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Prophet Yahweh to go to jail for fraud if he doesn't refund the money he has stolen!

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 09:08 AM
This is an open letter to Mr. Yahweh and whoever it is that has been helping him hoax the little glowing orbs in the sky that no independant researcher has been able to verify if he is actually calling down or not.

Please make sure he see's this.

Mr. Yahweh.. already we are on day one of your scam and you have already managed to screw it up to a degree not seen since the marx brothers stopped makng films.

The first question I would like to ask you is why is your website down from what you call a "SABOTAGE" action commited against it for the ENTIRE 45 day summoning window? What has happened that will NOT ALLOW people who HAVE PAID MONEY in good faith to see what you had to offer to them? You MUST REALISE that the TRUE UFO community is very much use to dealing with con artists by now and they take their work and their passion very very seriously and are NOT GOING TO SIT BY while some two bit snake oil salesman rips people off wholesale on the internet. There is nothing that can take down a website of your size for over a month. Therefore you must be lying. Therefore you are subject to investigation because this whole thing stunk from the very begining and now it stinks even more. The UFO community takes frauds very seriously and you WILL be brought to justice for this fraud that you have commited.

You have a choice Profit Yahweh...

1) You may refund the funds you have stolen from the people who signed up for your site and now have nothing to show for it so that you can avoid any legal entanglements.

2) You must come clean on the methods you used to hoax the orbs so that no one falls for your foolishness or anyone elses foolishness of this type ever again. And so that you are not tempted to try this hoax again 45 days from now, while you tell us all that "Last time there was a problem with the psychic link I share with the 'space brothers'.. however THIS TIME though, they will come." OR .. "As you know, last time I tried this my website was down and so the space brothers and I lost email contact with each other, however the new date set for Aug 14th to Sept 30th I will... etc..etc.." LIES! Come clean now!

3) You can appoligise to the UFO community and everyone including the childern you took in with your obnoxious and poorly thought out scam. What did you think was going to happen when the UFOs didn't show up? Or when you failed to produce the videos you had promissed on your site? Did you think everyone would just forget about the $8 that they wasted on your site? Its not about the money. Its about the reputation of the community and of the internet itself. Lets not forget the journalists who's time you have wasted... they are going to want to interview you again very soon, either on their time.. or on your time, at your trial when you walk to the court house with your jacket pulled over your face or in a cell after the fact.

Or.. you can continue to run this little hoax/scam of yours and the result will be an investigation by the FBI fraud department in no time at all. Complains are already being launched against you with them just out of the fact alone that you have taken money and failed to deliver goods. That is illegal, that is fraud. You are already now in trouble.. just how deep do you want it to go, Mr. Yahweh?

I have a few questions for you Mr Profit Yahweh. Mr James Randi offers up a one million dollar reward for proof of psychic phenomina. That means if you can demonstrate to him that your 'gift' is NOT a scam like is now quite obvious to anyone who has been paying attention (or money for that matter), and that you can actually call down UFOs then he will pay you an easy $1,000,000 straight in to your bank account. So why haven't you done this? Its is because Randi will proove you to be a fraud?

The other question I have is something I think everyone should be asking themselves. It is simple.. "Why do the 'space brothers' need YOU to call them when the cameras are present? Why do they not just hover above the White House or anywhere near a tall building in NY and there will be all sorts of cameras all over them right away? And why do they stay so high up in the air if they want people to 'know that they exist' because it would be much better for them to just come down out of the sky and hover 50 feet above the MGM Grand and then we'd have no doubt that they exist... they would only have to do this once and then we wouldn't need you anymore so why does this not happen?" ...can you please explan this discrepency in your story? They want to be seen? Now is the time? But they need you to tell them when the cameras are around?

Maybe the answer to my questions is simple. You are a con artist and not a very good one either. It is as simple as that. You are not the first. You will not be the last. This MIGHT be the most poorly thought out scam/hoax in the history of Ufology but being such a learned ufologist yourself, you probablly already figured that out for yourself. And you might be the first ufologist to ever ruin his carear without ever publishing a book before hand. That, by the way.. is where you went wrong.. you were suppose to have a book on your site for sale that tells people in GREAT and COMPLICATED detail how to call down the UFOs themselves.. you would be rich right now, and if no one was able to make the UFOs appear then you could have just said that they were not doing it right. Then you wouldn't be in all this hot water right now.

