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Off_the_Street’s “Coca-Cola Chicken”

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posted on May, 30 2005 @ 01:08 PM
Okay, so it sounds a bit … strange. But it’s a dead easy one-pan dinner (which means cleanup is a snap), and tastes great.

One cut-up chicken
12 oz. ketchup
12 oz. cola drink
1 packet Knorrs or Lipton’s Powdered onion soup mix
cooking oil

Large covered skillet
Large Ziploc baggie
Mixing bowl
Mixing spoon

Put a quarter-cup to a half-cup of flour in the baggie, toss in a piece of chicken and shake it up. Repeat with the other pieces and brown the floured chicken pieces in a couple of tablespoons of cooking oil in the skillet.

Mix the cola, ketchup, and onion soup in the bowl and pour over the chicken. Cover, turn the stove-burner down to simmer, and cook for fifteen minutes. Turn the pieces of chicken over and cook fifteen minutes more. Serve over rice.

posted on May, 30 2005 @ 01:39 PM
What are the recommended sides to your infamous OTS Coca-Cola Chicken?

I plan on making some this week.

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 12:42 PM
Rice is usually what I have; the green I pick is usually Broccoli, since everyone in my family likes it.

Southwestern hint: since the rice I cook is usually white and the chicken sauce is red (from the ketchup), if you lay the chicken next to the rice with the broccoli on the other side in three little semi-rectangular globs, it will be the three colors of the Mexican flag, and you can call it "La Bandera Mexicana con pollo arroz y vegetales", which means "the Mexican flag made up of chicken rice and vegetables".

I think you can get either four or eight Diversity Points this way, depending on how many people you have for dinner.

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 01:09 PM
Hmm, I'm a Coke fiend my self, Cola that is so I might try this recipe. Thanks OtS

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 01:22 PM
Can i come over to sample it? Sounds good and i'm right up the street

(Just promise not to hit me)

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 01:22 PM
Hey, OTS...

You have many possibilities with the naming of this great recipe, with regard to the colours.

You could go for the Italian option...Pollo alla Off_The_Street.


posted on Jun, 11 2005 @ 07:50 PM
Sounds like something to try next time I'm stuck deciding what to make. I have had something similar to this but it was a cola-bbq sauce. It was pretty good if I recall. Thanks O_T_S.

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