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Debunking and temporary missleading from a subject

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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 04:33 AM

Well I have been looking around on the net for serious conspiracy theorys and the UFO phenomenon. I am new when it comes to seeking information about these different things. But I have discovered something really interesting from my point of view that is.

I am on a journey of understanding, but what I don´t understand is why a person that askes a question or gives you their point of view at any conspiracy forum on the net, you are in a 99% chance to get jumped on by special members that "point" you out as someone else then the person you are.

At one place I was a secret C.I.A agent trying to twist the mind of other people, when I told an individual that I was looking for information regarding Reptilians. After the C.I.A attack I was suddenly an employee for Illuminate. When I found my way to the ATS I was suddenly a so called Grey. An extraterrestrial experimenting with people.

Okey If I walk to the library looking for a book, if anyone have done that? Have the librarian or the desk aid ever pointed at you and made you something that you bloody well know you aren´t. You are asking about a book about geography and the person behind the desk tells you - Hey you are an extraterrestrial mole, looking for a new place to build secret societys underground!

Well it makes you feel uncomfortable does it not or is it only me that feels this way towards people that point at you and tell you what you are? In my case you don´t get any new answers, you just play along and answers questions that doesn`t have anything to do with what you first were looking for. After a while you get angry, but you bite your tounge because you know that it is no point to get all worked up.

But often you totaly loose the thread and there are no new answers on the thread because eather other people may think that you are a freaking grey alien trying to take over the world, or they might think that you actually are working for the C.I.A or a secret society as the Illuminate and that you are trying to brainwash people or take their familys away.

Problem Reaction Solution - Have someone heard that expression before?

Well I have a big fat theory of mine here and If anyone want to give there piece of mind in this feel free to express yourself, and I will look at how long it will take to get a name or a new origin or an organisation on my neck that I don´t know J.a.c.k. about and jack has just left town. You see I got a feeling that the problem is that the question will be followed by a certain reaction, the ”same reaction as always”.

First nice chit-chat and then to debunk and get you off your feets from the subject, then comes the solution. The solution is somone points at your problem and then tells you what kind of person you are. After a while you are probably so isolated from the main subject that there is no way to get back to the subject without ignoring about twenty posts.

This seems to be a trend on all sites that talks about paranormal and unexplained subjects. You never meet or find anyone that is slightly open minded enough to talk to you in person about the very question you are asking, and actually tries to answer it. You get alot of "you are that" or "he said that" or "look at this link and this is how it goes". You never get a persons own reflextion of what is going on.

It always ends up with "this author said this, and that prophet said that", or a huge link whit the saying "click on this and you will know". Wich leads to headlines on topics that leaves nothing to the imagination at all, because that becomes the only way to communicate when questions are not supposed to be answered.

So here we go.... Debunking and temporary missleading from a subject. How long will this thread stay on the subject? Can it be more then 2 posts perhaps? Or is it dead allready when the posting begins?


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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 05:08 AM
So the subject of the thread I think is examining the problem of venturing off the stated topic.

I'm pretty sure that if people will venture off topic on this thread it will happen this way...

"Who on ATS called you a Gray? Was is a short or a tall one?"

This is not the point of the thread, though. What is in the past is in the past and who cares if it's legitimate or not.

Personally, I think ATS does a pretty good job staying on topic compared to other forums that I have frequented in the past. But generally, I think that people get off topic because they have egos and are therefore succeptable to being various levels of introverts and only want to write what they want to write, and hopefully, one day, they will have enough points to do something cool to the background of their nameplate or whatever.

I think the best way to rectify the problem is to hope that people only respond to the first post on the thread; it would give the best feedback, and if there were any revelations from that thread, you or somebody else could start a new thread.


Maybe before somebody replies to a thread, when they go to submit their reply, they have to select one of a couple buttons which might ask, "Is this on-subject" or something.

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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 05:12 AM
First of all, I didn't mean to hurt your feelings and I guess I wasn't offensive when I pointed to the fact that you are a Grey entity.

I doubt that you will find special people all over the Net who will claim such things on you, because it is very rare to find out from a person (with a great understanding) that he is a Grey. Probably this issue concerns you really much, as it is about you in person, and you simply have no answer at all... to start with. You should be satisfied with the fact that people are different.

So whatever is your technological solution to find Reptilians here on ATS, I am using probably the same solution using only my mind to find Reptilians AND Greys on ATS. If you are a quick learner, you can also learn the hw-to very easily.

As in yesterday's posts, I wrote you that your species should not keep fighting on nothing . Yahweh is not supposed to be the victim of a foolish game between you and other species. It is just one reason why you see things here in those threads!

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 06:14 AM
Like I said, people naturally have trouble staying on topic; notice the cool background.

above "Post Reply" button...

Is your reply relevant to the subject of the thread?
(radio button) No
(radio button) Somewhat
(radio button) Yes

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 06:38 AM
Vertu has no business accusing you of being a member of any agency or other-planetary species. That's not playing right. Vertu!

You can always use your happy button and send him to ignore-ance land if he continues to bother you. Also, you can let a mod know if you feel some one is intentially derailing your threads through these tactics.

[edit on 5-29-2005 by Valhall]

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 07:35 AM
Bly Magister I see what you meen, yes I do AGREE that ATS seems to have some form of control. I Don`t blame ATS at all. I have been running from place to place in lightspeed just to get away from power hungry and angry fanatics hunting me with a blow-torch as fast as I have not accept their system of believes.