Maybe you are insane and do not understand what you were doing by putting yourself in this situation. In that case I feel bad for you. But you must come clean before you hurt anyone else. The ufo community will not stand for this sort of thing, its been hurt itself too many times by this type of tasteless and self serving con artistry.

The UFO community does NOT NEED people LIKE YOU in it ANYMORE! This is a SERIOUS subject that deserves respect, and the hard working people like Dr. Steven Greer are the TRUE prophets of the UFO phenomina who have our respect because of how much of their lives they have commited to uncovering the truth about this issue. You are just a snake oil salesman who will be laughed about like other internet hoaxes of the past like Aussie Bloke and German Guy... almost completely forgotten about and generally disregarded except for use as an example of other past internet hoaxes. Except they were never caught and they never stole anything from anyone.. you sir will be going to jail for the money you have stolen from the public, and that is IF they don't tar and feather you first (do you know what that is... don't be surprised if you find out soon enough).

I wouldn't be surprised if your daylight ufos were a trick of a parabolic mirror (daylight being required to generate the light that is bounced off the mirror and in to the smog in the air above Las Vegas) and you have been found out. I wouldn't be surprised if a media news helicopter was in the air during one of your "summonings" (and either saw the glint of light from the air on the ground below and figured you out) or ASKED if you minded if one could be in the air or if an orb would appear if a helicopter was in proximity and you objected, therefore making everyone very suspicious. If no one in the media has even thought of this yet... well I'm not surprised concidering the job they have done covering the White House administration that has been doing nothing but putting on shows with smog and mirrors as well.

Saddly because of what you have done over the last few days.. I can't believe the damage you have done to the community in less then one week.. . . SADDLY we will never be able to trust another daylight orb video ever again because of this hoax. I hope they nail for what you have done... just like another prophet who unfortunetly got the punishment that you yourself deserve. And to take the name of god all the while you took money from people? Do you not believe in an afterlife? For the sake of your sole, I really really hope he IS as forgiving as people say he is... because he is going to be the next to come down on your crooked backside after the people you ripped off have their way with you.

The glowing ball is in your court Prophet Yahweh. Do you make things worse yourself and for the UFO community you have wounded so grievously? Or do you come clean IMMEDIATELY and admit to this wrong doing? On the air the other day you lied to over 10 million people... you think you are going to get away with that? Did you think that UFOs were some cute urban legend you could screw around with and no one would mind being taken in by your scam? YOU WERE SUPER WRONG.. it isn't like that anymore buddy, and people are going to be SUPER ANGRY with you and you might not ever recover from the financial ruin that is about to befall you from the legal entanglement that you have put yourself in. People do a lot of serious work on this subject material and you have wasted a lot of their time and made some of them look like fools (though they have no one to blame but themselves to be taken in by such an obvious fraud). You have certainly made a mess for yourself.. what you do to clean it up is up to you but I certainly would not want to be in your shoes.. not that a decent (or sane) person would ever do this to themselves. And I beg you, if you ARE HEARING VOICES IN YOUR HEAD, please get some help.. it would certainly explain why you thought you would get away with this scam/hoax. However it doesn't explain the orbs in the sky that were obviously generated with the help of a friend.. and TO THAT FRIEND.. I highly suggest you too distence yourself from your friend and the trouble he has caused himself, his family.. and you too.. you also have a choice here to come clean and admit to what you have done. The money you have stolen and the time you have wasted of the public and the media and the discrediting of the UFO community, ABC and other mainstream news agencies (like they needed any help).. will be delt with. You do NOT want to be in court for the next few years sorting this out.. or having your wages deducted for the next decade to pay for the fees and fines that you will be held accountable for. It is best that you help your friend Mr. Yahweh now, by going to the authorities now and explaining to them how he pulled this stunt off in order to clean your own name and distence yourself from Mr. Yahwehs lying and hoaxing before it is too late and you end up going down for this, for nothing too.

