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Unsolved Mysteries TV Show

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posted on Jun, 5 2005 @ 12:25 AM
There was TWO segments on two different episodes that were so bizarre and odd, that it should have been in the box sets. ANd if anyone knows what I am talking about, what segments that is, would you happen to have any more information on these cases?

Totally Bizarre Murder - A construction foreman from Washington or British Columbia, stopped by his brother's house late one night and said to his sister in law that someone was trying to kill him, he wouldn't go into it or give any details. He left hours later in the very early morning. From credit cards/atm cards he zig-zagged his way accross the US. He went to a hotel, where the security camera caught him coming in and out of the lobby like five times in a five hour period. He was murdered outside, in the back parking lot. The stab wounds on his body, suggest it was sexually motivated assault. No Witnesses, no motives, no suspects! The police can't link the murder to his supposed belief that someone wanted to murder him.

This could be for ATS.
Totally Bizarre Missing Person..Found?? In the 1960's a man enlisted in the Army. Late 1960's, like 1967, The Army informs his family he was killed and his body was behind enemy lines and could not be recovered.
20 years later. His sister is driving along the highway in Maryland, looks over and sees her brother! She is like "I thought he was dead" She lost track of him and when he went on a base.
This bothered her so much, she asked her brother in law (whom worked at a credit bureau) to look up his Social Security Number. IT WAS RECENTLY ACTIVE!!! As he was leaving. A guy in a suit walked up to him, stuck a gun in his stomoch and told him "That was a really stupid thing to do", "this isn't a robbery, this is your LAST and ONLY warning!"
the next day, his brother whom was in the Army and was investigating it also in his off time, was being watched by some Agents. He called the local police on them, the police were too afraid to answer his questions and couldn't make them leave. One day, the Army sargent, came out in his gym clothes and said to them, knocked on the glass and said to them "I'm going to the gym, then later heading over to the PX to pick-up some stuff, let's go!". When the family took their complaints to the Pentagon, the Agents eventually backed off.
After the Agents backed off, the sister got a phone call from he brother! He said "Can't talk long, meet me in the park in three hours" .
When she gets to the park, she sees her brother, 20 years older, standing near a tree looking at her, as she is going to him, one of the agents comes out of nowhere and tells her "He is dangerous, he is going to kill you!"
Her brother pissed off about the sistutions looks angry, so she believes it and runs off.
The Pentagon sticks to their story, he is dead and his body is not going to ever be recovered.

I really like that TV show, Unsolved Mysteries, and wish they would have put these in the box sets. Those were the most Bizarre cases they have ever profiled.

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