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Revisiting Bowers: The JFK assasination

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posted on May, 30 2005 @ 01:59 AM
Sorry if this is the wrong forum for this...I'm still a bit of a newbie here.

I have been thinking about the whole JFK assasination and cover-up, and especially about Lee Bowers, the railroad worker who's position in a RR tower behind the grassy knoll gave him a view of some "Unusual activity".

I have just read a little bit of his testimonry before the Warren Commision.

One thing that I caught, which is really odd that I hadn't caught this before, is that he seems to be describing a policeman on a motorcycle breaking off from the motorcade and driving UP the grassy knoll towards the fence where Bowers saw some "suspicious men" standing just after the shots.
Are there pictures of this anywhere? I have never seen them if so!

Zapruder was not the only person with a movie camera there that day, there where five or six OTHER cameras filming that day, but Zapruders is important because it was the only one running non-stop and captured the whole shooting.

I would think that this policeman on a motorcycle would be much more photographed or even caught on film. The fact (if indeed this happened, and this isnt just my head interpreting things wrong, please correct me if so!) that a policeman (As well as many others) rode towards the knoll and stockade fence really DOES implicate a shooter behind that fence.

Bowers testifies that he thought that the shot eminated either "up against the book depository" or "Nearer to the triple-underpass." He is refering to what he heard.

From my recollection, his position in that tower would have put him in an ideal position to hear an ECHO of the shots from the knoll bouncing off of the book depository.

Hargis, the motorcycle cop, in his WC testimony says he parked his bike, but he seems to contradict himself on where he parked it, and that he ran up the knoll, then came back and got on his bike and rode around to the other side.

Basicly it seems he is saying that at the time he believes that shots came from the knoll, from behind the fence.

Also, he was at the left rear of the limosine, Jackies side, and that he was splattered with blood and brains and "Watery blood" (Probably cranial fluid)
Which in MY mind is more consistant with a shot coming from the FRONT and RIGHT of the limo....meaning the grassy knoll.

Now back to Bowers, he died in a single-car crash on the highway. There are reports that a coroner said that he was in "A strange state of shock" when he wrecked and died.

HOW could a coroner tell that? Exactly what evidence is there of that? What THAt story seems to be implicating is that someone conspired to kill many other witnesses had been killed, or died "mysteriously".

One thing I am looking for is evidence and citations for this coroner or medical examination where he actually reports that Bowers had been in "A mysterious state of shock" BEFORE he died.

Any clues?



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