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Doctor Sells Surgery Exam Answers on eBay (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 08:20 PM
A doctor from Florida posted the correct answers to 86 out of 290 questions from the American Board of Surgery written exam on eBay. The correct answers were acquired through a review of his exam after he failed it in 2002. He later passed the exam to gain his license, only to have it revoked for unethical behaviour.
"These are the actual certifying general surgery board questions with correct answers, guaranteed to improve your test score," the auctioneer wrote in August 2004. "A friend of mine failed this written exam, paid the $100 sitting fee and flew to Philadelphia to review his test. ... Why take the chance at failing, getting a year behind your peers...? Get an advantage now!"

Craig Edward Amshel, a rectal specialist from St. Augustine, Fla., failed the 2002 exam. But, as was the practice at the time, he was later allowed to review his test, alone, at the board's offices in downtown Philadelphia for several hours.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I'm not sure what this rectal specialist was thinking, but(t) there isn't a place in the nation where this type of action is accepted, even on an elementary level. The article states that, "he didn't think what he was doning was wrong." That is absurd as it is helping others to Cheat!! He single handedly screwed up the review process for the rest of his would be colleagues......for good reason, however it's kind of sad to think that someone who is attempting to become a doctor, someone who is commonly held to higher esteem and standards, could committ some a dumb move.

With almost 33% of the correct answers, I'd be willing to take the test without the requisite schooling....hehehe


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