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The United States is still a British Colony?

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 04:37 PM
To drive home the relevance of British Colony part 1&2 and what I just said above about taxes, read and understand the below quotes from the Declaration of Rights, September 5, 1774. Maybe it will sink in, we are taxed by Britain and we have not only asked for it but, demanded the benefits supplied by the king, past and present.


"Resolved, 4. That the foundation of English liberty, and of all free government, is a right in the people to participate in their legislative council: and as the English colonists are not represented, and from their local and other circumstances, can not properly be represented in the British Parliament, they are entitled to a free and exclusive power of legislation in their several provincial legislatures, where their right of representation can alone be preserved, in all cases of taxation and internal polity, subject only to the negative of their sovereign, in such manner as has been heretofore used and accustomed. But, from the necessity of the case, and a regard to the mutual interest of both countries, WE CHEERFULLY CONSENT TO THE OPERATION OF SUCH ACTS OF THE BRITISH PARLIAMENT, as are BONA FIDE, restrained to the regulation of our external commerce, for the PURPOSE OF SECURING THE COMMERCIAL ADVANTAGES OF THE WHOLE EMPIRE TO THE MOTHER COUNTRY, and the COMMERCIAL BENEFITS OF ITS RESPECTIVE MEMBERS; excluding every idea of taxation, internal or ETERNAL, for raising a revenue on the SUBJECTS IN AMERICA, without their consent." Declaration of Rights, from September 5, 1774 (The forefathers wanted the commercial benefits without paying the taxes that go hand in hand, it does not work that way Patriots.)

"Resolved, 7. That these, His Majesty's colonies, are likewise entitled to all the IMMUNITIES AND PRIVILEGES GRANTED and confirmed to them by ROYAL CHARTERS, or secured by their several codes of provincial laws." Declaration of Rights, from September 5, 1774

As further proof, are not all States divided into military Districts? At first glance you may not think so. However, look at your District Courts, in your State. They are the enforcement arm of the admiralty law/kings law and legislation passed on a daily basis. As I said before the voting Districts are also left over from the Reconstruction Acts. In every court room a military flag is flown, a war flag not the Title 4, flag of peace. Are you not required to obtain a license from the de facto government for every aspect of commerce, and the use of their military script/fiat money? Americans are taxed and controlled in the following ways, to name a few:

1. Social Security number - license to work.

2. Drivers license - permission to conduct commerce and travel on the military roads.

3. Occupational license - permission to perform a God given right.

4. State and local privilege license - license to work in the State, county or city.

5. Marriage license - permission for a right granted by God Almighty.

6. Hunting and Fishing license - government taxing property of God Almighty, etc.etc.etc.

Every license or permit is a use tax and is financial slavery, you are controlled in every aspect of your life. All licenses came about after the Fourteenth Amendment and the military occupation, which we are now under. The reason all this has taken place in America is, to colonize the world for Britain. The United States has been the enforcement arm/cannon fodder for Britain since the Civil War.

So, basically, the US is dominating the world FOR BRITAIN. Whenever the US invades a country, Britain is always there with you, because it was who who ordered you to invade it.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 04:47 PM
The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

Well folks, I don't have to look any further for proof positive, concerning our subjection to England and what ever monarch is sitting. Of course I will continue looking, but will you believe the following document obtained from the Queen's own web site. I was told about the possible existence of this by the Informer, he was told by someone else. Yep, it's there in black and white, read "Schedule 1, Article 14, sections 15, 16 and 17. There are other revealing parts, but in the above sections the United States is declared to be a territory of Great Britain and that we are subject to the Queen. As always I do not take things out of context, but read the whole thing so you will have no doubt.


Statutory Instrument 1997 No. 1778

The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997


Crown Copyright 1997

All Crown Copyrights are reserved. The following are concessions. Individuals are authorised to download this text to file or printer for their own individual use. Reproduction of the text for the purpose of developing and publishing value-added products is also allowed, without prior permission or charge, provided reproduction is accurate, not malicious and is accompanied by an acknowledgment of Crown copyright.

Any other proposed reproduction requires the consent of the Copyright Unit at Her Majesty's Stationery Office. For more details on the reproduction of Crown and Parliamentary copyright material, see the latest Her Majesty's Stationery Office Dear Publisher letter.

The text of this Internet version of the Statutory Instrument has been prepared to reflect the text as it was Made. The authoritative version is in printed form and is published by The Stationery Office Limited as the The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997, ISBN 0 11 0646983, ú2.40 sterling. For details of how to obtain a printed copy see How to obtain The Stationery Office Limited titles.


