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Kylie Minogue giving 8 cardio rooms for breast cancer treatment.

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posted on Jun, 3 2005 @ 11:08 AM

MELBOURNE, Australia (AFP) - Elderly heart patients were moved from their beds in an Australian hospital so that pop diva Kylie Minogue could have an entire ward for herself when she underwent breast cancer surgery last month, a newspaper said.

Doctors and patients were angered when Minogue was given eight of 18 cardio rooms in Melbourne's Cabrini Hospital for her May 20 operation, the Herald Sun daily said.

Hospital spokeswoman Jackie Meiers told the newspaper none of the patients were compromised as a result of the singer's stay.

Minogue's cancer, discovered just after the 36-year-old singer returned to Australia from her London home to begin a concert tour, drew international media attention and her family sought to keep reporters and cameras at arms length.

i wish i was like her to get such treatment and caring like dat, but in anicase its ridiculous to dink that they should push the elderly aside just for her. and if they try to make an excuse that the elderly may be fans of Minogue and bother her is no excuse either since the senior citizens are more interested in staying alive then asking for autographs.

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 12:00 AM
I might suggest editing the Title of the topic as it implies that she 'gave' (giving) 8 rooms rather than 'given' (taking) 8 cardio rooms.

I used to like her, but then she turned out just like all the other trash.

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 03:29 PM
I sorta feel bad for her in a way. And when I concider my own situation with my health I want to laugh at myself for even thinking about feeling bad for the zilloniare with the hospital ward to herself when I have to wait 6 months for an MRI.

BUT! Knowing and understanding disabilty... I STILL feel bad for her. Why? Well... because you don't measure disability by how much worse off someone is compared to someone else. You measure it by identifying how much someone has lost.

This girl is super cute and makes her cash with her looks. Now, her looks are in jeopardy (to a degree) not to mention the lack of energy she is going to have after this happens to her (she'll be sick a lot... but I'm sure she can hire the help).

Its hard to explain. Like sure.. she'll never REALLY know TRUE suffering. But it does have to be increadablly scarry for her no matter what really.

And I'm sure she paid for that ward.. and I'm sure the money will be used by the hospital for good use. Doesn't really make it 'right' but... that is the way the system works.. it works for those with money.

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 03:42 PM
Another thing to consider....

The absolute chaos that would ensue (and thus be quite a nuisance to their recovery) for other patients, with people trying to get a glimpse or pics of a celebrity in the hospital...if in the next room.

Believe it or not, the move is likely MUCH better for the patients' recovery chances.......and as mentioned, the extra dough to the hospital will be put to good use most likely... You can pretty much bet on some serious charity from KM also...

Supercute? Kind of an understatement....

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 10:40 AM
Kylie Minogue ROCKS

Haaaa 23 June in Holland
Aaaaaaaaaah concert
28 days

posted on May, 26 2008 @ 10:45 AM
kylie minogue is just george michael's voice sped up to sound higher... anyway, how the hell did u find this 3 year old thread?!?

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