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I Summoned A UFO 9 minutes ago

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posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 01:03 AM
Thanks for the support, I was a little demotivated until now, but I'll continute to pray on this through-out the the night. LOL sounded like someone from malibu's most wanted thats cute, but I never saw the movie, and I from South Central L.A.

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 02:34 AM
ok lets draw a line between "summoning" and 'yahweh guy'

the yahweh guy stinks and everyone probably sees that by now
and the alleged pics of him smiling holding balloons; hes looking more and more like a crackpot everyday that he says more on his website

the attempt to 'summon a ufo' on your own account has nothing to do with the prophetyahweh guy

its just that a few of the ATS members had mentioned earlier *many months ago* that they had contacted aliens telepathically and met them physically in 3D

it was such an amazing story that it deserved to be investigated

and now with various unrelated reports of the same bizzare phenomena begs the question
"is this really possible"?

my guess is that within 2 weeks the entire issue will either
1) die ***due to lack of evidence***
2) succeed ***something more will come of it***

let us keep the prophet yahweh (99% chance of hoax)

and the "summoning ufos"
as Two Separate distinct issues that should be resolved separately and independantly from each other

The existance of truth in one; may not indicate truth in the other
Or the lack of truth in one , may not indicate the lack of truth in the other.

we should also not refer to this expierment as "summoning ufos"

it sounds too kooky and too mystical and outright silly

for the sake of sounding less insane; LOL ;
lets call this "Telepathically Induced UFO Sightings"
or something like that

we should not back away from a great discovery because it is dangerous

ill shut up now

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