To be honest - I`m sick and tired of running, when I am actually interesting in this stuff. And I am sick and tired of all this name calling. Who would not be tierd when being pointed at all the time, called good heavens knows whats next. I am just a regular guy trying to find out something about something that I have actually experienced. I could sit down with a lie detector machine and they could ask me YES and No questions for hours.

They would have the same answer. I am nothing of what any man/woman may think I am. They can also ask me what I think I have seen and get the same answer. This kid have seen something and he is telling the truth. I am looking after information about this. I just need some "normal" human answers about a subject without a god/godess or a prophet from the forgotten planet of Uranus to tell me or sharing with me what they may have experienced. A normal conversation.... How hard can it be?

I`m not complaining for nothing, I do respect other people that may think they are ancient gods or upholders of the secret love cult of I don´t give a crap in what you are or who they are, as long as they keep their things on their own threads, it can`t be that hard actually. And honestly I don´t give a crap if you have an Ego of Zeus himself firing lightballs out of your behind. You still have nothing to offer for my research. That can´t be so hard to understand - or is it? If I put on the TV and I am watching football I am not looking at Star Trek am I? It doesn`t mather does it? Point is that you still may have a subject and that is not football or Star Trek. It is about something, In this case Debunking and temporary missleading from a subject.

Thanx Valhall I just wanted to give that person a chance to get back to his sences without having to Ignore or give someone an ugly finger. That is normaly not my cup of tea. But I am well aware about the fact that I can´t bite my tounge forever and that is nothing but human. Every person in this world got a line where you jump out from a cliff or take up arms just trying to survive your outside madness for a couple of minutes. Actions will be taken if this Grey thing don´t stop at once. Thanx again Valhall for your understanding.


posted on May, 29 2005 @ 07:42 AM

This is where people's misplaced sense of taking the higher road leads them to hurt. If you put some one on ignore simply because they disagree with you - you're being close-minded, thin-skinned, and petty. If you put some one on ignore because they are personally attacking you - you're doing a rather sensible thing. There are some who think the ignore button should never be used - they apparently have never been personally targetted or had a discussion taking place they were passionate about but had to suffer through some hate-filled attack/attempt to derail in the middle of that discussion.

It happens - that's why the ignore button is there.

P.S. - I absolutely reject the idea that there is an organized effort to manipulate areas of discussion here on ATS. To buy into that idea is going to take away the opportunity and enjoyment you can have here.

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 09:01 AM
Also remember that this is all words, and if they hurt you that much, than maybe you should re-evaluate trying to find your answers on this site.

Both of us are the same in that we are in a sort of "conquest" for knowledge and understanding of things. I became this way about a year ago, and since then, I have bcome a changed person.

I do not conduct my research on ATS - there is too much crap to sort through to get to what you're looking for. However, I do frequent ATSNN, as the more "scholarly" people contribute to that section of the site.

Other than that, I would suggest that you also take a look at - they have a Nordic section if you are indeed Scandenavian. But Wikipedia is an excellent place to find un-bias, reliable information about anything, really. It's extremeley easy to navigate, and you'll have the ability to find information on subjects so fast that you'll find yourself going off track - off subject - something I know you don't like.

Other than that, I do reccommend reading up on Freemasonry, researching the reasons behind the globalization initiative - - from that website, you just might get lost in a rabbit hole of links if that's what you want. But if you're interested in UFO's, I can't stress the importance of reading the research by Dr. Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project; I would actually start there.

I don't know where you are in your quest, but alot of it is thinking to yourself; I don't need facts to some things, I just know because I keep an open mind. Keep and open mind and namecalling won't be a thang.

[edit on 5/29/05 by Bly Magister]

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 09:06 AM
Valhall wrote:

P.S. - I absolutely reject the idea that there is an organized effort to manipulate areas of discussion here on ATS. To buy into that idea is going to take away the opportunity and enjoyment you can have here.

I`m with you here, I really.... And I mean it.... Really hope that the ATS is in no way manipulated by people that are trying to debunk or mislead the general public from understand what the heck is moving around us day and night. It would be a great if not a terrible situation for them that actually are trying to find any answer outside the grid of so called perfectly main stream sources.

I understand that not all members of this community are fanatics running around in hoods trying to call up the dead from their graves. I understand that there is something more then only what you are seeing with your two eyes. I understand and I am ready to accept a non scientific explanation of what I have seen if it makes any sence at all. I have allredy tried the so called normal chanels and I have not found a singel answer on what I have seen.

However this theory of mine - seems to have had some effects on this thread and that is perhaps the scarry part of it. I was partly correct when it comes to that, even if people like you Valhall seems to be very uncommon on places handling paranormal or conspiracy theorys. ATS is something great. I do hope more people can appreciate this kind of a website, because from what I am reading this is something of a Dinousaur. Every day it seems like the freedom of spreading information between humans in general is shrinking regardless of what belief system or thingy you are handling.

I say use the ignore button when being personaly attacked or when someone tries to force something of a belief system on you if you don´t get the answers you were looking for. I am also rejecting the possibility that ATS would be full of debunking officers. But I keep it in mind for future events if the fat lady ever would sing that is. Anyone that wants to, that may have information that I am looking for. Feel free to post me an U2U message. It seems to work for me now. And try to stay on the subject I am looking for. You can all find it if you only seek where I have been active.

Continoue to support ATS and other sites handling the paranormal or the UFO phenomenon and always DENY IGNORANCE!


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