered water in the giant canyon, cant think of the name off hand, a giant dust storm was coming so they had to leave the planet aftetr an undetrermined amount of time,

they then slingshot around the sun where they had a near miss with a solar flare that could potentially kill them, the ship had its own magnetic shield to protect it to an extent from the suns radiation, once they slingf shot around the sun they were travelling about 300km/second to juptior

at juptior they had to burn up in the upper atmosphere to slow down so they could oprbit the planet and travel to IO, where one astronaut travelled down, there was way to much radiation, more then nasa expected and she almost died and barely made it back, but they showed sulphur eruptions and giant juptior hanging in the sky.

then they travelled to saturns, i had to leave for a bit so i dont know what happened i just saw them in the rings of saturn and one astronauth mysteriously died, once again i wasnt around to see

they headed to pluto, where they set up a structure of solar telescopes to probe the galaxy for planets,they dipicted pluto has a icy wasteland, nothing but barren rock, pretty interesting.

on the way home they travelled to a comit where a team landed but the comet started breaking up and they barely made it out intact, finally landing at earth, i believe the entire trip was over 2000 days. thats about it!


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