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Life catches up with you

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posted on May, 31 2005 @ 04:02 PM
Staring out into the freshly cut lawn, sometimes I take a moment to think. With a cold beer in my hand and the smell of juicy steaks sizzling on the old charcoal grill, I feel at peace. The steaks are almost done, I don’t want to over cook them. I just love that tender inside and crispy edged taste that the grill puts on the steak, its worth spending sometime in the back yard. I remember building that swing set the kids are playing on. As I take the steaks off one by one, I can see the fiery insides of the grill. It kind of looks like a lava pit, how the charcoal heats up to a glowing orange, yet some coals are remain black.
“Honey,” asked my wife. What do you want to drink
“Oh don’t worry, I already have something,” I replied. What a lucky man I am, to have a wife like her. Always coming home to her bright smile as she helps the kids with their homework, she never seems to tire.
“It’s my turn!”
“No, mine!” my kids yelled frantically over some legos.
“Cut it out! Wash up and get some napkins.” Why couldn’t they just get along like other siblings do? I would pay to see one day without fighting, seeing their childish antics take over every minute of my free time.
“Honey, do you want some rice?” my wife asked.
“Yes, and could you pass me the salt while you’re up too?” But then again, that’s what kids are like, they are not just going to change for no reason at all. I guess my wife and I have college to look forward to, then we won’t have to deal with their chaos. Ha… I wonder what my wife would say if I told her that?
“So, how was work?” my wife asked.
“Nothing new… just like every other day” I replied.
“Matt got an A on his science project… right Matt”
“Yeah dad, I just got it back today. My teacher said I did the nest job in the class” my son excitedly replied.
“I told you that bridge would work” I replied excited myself. I wonder if Matt will follow in my footsteps, he seems smart enough, he has the talent. Actually, that wouldn’t be that bad working with Matt, side by side someday. Isn’t that every father’s dream, to see his son succeed? Well, if I worked with him, I could help him even more.
“Can I be excused?” My kids muttered in unison.
“Take your plates to the sink first” my wife said.
“Honey, I am going turn the game on” I said while backing my seat out and standing up.
“All right, I’ll clean up and be up in a bit”
“Sounds good.” I plopped down on my bed and turned the television on. The game wasn’t on yet.
“Honey, can you get the phone?” my wife yelled from downstairs.
“Yeah, I got it.” I replied. “Hello”
“Ay Jimmy, its Tony… we kinda have a bit of a problem…”
“I thought I said never to call my house? Dammit Tony this better be important” I yelled loud enough so my wife would not hear.
“Jimmy, its late”
“What do you mean it’s late. It’s eight-o-clock and it hasn’t come.”
“Yeh… so what are we gonna do?”
“What are we gonna do, that stuff was supposed to be shipped from us to John this morning.”
“Yeh, I know Jimmy”
“This isn’t good… uh… this ain’t happening, everything was going so well.”
“So what are we gonna do Jimmy. Its almost a day late. John doesn’t like…”
“Tony, TONY!” I yelled into the phone. Now not caring if my wife could hear me or not. “Tony, are you there… Tony.” Oh god, why did this have to happen today, why did this have to happen while under my watch.
“Honey!” I yelled. There was no reply. “Honey! Can you come up here?” What could she be doing. I got up and left the television on.
“Hey Jimmy…” It was John
“Oh John… I’m sorry John, this has never happened to me before.” I said, trying to seem cool.
“Jimmy, I lost four clients because of you. That’s not good”
“John, I couldn’t do anything about it, my delivery man is no where to be found.” I replied, trying to savor my last breaths.
“Not good… Not good” He replied, now pulling out his pistol.
“C’mon John, it was all a…”
“four clients…” John said slowly and with disgust. John didn’t even bother cleaning up, he just left.

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