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Brazilian Commission of Ufólogos (CBU) Members to give interviews.

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posted on Jun, 3 2005 @ 06:20 PM

Translated From

Due to gigantic repercussion that the success of the UFOs
campaign: Freedom of Information Already is having in Brazil and
exterior, the integrant ones of the Brazilian Commission of
Ufólogos (CBU) is giving innumerable interviews for radios,
periodicals, magazines and TVs of Brazil and, mainly, exterior.
Sets of ten of sites of Ufologia of the most diverse countries
have divulged the meeting widely that we had with the military. In
reason of this, we have set appointments some programs of radios in
U.S.A. and Europe that will be being disponibilizados for the
InterNet. They see below some already confirmed and they participate:

Strange Days Indeed, Newstalk 1010 CFRB, Toronto
(Canada). Saturday, June 04, 23h00. Program commanded for
Errol-Bruce Knapp, of list UFO Updates, with more than 3
million listeners. Details:

Fate Magazine Radio, Coast you the Coast AM, San
Francisco (CA). Wednesday, June 8, 15h00. Program commanded for the
celebrity Hilly Rose, old collaborator of the Fate magazine,
with more than 5 million listeners. Details:

Premiere Radio Networks, Coast you the Coast AM,
Los Angeles (CA). Tuesday, June 07, 02h00 - 05h00. The most
including program of Ufologia of U.S.A., commanded for George
Noory and Art Bell, with more than 15 million listeners.

Sightings, Somewhere in the Pacific.
Monday, June 13, 22h00. One of the most respected and appreciated
programs, commanded for Jeff Rense, with more than 5 million
listeners. Details:

Dreamland. Wednesday , June 08, 09h00. Program
commanded for Whitley Strieber, author, lecturer and director,
with more than 5 milhoes of listeners. Details:

I personally can't wait !!!

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 05:16 AM
This thread has been on the board all day! And only 32 views!!!

PY threads get 60,000 + views and no one cares about the disclosure in Brazil?!!! By the Brazilian Air Force no less!

Come on people PY is a circus!

Brazil is what we've been waiting for, all this time!

The Brazilian Air Force is publicly annoucing the existance of E.T. , this is it !
The BIG one !!! Well I for one am keeping my eye's on the ball.


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