Once a con artist always a con artist right Mr Yahweh?

Please make sure he and anyone taken in by his theft gets this and make sure he understands just how serious this is.

Please make the right choice Mr Profit Yahweh for your own sake.. and do not drag the innocent people on the internet who trusted you any further through your own insanity and psychotic machinations. You owe them the truth and their money back.. and if they don't get it..

.. Yahweh help you.


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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 09:22 AM
Why dont you just send him letter or something, i dont think he's going to see Where does this guy live BTW???

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 09:23 AM
I skimmed over it. He's pissed because he fell for the scam.

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 09:34 AM
Actually, said member has stated it was a scam all along...

It's an interesting angle that if Yahweh doesn't deliver the vids (as promised by purchasing the access), then he's guilty of fraud, no matter if real or fake vids... People signed up for a service, that they aren't getting.

I'd recommend simply e-mailing this to him, as he's fairly easy to contact it seems...though I wouldn't expect a reply...

[edit on 2-6-2005 by Gazrok]

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 09:38 AM
It seems to me, according to another thread here (about 3/4 down, by SurfingElectrode), PY is saying he's going to be giving refunds to those who signed up. Of course, saying and doing are two entirely different things, but still might want to give him a chance to make good on that much anyways.

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 09:59 AM
well, if you feel something illegal has happened you can contact the attorney generals office in nevada and give them the info and let them investigate him.

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 10:22 AM
He has cost us all and those issues I'm sincearly concerned about.. and yes, HE WILL see it (trust me). There have been far too many con men and its time one was made an example of. Time these jerks get a message.

I wanted to give him the benifit of the doubt for a bit while I waited to see what happened. I mean there was no doubt in my mind that SOMETHING was up... I just wasn't sure what. I'm kinda disapointed that it seems to be nothing but a scam at this point and I think he scared the crap out of himself with the amount of people who he accidently conned (he's realised that its out of hand and that he can't deliver).

****He's lying about the costs associated with his videos and website btw, and the whole "I don't want to make money off of this." thing .. because if he didn't want to make money off of it, or take the financial risk involved with hosting video files he could have just offered the videos up to any UFO site (tell me, that each and every one of them wouldn't want to host the video FOR HIM - specially if there are so many of them that they COULD EACH have their own unique video or even two to offer up to attract vistors) NOT TO MENTION the fact.. that ... why the heck didn't he just put an advertisment on either the begining of the videos themselves, or on the website itself... then he could have made a fortune over the last little while and kept his site running. He's actually upset if you read his reasons for why his scam has failed that the videos were posted on other sites.. yet had he just given them to just a few sites to generate the interest then he wouldn't have had to incure any debt or financial risk other then the cost of his site alone (which you can get at a flat rate these days, very cheep for a site like his). The videos would have gotten around and the interest would have been generated without him having to host the videos himself (isn't this what happened anyways?) ... but he wanted to have something he could SELL and MAKE MONEY from that he WASN'T GOING TO KEEP (we'll never know because PAY PAL pays out by the month or so and he probablly doesn't have access to it yet) for himself and yet its been a week and he instantly ran out of operating capital and has had to shut down his site. He claims its sabotage.. but I say, that he wasn't accounting for the things that webmasters have been dealing with on the internet for years now, didn't realise how difficult it is to run a scam the way he was running it.. felt he would be able to make money solely off the video section of his site and this has all backfired now. And so the invasion is off... the space brothers are totally amazed that the human they picked to do their psychic work for them didn't see this coming and are having other thoughts about running this place now (the Iraq situation isn't helping things either.. who would want to inherrit that mess?).

Why is it that the space brothers can't generate the funds FOR HIM?

How about this...