1997 No. 1778


The Social Security (United States of America) Order 1997

Made 22nd July 1997

Coming into 1st September force 1997

At the Court at Buckingham Palace, the 22nd day of July 1997


The Queen's Most Excellent Majesty in Council

Whereas at London on the 13th February 1984 an Agreement on social security between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the United States of America (hereinafter referred to as "the Agreement") and an Administrative Agreement for the implementation of the Agreement (hereinafter referred to as "the Administrative Agreement")[1] were signed on behalf of those Governments and effect was given to the Agreement by the Social Security (United States of America) Order 1984 (hereinafter referred to as "the Principal Order")[2]:

And Whereas at London on 6th June 1996 a Supplementary Agreement between the Government of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland and the Government of the United States of America (which Supplementary Agreement is set out in Schedule 1 to this Order and is hereinafter referred to as "the Supplementary Agreement") amending the Agreement and a Supplementary Administrative Agreement amending the Administrative Agreement (which Supplementary Administrative Agreement is set out in Schedule 2 to this Order and is hereinafter referred to as "the Supplementary Administrative Agreement")[3] were signed on behalf of those Governments:

and it continues just like that. read the rest here - lengthy cut and paste

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 05:06 PM
This looks really interesting, and I'd love to read it, but do you have a link to the document on 'The Queen's own website' as you say rather than this link to someone who is obviously very biased on the whole matter?

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 05:33 PM
The US is a British "financial" colony

An earlier version appeared in May 2004 as "Proof! World Government is a Banker Ruse".)

On Independence Day, it is sobering to remember that the U.S. has been a financial colony of Britain for almost 100 years. This is confirmed by the "Col. E.M. House Report", a chilling 10-page "progress report" dated June 10, 1919, which portrays the United States in exactly these terms.

The author is Col. Edward Mandell House (1858-1938), the Rothschild agent who secretly directed U.S. affairs during the Woodrow Wilson administration. Col. House was known as Wilson's friend and "alter ego." (He had not served in the military and the term "Colonel" was merely honorary.) The report is addressed to British Prime Minister David Lloyd George, whose career was made as a lawyer for the World Zionist Organization.

The report details Col. House's progress in preparing "for the peaceful return of the American colonies to the dominion of the Crown." The League of Nations was a facade for British hegemony, which means the hegemony of London-based international bankers.

House writes: "We have wrapped this plan in the peace treaty so that the world must accept from us the League or a continuance of the war. The League is in substance the Empire with America admitted on the same basis as our other colonies." (Emphasis mine)

The report oozes contempt for Americans. "The plain people of this country are inveterate and incurable hero worshipers," Col. House explains. A man with a slogan that expresses their "undefined aspirations" can manipulate them easily.

Afterwards, they will trust the sloganeer no matter what he does. [Woodrow] Wilson has gained this trust and this accounts for "his exceptional usefulness to us." Rep. Jacob Thorkelson (1876-1945) introduced The House Report to Congress in Oct.1939 and published it in the Congressional Record (Oct. 13 1939, pp.598-604). Attempts to delete it were thwarted. The complete text is available on line.


British bankers took over the U.S. during the Teddy Roosevelt Administration (1901-1909) when Rothschild front J.P. Morgan alone controlled 25% of American business.

"Crown" refers to the owners of the Bank of England. Their identities are an official secret. According to E.C. Knuth, the "international financial oligarchy uses the allegoric 'Crown' as its symbol of power and has its headquarter in the ancient city of London...the giant Bank of England, a privately owned institution... is not subject to regulation by the British parliament and is in effect a sovereign world power." (The Empire of the City, p. 59)

Col. House continues: The "peaceful return of the American colonies" can only be brought about with "the consent of the dominant group of the controlling clans."

Col. House relates how these classes are being taught to accept "British" leadership. He details how the universities and press are staffed by "British-born" or Canadians.

"Through the Red Cross, the Scout movement, the YMCA, the church, and other humane, religious, and quasi-religious organizations, we have created an atmosphere of international effort which strengthens the idea of unity of the English speaking world."

The Overseas Clubs, service clubs, and war charities "enable us to pervade all sections and classes of the country."

We "hold all American newspapers as isolated from the non-American world as if they had been in another planet instead of another hemisphere. The realization of this by the Associated Press and the other universal news gatherers, except Hearst, was most helpful in bringing only our point of view to the papers they served."

He boasts that the United States "while still maintaining an outward show of independence" is identical with other colonies in its relationship to the Crown. "Has not President Wilson canceled the big Navy program and dutifully conceded to us the command of the seas?"

He boasts that "the Anglo American alliance" has become "the unchallenged financiers of the world."

He congratulates "our fiscal agents Messrs Pierpont Morgan & Company" for "putting this country into the war." They exert "widespread influence on newspaper policy" through advertising and lent $200,000,000 to Japan to build a fleet to compete with America (making the U.S still more dependent on England.)

Col. House boasts that the "Crown" used money lent by the U.S. government for war purposes to buy up oil fields in California, Mexico and Latin America.

"The war has made us custodians of the greater part of the world's raw materials... [We] now largely control the oil fields of the world and thereby the world's transportation and industry."


The pressing issue now is to "transfer its dangerous sovereignty from this colony to the custody of the Crown. We must, in short, now bring America within the Empire."

The first step was Wilson's plan for the League of Nations "which we prepared for him."

