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How can we win when our own people are leaking our secrets?

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 12:47 PM
This relates to this ATS thread regarding top-secret CIA flights.

I came across someone's perspective I totally agree with, so I'll post it in his words:

Originally posted by Robert Sherrell on the Winds of Change blog:

I read the article and all of the postings on this blog about it. I do not like our secret operations being disclosed in the press either. There are times that wish that the press, (which BTW is mostly owned by conservative right-wing businessmen that are only concerned about how much money they make and NOT left-wing liberals as so many people scream about so much), would think about the bigger picture before printing information that could be harmful to America.

But let me offer a view that is completely different from the press bashing going on in the postings:

The REAL fault for this article is with the people that talked to the press about the CIA operations. It is not the fault of the press... Continued

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 01:25 PM
Concerning the illegal kidnappings and torture of european citizen and in european countries (Sweden, Germany and Italy), the information about the torture flights came from european state attorneys, who are already prosecuting the different crimes performed by the USA against their citizens, who complained about the treatment. The broader thesis of a world-spanning CIA torture network was verified simply by inspecting the flight logs of the charter machines used by the suspected criminals. Interesting things turned out, pointing to the fact that probably hundreds of suspects have been flown from europe to secret locations in US-puppet dictatorships like Uzbekistan, Jordan or Egypt, where they have been subjected (according to eyewitness reports) to electroshock torture, among others. Witnesses subjected to even more sadistical torture (human boiling, Uzbekistan) could not be interviewed as they were dead.

Performing these kind of crimes against allied nations is, simply put, unthinkable. Responsible politicians should be brought before justice.

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