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The Real Conspiracy

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posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 02:09 AM
The control of our natural resources has concerned me for a long time. Couple that however with changes in our weather patterns which is having a devastating impact on resources such as water and you have to be a little suspicious as this relates to the potential end game.

Think about this as a possible real life conspiracy.

There are many of us who already believe that weather can be controlled. In fact the evidence has been in the public domain for many years and any thinking person would argue that this isn’t beyond the realms of reality. What if the end game was to control the weather, create as a result droughts that cripple a country? We are already seeing the obscene push to sell off our water rights. Companies such Monsanto (as an example) stated to make this move in 3rd world countries a few years back. If you read the following links these stories are just the ‘tip of the iceberg’ as globally water is being privatised and therefore can be used as a control instrument.

So what is my point? Firstly the country sells off our water rights to multi nationals. Those of us who live in developed countries can attempt to be a somewhat self-sufficient (not wanting to be ‘owned’ by big business and having to pay unrealistic prices for a free resources) we do this by installing our own water tanks etc. That assumes however governments allow this and many do not and it also presupposes that we receive regular rain. Of course those who live in 3rd world countries are stuffed from day one. They have no chance of attempting to be self-sufficient. For them the game is over.

Lets go back to the developed country scenario as that applies to most of us. If we create self- sufficiency that isn’t part of the end game blueprint so big business uses their power and their money to work with secret agencies to control our weather. They create droughts and cut-off our ability to be self-sufficient and remember they also control what resources we have left. We can survive without many things but we cannot survive without water. This is when the game gets interesting.

We now have a situation where we have no or limited personal reserves and big business controls what bulk reserves there are. What big business is really after is control of the other resources that many countries have such as gold, diamonds, ore, oil etc so they use the number one resource that we need for our survival and that is water to buy off our governments and take control. Big countries such as America etc are probably not part of this game but many smaller countries and in particular third world countries are ripe for the picking. In the situation such my country it makes no sense to continue to allow drought scenarios to go on for ever so when ‘big business’ has control of the resources they are after they allow the weather pattern to change and presto – rain. You see this gives companies such as Monsanto the ability to move into phase 2 of the plan, control the food chain and agriculture of the country.

Could it happen? What do you think?

[edit on 4/6/2005 by Lady of the Lake]

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