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(news) Mass War Games To Be Staged In Venezuela

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posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 05:50 AM

Originally posted by ghostsoldier
Cuba has also, just recently conducted a huge war-games simulation. The goal was to see how long it would take to mobilise the entire country for war, that is; getting everyone armed and to their respective battle stations... And guess what the out-come was, they (as in the Cuban people) were mobilised and ready for an invasion in 30 minutes - goes to show what peoples power can achieve when they want to defend something that means alot to them...
[edit on 6-6-2005 by ghostsoldier]

That's BS, most of the Cuban people did not participate in this, and those who did were forced to do it, as castro and his thugs always do....

How do I know this? I still have family in there...

BTW ghost...ever wonder why so many Cubans keep trying to leave the island and why so many have died and lef the country?.....

Your's people's revolution is nothing more than the control of a whole nation by the communist agenda.

Keep trying to sell your bs people's revolution...

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 05:52 AM
It is more likely that Chavaz is working to bring the Armed Forces under his government control so that an attempt by the CIA sponsered elite will not be able to abduct him again or set up false claims. Ther threat against Venezuala is from the OIL companies basically, wishing they could regain control entirely of the Oil, other capatalists the same.

Chavez has a popular support amongst the poor and working classes, and if his economic control leaeds to increased employment, and better hospitals, health, education, and roads and rail, then he will remain in control. If he fails in thos earea, his support will fall and the next election may put him out.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 06:19 AM

Originally posted by AceOfBase
While it's true that many people were on the streets in 2002 to oppose him, there were many people on the streets in 2004 in support of Chavez.

That's not true. in many if not most of the demonstrations, there have been more people who opose Chavez than they support him.

BTW, the link you gave does not support your statement, let me make quotes so you can see what I mean.

On Thursday April 11, an estimated one million people marched to the headquarters of Venezuela's oil company, PDVSA, in defense of its fired management. The organizers decided to re-route the march to Miraflores, the presidential palace, where a pro-government demonstration was taking place. After violence erupted between demonstrators, the metropolitan police (controlled by the opposition) and national guard (controlled by Chávez), 17 people were killed and more than one hundred people were wounded. Doctors who treated the wounded reported that many of them appeared to have been shot from above in a sniper-like fashion.

An estimated one million people marched in favor of those who Chavez fired and then decided to go to his palace to protest, where his thugs began shooting at them killing 19 of them, not 17, and injured many more.

Let's continue with some of the numbers mentioned in that link you gave.

In August 2003, opposition leaders began the process to recall Chávez, a procedure first introduced in Venezuela in the 1999 constitution. When the opposition presented the National Electoral Council (CNE) with 3.2 million signatures, the CNE rejected the petition by a vote of 3-0 with 2 members abstaining, ruling that signatures collected before the mid-point of Chávez's term were not valid under Venezuelan law. In November, the opposition conducted another signature drive, again presenting over 3 million signatures.

Over 3 million signatures were taken from people who oppose you have any idea how many people supposedly voted for Chavez?... Around 3.7 million people.... Do you know what happened to many of those people who signed to get Chavez out from power?...they were fired from their jobs....the same thing happens in Cuba when people decide not to go to castro's speeches or to anti-american demonstrations.

Again, the names of petition signers were posted publicly. The president of the Venezuelan Workers Confederation was quoted by the Associated Press as claiming that the Chávez government had begun firing petition signers from government ministries, the state oil company, the state water company, the Caracas Metro, and public hospitals and municipal governments controlled by Chávez's party. The Associated Press also quoted Venezuela's Health minister, Roger Capella, as justifying petition related layoffs by saying "all those who have signed to activate the recall referendum against President Chávez should be fired from the Health Ministry". He retracted these remarks several days later by saying that they were his own personal opinions and not a matter of public policy.

Excerpted from.;jsessionid=803eag5hpu4s0?method=4&dsid=2222&dekey=Venezuelan+recall+referendum%2C+2004&gwp=8&curtab=2222_1&sbid=lc 01b

Preliminary result
Francisco Carrasquero, president and one of the five members of the CNE, announced the preliminary result on national television and radio at around 04h00 local time on Monday, August 16, after 94% of the votes had been counted
[2] (

No: 4,991,483 = 58%
Yes: 3,576,517 = 42%

According to these early-morning results, the first condition (a quorum of 25% of the electorate) had definitely been satisfied. The second condition (more votes against Chᶥz than he received in 2000) would probably be satisfied (an extrapolation from the preliminary results, assuming that Poisson statistics correctly describe the uncertainties and that the so far uncounted votes are not biased with respect to the full sample, gives the total number of "yes" votes as 3.785 million with an error margin of about 0.002 million). However, the third condition (a simple majority: more people voting "yes" than "no") had clearly failed.

Excerpted from.

The image of Chavez has been going down, and down the drain, he had to do something to make sure noone tried to take him from power now he is arming those who are loyal to him.

[edit on 26-6-2005 by Muaddib]

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 06:33 AM

Originally posted by lost
bravo you two. bravo.

ladies and genteelmen, the above is the two sides to a well oiled propoganda machine. both sides cancelling eachother out. well, now we've only got bad guys - so whos fighting for the good guys..? hmm...

There are no good guys left. The ones they found were "taken care of". Anybody want to take their place? Not likely. One of these days people will realize that there has been only one war. The war of the Elite against the rest of the world.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 09:57 AM

Originally posted by Muaddib
The image of Chavez has been going down, and down the drain, he had to do something to make sure noone tried to take him from power now he is arming those who are loyal to him.

That's precisely what Chavez is doing, for the reasons he's been staging war-games to turn his country into a militarized camp, similar to the methods that Mao Zedong employed in the Cultural Revolution or Pol Pot in the Khmer Rouge transformation of Cambodia.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 10:09 AM
With regard to the shootings of the anti-Chavez protestors, I watched a documentary some time ago filmed by a British team who were there at the time, and during the failed coup.
According to the filmed evidence, the police were actually returning fire in the direction from which the snipers opened fire. Many died from head shots too... all very professional indeed

Also not mentioned is the fact that the anti-Chavez march was not originally planned to march to that fateful destination but was directed there by members of the opposition. The whole thing was a setup.

The programme was superb, filmed during and after the coup and showed a very contradictory story to that of the opposition and American Government / press.

posted on Jun, 26 2005 @ 10:09 AM
Double post deleted.

[edit on 26-6-2005 by Britguy]

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