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The Great Divide: Fact or Thought Control

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 08:11 PM
This is related to recent theory I have been reading up on, and although I am not entirely sure of its truth, I will refer to things as if they are fact merely to reduce the amount of "if's" and "perhaps's" and make everything more understandable. I have seen a great deal of division on this site, and I believe that reflects the real political atmosphere of the world right now. But I, like many others, am not so sure that the divide is entirely natural, but partially or completely orchestrated from behind the scenes. Here are some thoughts on the matter in no particular order.


The radical left is actually a good friend of our government, when none of its consituents realize it.

IF your ideal of a violent revolution comes to pass, it will be bloody and awful, women and children will die in the streets, US domestic terrorists will awake from their slumber, pursue their own chaotic agendas and create a state of complete panic within the country. The weapons of the US military will be used against its citizens and they will not be able to fight you own a sherman tank or a b12 bomber? I hope your 12 gauge can pierce 3 inches of steel.

Once this happens, a number of people will DEMAND that the government do something to bring peace. Even if that desire is only felt by a minority, the press will zoom their cameras close, so that is all you will see.

This will be their greatest opportunity to throw away the consitution, the "bill of rights" that you love so much, and you will have marshall law in your land. Once order is restored, we will be much closer to one global empire.

The radical left must see that they are playing right into the hands of the gov't by fighting it with militant attitudes.


Why are people that promote peace and unity assassinated (bob marley, mlk), while those that promote militant resistance are allowed to live. (zack de la rocha, ward churchill). From this perspective it seems that peace and unity are percieved as the greatest threat of all, which is right on target with the above theories.


The media is owned by conservative circles, and yet liberal dissenting opinions constantly come through the press. There is basically a small number of companies that own all of the television networks and news outlets, and if the owners of these monolith corporations didn't want a certain opinion to reach the public, it wouldn't. Many people depend on television, radio, and print entirely for their news. Even the most intelligent person's view can be skewed if all the inputs to their thought processes are controlled.

Saying that the media is liberal because the reporters are liberal-minded is like saying that the workers on the factory floor of an automobile plant can control the concept and design of their products. Both statements can be seen as absurd once simple logic is applied.

So once we realize the fact that the media is not liberal or leftist, the next question to ask is why are leftist opinions so dominant in the media. This can be argued of course because its a broad generalization, but if one single radical leftist viewpoint makes it through to the mainstream media, that should raise some sort of suspicion.


Another aspect that must be investigate is whether or not the media itself can create, foster and nourish a divide such as this by emphasizing people's differences. A prominent theory is that people can be conditioned to have an automatic "shut off" switch in their mind, that will immediately ignore every thought that follows a key word, phrase, or idea.

Example for a Left-Liberal listening to a conservative speak:
A "conservative" says to you, "gee golly Im scared of those terrorists". The word "terrorist" is the key here, once you hear it, you immediately prepare yourself to argue about it, rather than hearing that person's view, processing it, and adding to it.

What comes to mind first for me is how many times the members of the US government, in their public adresses, and television news reporters repeat that word, over and over again. When you hear Them say it ten times a day, it eventually attaches itself to your opinion of him / her, and that determines what direction your "shut off" switch takes you after you hear it again. For some it inspires patriotism, and militant retalitory thoughts, and for others it inspires anger and anti-government sentiment. We should start to examine what "shut off" switches we already have in our minds, and work to become conscious of them, because once we do, we can break them.

Another one to think of is the word "conspiracy". The average person begins to construct thoughts of aliens / ufos and other hard-to-swallow theories. And everything that follows that word, for that person, becomes another ridiculous and absurdly outlandish theory. And all of these thought processes happen before you even get a chance to listen to what the person / book / program / film has to tell you. One is almost impressed by the genius of this phenomenon.

The CIA called these "sides", interrogators were trained to recognize when they have hit a "side" with a particular person, and change the subject of conversation. They were also trained not to use common "sides", and to recognize new ones, record them, and add them to the pool of "words to avoid".

We might want to adopt a similar philosophy, using their tricks against them in a way. We could train ourselves to notice these key words in everyday speech, and learn to find ways of speaking about the events of the world while circumventing the main ideas / phrases / thoughts that trigger the "shut off".

The Unity of People by peace is not a dream, it is just the result of people truly understanding eachother. And this is one of the many mechanisms used to block that understanding.


so I like I said at the beginning, even though I stated most of the above as facts for simplicity's sake, I don't entirely swallow them whole myself, and I don't expect anyone else to. That is the whole idea behind ATS anyway right? Also, if you would like to see legitimate evidence of the things I speak of, I will gladly find it for you.

I am just curious to see what opinions people have on both sides of the divide (you know who you are), and if you think that the divide is just a result of human nature, or a manipulation of it.


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