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Wanting more (poem)

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posted on May, 30 2005 @ 07:00 PM
(better in song)

Wanting more

Why is that we always have to forget
The things that we always let
Go farther and farther away from our grasp
Into our own lifeless gasp

Shouldn’t we have learned
From what happened before
Wasn’t that when I said
I won’t let this happen no more

Things will not just happen
For the ones that do not try
They will only come true when
You can catch her eye

Its just one of those impossibilities
That always seem to come true
But why is it taking so long
For everything to happen on cue

The time has come to take a chance
Its only me and her
Its time to see what she thinks
Our friendship has become a blur

I’m like a soldier dieing
Seeing everything flashing by
Is it all worth losing
To see our relationship soar in the night’s sky

The threat of losing it all
no longer worries me
Just meaning more to her
Is the treasure in my sea

But finding that perfect moment
Can not be bought or planed
Hopefully it might emerge
Talking hand in hand

Now its time to walk and talk
As friends usually do
Hopefully nothing will happen
So my dreams finally come true

I’ll leave it at that
Until I need it more
For her to be by my side
So we can open a brand new door


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