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Yellowknife cancels Heterosexual Day

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posted on May, 30 2005 @ 09:26 PM
The city of Yellowknife, in Northern Canada, has had to cancel Heterosexual Day, after some people became offended by the new 'holiday'.

The city of Yellowknife rescinded its proclamation of Heterosexual Day at a special meeting Monday.

Councillor Alan Woytuik introduced the proclamation last week in response to a request for the city to proclaim Gay Pride Day.

"I am not anti-gay and I'm not advocating denial of anyone's rights or promoting discrimination. In fact, my position is just the opposite. I fully support the fundamental principle of democracy that everyone should be treated equal.

Councillor Alan Woytuik, who proposed Heterosexual Day, apologized to people who were offended. But he maintains that he was misunderstood and only wanted equal rights for heterosexuals, because they should be celebrated too.

"I'm a little shocked over all the attention it received. I saw it as a simple request to treat everyone the same and it was misinterpreted and kind of blown way out of proportion from what the original intent was so I feel a little shocked about that."

This has to be the most naive politician I have ever heard of. How could he not know he would get raked through the coals for this?


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