.. he delivers on this "UFO above Vegas for 48 hours" thing, and then millions of people race to his website and encounter a few advertisments and maybe have to click on them to get the scoop or become a member of his bulletin board and he could have made some capital to keep the site going. And don't forget that list of email adresses that have contacted him over the last week.. that list has got to be worth a few bucks to anyone who owns a big UFO website.. eh Strieber? But I figure, if he is psychic enough to call down UFOs and be in constant telepathic contact with them, then he should have known how to keep the money running through his site.

Like I have said.. this whole thing has been very poorly thought out. So I wouldn't hold your breath anymore, unless... I'M COMPLETELY WRONG and a "phoenix lights" type mothership appears over Vegas tomorrow... believe me I would like to see nothing better.. and I'd be the FIRST to admit that I was totaly frelling wrong.

I was even sort of hoping that it was a War of the Worlds hoax and that everyone would be 'let in' on the joke.. BY TODAY.. I wasn't very happy that this was a possiblity either but I prefered it over the scam theory.

But its pretty obvious to me. Anyone who puts themselves between such an amazing occurence is out to 'get something' out of the deal. And if there WAS going to be someone in telepathic contact with UFOs it would be someone who has spiritually developed to the degree that a UFO would want to come down for them. Someone we would already be familier with and it would be no question that this person was telling us the truth and that it WAS TIME for this to happen. Not some guy.. who has taken a 'vow of poverty' (probablly involentarily too... such is capitalism... can't say I blame this guy for just getting frusterated with the system and resorting to criminal actions) .. who we have never heard of either ... what has this guy EVER done for humanity? So he's broke? So what? So are a lot of people probablly living where he is living in Vegas.. that is life in Vegas.. most of the people who live there are broke. Its a sad city.

BUT WE, as a community have to put pressure on people like this right from the get go.. ask the HARD QUESTIONS.. ask SOME questions for frells sake. WHY DOESN'T he have a message board on his site? If he could have shown the media the interest this story has generated by the amount of messages on a BB then he wouldn't be in so much trouble right now with the finances.. someone would want to back him up.. and therefore be let in on the 'deal' and in the 'know' as to what is going on. That is probablly the problem.. he can't take on a partener without defrauding someone who WILL take action against him.

Well now he is in hot water with his service provider.. he is on a "fixed income" and I wonder if his space brothers are going to leave him to foot the bill since HE is suppose to be doing a job FOR THEM.

Usually when you are doing the work of an advanced alien race that is using you as a psychic medium (whore) they will pony up expenses for you (as some of you ALREADY know.... right HR?) so that you don't end up going bankrupt while trying to create a bridge of peace and understanding between them...

.. so in other words.. (lol) .. the massive UFO invasion is OFF, until Profit Yahweh can get his finances straightened out and conduct business properly from now on with the intergalactic invasion force and his hosting and service provider. You'd think that his space brothers could just tap the internet with their advanced technology and host the site for him (lolol).

I was worried for a moment that this might be some CIA op.. JUST for a moment.. but now I realise that the CIA probablly couldn't screw something up this baddly.


PS: I don't care about his attempt to 'pay everyone back' btw.. he needs the money to pay off his hosting provider and there is a fee incured by anyone who uses pay pal regardless of the out come of the transaction where is this money coming from? This guy is in DEEP CRAP people, unless the invasion starts tomorrow.. or this afternoon for that matter.. or just starts over the next 45 days. This guy is going to be pan handling to pay everyone back.. not to mention his lawyer fees.

"I'll psychicly call a glowing spot in the sky for you to see for spare change sir?

Over before it ever started... the worst hoax I've ever seen. The best he can hope for now is to disappear with the money and everyone will assume he met with foul play and at least the end of this will be more interesting then jail time. He might get a legend or myth status out of this instead of a criminal record.

One more thing. I'm CONSTANTLY amazed at how UFO and end of the world predictions and 'leaks' are getting SO MUCH ATTENTION so quickly without establishing any grounds for being authentic before everyone is getting in to their shelters or buying tickets to the invasion. THAT is what keeps throwing me more then anything. There is just SO MUCH attention given over such a small and insigniffigant speck of a site or posting (a la AB and GG at that ACTUALLY becomes the story itself.. the attention and NOT the story. Thats the story. Get me?

