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7 Years- WW3- Antichrist -the Mark

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posted on May, 31 2005 @ 07:41 PM
That first missile can come in the blink of an eye and the life I have grown so accustom to will be gone.

I’m concerned that the 7 year tribulation period may be more violent than I ever imagined; even the 3 ½ years of Israeli peace may be under Russian force. (I always assumed that 3 ½ years of peace in Israel would come with relative world peace too).

The Russian/Chinese alliance is so strong NOW, a flash point between North Korea and the US may not be needed. A “shock and awe” preemptive strike on the US from Russia/China BEFORE the US is forced to mobilize its troops in Asia to contain an escalation of the North Korea situation is possible. The exact trigger point is my psychic blind spot; I’m not able to see the gateway between present time and moment that causes the first missile strike on the US. I'm never allowed enough information to know when (time) until it happens.

In piecing together information from all my visions, the events below should manifest in a seven year period. I may not have the exact sequential order though.

* UNKNOWN TRIGGER - North Korea flash point or a preemptive attack on US

* Russia/China attack US homeland and interests – Asia and US at war.

* Russian Leaders instantly secure Middle East peace between all Arab states including Israel and the Palestinians in the form of a treaty of non aggression during their joint Russian/Chinese invasion of the US – This secures the Russian/Chinese interests in the Middle East, specifically oil, and prevents war from breaking out there. And three and a half years of peace comes to Israel.

* Russian Leaders rally world support in their war against the US “Police Regime”. The Europeans choose to follow and stand down during the US invasion to prevent Russian/Chinese aggression toward them. And the whole world follows.

* Israel becomes venerable as democracies fall, knowing how hated they are by their Arab neighbors now supported by the Russian/Chinese alliance. Forced to use a preemptive nuclear deterrent to prevent invasion, Israel uses nuclear weapons to take out Iran’s nuclear sites.

* Russia and China respond to Israel’s first strike by carpet bombing Israel with over 30 nuclear bombs, completely destroying every inch of the country in a disaster unlike anything ever see on earth. Russian Leaders will take power over the world by destroying the Holy Land; announcing that they are God in this world. And the world now knows the Antichrist.

* The war will not end, but the Russia alliance will declare an end to the current global economy and political system lead by US democracy, the Russian alliance will force a “global regime change” by imposing a New World Order; a new form of identification, currency and social structure.

* The New World Order utilizes implants in countries aligned with Russia/China. Many will follow. The wealthy will receive an implant in the right hand; each implant contains currency used for purchases and information about an individual’s background and medical history. Invaded and unwilling countries, including Americans, will be forced to use retinal scanners as identification; retinal scanners are the equivalent to the tattoos used in Nazi concentration camps.

* The Chinese planned from the beginning, to use Russia to get control. In the end, China will turn on Russia and try to become rulers over all.

Leon S. L.

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 12:00 PM
How will the Russia/ China invade? Land ,sea or air? Where will they come in first?

Oh yeah, you have no timeline, is that right?


[edit on 1-6-2005 by Roper]

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 08:27 AM
Interesting stuff. At the moment Russia's miltary poses little threat. They are demoralised and underfunded. The only thing they have to keep their reputation is their WMD's.

I think Putin is trying to address this however.

Concerning China, The US Defence Secretay Rumsfeld warned today that China's leaders are spending more on their military than they are admitting.

North Korea may well be a flashpoint, I have heard that 250,000 Chinese troops are stationed on North Korea's borders.

Now, one wonders. Is this to deter the US from invading North Korea, or is this to warn North Korea that it should not test a nuclear weapon, or is China saying to the US from this: This is our backyard, we'll sort North Korea out if need be.

I certainly would go along with China attacking Russia, in this case I could see the EU going against China if things got bad for the Russians.

On your prediction of Israel's's possible. It depends on what Israel does in the years to come.

posted on Jun, 4 2005 @ 12:45 PM
Roper - I don't fully have that answer - what I have seen is this -

Russia attacks the east coast with missiles first.

Leon S. L.

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