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Soros: Putin Urged Force in Ukraine (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 10:43 AM
U.S. businessman George Soros has said that Russian President Vladimir Putin had advised his then Ukrainian counterpart Leonid Kuchma to use arms against protestors during the country's presidential elections in 2004, Mosnews reported Friday.

"President Putin advised that President Kuchma fire at the protesters during the Orange Revolution. Fortunately, Kuchma did not take his advice," Soros was quoted by Interfax as saying at a news conference in Kiev on Friday.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

Please noted this news was originally reported from Mosnews and NewsMax just picked it up for the American readers. Not every intriguing news from Russia or Europe get through to the US via MSM as NewsMax usually does.

This is a stunning revelation about President Vladimir Putin on the Ukrainian election crisis last year, coming from the well-known businessman who despised George W. Bush (or is it all just Soros' staged facade for the US election 2004?). George Soros is known as a high-level elite for the NWO agenda.

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