Too early for this stuff... I need another coffee.

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posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 10:29 AM

but now I realise that the CIA probablly couldn't screw something up this baddly.

Millions of Iraqis would disagree....

Seriously though....

I'm just picturing him, turban and all, holding a sign saying...

"Will summon UFOs for food"

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 10:31 AM

Originally posted by Vis Mega
I was even sort of hoping that it was a War of the Worlds hoax and that everyone would be 'let in' on the joke.. BY TODAY.. I wasn't very happy that this was a possiblity either but I prefered it over the scam theory.

It couldn't be. This guy has been spouting his crap since 1997.

EDIT: Do you mean the movie, or the original story?

[edit on 2-6-2005 by Surfingelectrode]

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 10:43 AM
I don't think he's a scam artist.

He's just some crazy, dopey guy.
He hears voices in his head.

I don't think he actually knows what he is doing, he is just this crazy guy who sees things.

There are a billion explanations for the video other than aliens, but I don't think HE was in on it.

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 10:46 AM
He couldnt summon a ufo yesterday cause it was windy.
(according to his interview with George of coast to coast, in which, btw, he was nervous as a lady of the evening in church!!!)

Oh, please.....

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 11:01 AM
Finally an end to this BS!!!!
There is just so much evidence against him. Wait doesn't the Bible say: And in the time of Tribulation false phropets will come.... spooky.......

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 11:13 AM
The movie that is coming out. I was hoping that there would be a wink and a nod that this was a good old fashion movie set up, that the first few days of 'hoaxing' would be forgiven because of the REALLY amazing (yet fake) UFO that would hang over Las Vegas.. perhaps even introduce a new type of holgram techology "Hey you thought those glowing orbs we made for the promos were cool.. check this out.." and boom.. you'd have this IDay type mothership hanging above Vegas.. genious specially with the PY calling down his 'benevolent' space brothers just before they destroy us, would have been a great movie promo.

Now I know he's an evil racist and probabally insane as well and those types are a dime a dozen and Speilburg would have nothing to do with something like this.. IF THEY WERE GOING TO DO SOMETHING LIKE THIS, they would have gotten Randi or Penn and Teller so we'd KNOW (in advance) that the whole thing is a scam but for entertainment purposes.

This guy is in deep crap. I say bombard him with hate mail. Tell him you are a huge Israel supporter and that you are keeping an eye on him and that he should think about issueing retractions before he gets himself in to any more trouble. Make him sweat a little bit.. he SHOULD be sweating buckets right now.

I'm really surprised that this type of scam can happen in this day and age.

I'm REALLY surprised that I missed out on his hate speech days ago.

BUT I"M REALLY SURPRISED that guys like Alex Jones missed it in the first place. Yeah btw.. this is probablly the same guy that did time for those murders. I'm sure if you look him up the FBI has a huge file on this turkey.


PS: I'm SURE that ANY ONE OF YOU, who paid money to this guy, can call the FBI RIGHT FREEKING NOW.. and tell them that a dude who is spreading anti Israeli hate speech (that should go over well) on the net is conning good people who DID NOT KNOW that he has links to this type of violent hate speech and DO NOT WANT TO BE ASSOCIATED WITH THE sure to happen violent end that this guy is going to meet with. And could you tell me anything about him or if something is being done about him please? And can I get my $8 back now and have my credit card records he has of mine destroyed please Mr Policeman?

Get me?

("millions of iraqis would disagree" - lol)

[edit on 2/6/2005 by Vis Mega]

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 11:19 AM

Originally posted by Gazrok

but now I realise that the CIA probablly couldn't screw something up this baddly.

Millions of Iraqis would disagree....

I know you are makeing a joke, but those were faked or made up how ever a person wants to see it.

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 11:21 AM

Originally posted by Atomix
Finally an end to this BS!!!!
There is just so much evidence against him. Wait doesn't the Bible say: And in the time of Tribulation false phropets will come.... spooky.......
Yeehaw Yahweh is one of them!

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