"Any abrupt change might startle the ignorant American masses and rouse them to action against it. And us. Our best policy therefore would be to appoint President Wilson the first president of the League... he will be able to satisfy [Americans] that far from surrendering their independence to the League, they are actually extending their sovereignty by it..."

Foreshadowing The Patriot Act, Col. House says Woodrow Wilson "alone can father an anti-Bolshevik act which judicially interpreted will enable appropriate punitive measures to be applied to any American who may be unwise enough to assert that America must once again declare her independence."

Col. House goes into great detail about how Wilson must be messaged and manipulated. Many people think someone else wrote this Report but only Edward Mandell House knew Wilson this well.

For example he says Wilson "is easily slighted and remarkably vindictive." The new British ambassador should be a "Wilson worshipper" and "a gentleman-in-waiting to the President." He lists the gifts Wilson already has been given.


Col. House suggests staging the first session of the League of Nations in Washington.

"This will convince these simple people that they are the League and its power resides in them."

He recommends a "series of spectacles by which the mob may be diverted from any attempt to think too much of matters beyond their province."

"While awaiting these diversions for the vulgar, we are incessantly instructing them in the wonders of the league. Its praises are thundered by our press, decreed by our college presidents, and professed by our professors. Our authors, writers and lecturers are analyzing its selected virtues... we have enlisted 8000 propagandists for the League. We have organized international and national synods, committees, conferences, convocations, conventions, herald the birth of the League as the dawn of universal peace."

"Agriculturalists, bankers, brokers, accountants, chemists, and all other functional groups capable of exerting organized professional, business, financial or social pressure are meeting to endorse the League in the name of peace, progress and prosperity...Our film concerns are preparing an epoch-making picture..."

"In short, our entire system of thought control is working ceaselessly, tirelessly, ruthlessly, to ensure the adoption of the League. And it will be adopted, for business wants peace, the righteous cannot resist a covenant, and the politicians, after shadow boxing for patronage purposes, will yield valiantly lest the fate of the wanton and willful pursue them."


The House Report unveils the reality behind globalization and the United Nations. If ever we needed proof of a long-term conspiracy to subvert national sovereignty and ensnare humanity, this is it.

Thanks to the valiant opposition of Republican Senators, the United States rejected the Peace Treaty and with it the League of Nations Nov. 19,1919. The plot was temporarily foiled.

But the British bankers' covert campaign to impose world tyranny has not abated. They financed Hitler and engineered the Depression and World War Two. The League of Nations was resurrected as the United Nations in 1945 and the "Cold War" hoax initiated.

Now we have the 9-ll and "War on Terror" hoax. Many believe we are in the prepatory stages of "World War Three." Society continues to be propagandized with the virtues of the UN and "Free Trade." National institutions are subverted. The press and education continue to be controlled. Politicians are figureheads.

Americans are helping to build the 'new world order' for its master, "the Crown." In Col. House's words, Americans will be colonists who have to "petition at the foot of the throne."

The references to control of oilfields suggest that oil is first and foremost an instrument of world domination. The final stage of world tyranny involves gaining complete control of Middle Eastern oil.

This explains Iraq and portends an invasion of Iran.

The New World Order, world government and globalization are all extensions of British imperialism which itself is the expression of the financial hegemony of central bankers and their minions.

The threat cannot be characterized as strictly "Jewish." The Rothschilds have received a degree of collaboration from the world's financial, cultural and political elites so as to render this point mute. Lemming-like, Western elites have embraced a death-wish for civilization.

Related, my "The Jewish Conspiracy is British Imperialism."

In other words, Britain is still top dog and America is our biggest poodle - but most members of trhe public don't know.

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 05:55 PM

Conspiracy theorists like myself believe modern history reflects a long-term conspiracy by an international financial elite to enslave humanity.

Like blind men examining an elephant, we attribute this conspiracy to Jews, Illuminati, Vatican, Jesuits, Freemasons, Black Nobility, and Bildersbergs etc.

The real villains are at the heart of our economic and cultural life. They are the dynastic families who own the Bank of England, the US Federal Reserve and associated cartels. They also control the World Bank and IMF and most of the world's Intelligence agencies. Their identity is secret but Rothschild is certainly one of them. The Bank of England was "nationalized" in 1946 but the power to create money remained in the same hands.

England is in fact a financial oligarchy run by the "Crown" which refers to the "City of London" not the Queen. The City of London is run by the Bank of England, a private corporation. The square-mile-large City is a sovereign state located in the heart of greater London. As the "Vatican of the financial world," the City is not subject to British law.

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ed. lenghty cut and paste and inserted the link

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 06:17 PM
great posts OpenSecrets
if i had more votes for this month, i'd give you them.

every eye opening and i will take a deeper look into it.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 06:21 PM
And, on top of all that, nearly all US Presidents, all the way from Abraham Lincoln, have British ancestry.

The current President, George Bush, is a distant relation to the British Royal Family. So, too, is John Kerry, who is actually a distant COUSIN of Queen Elizabeth II.

posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 06:44 PM
Just as long as we realise that if you go back far enough - indeed, not so far at all really, considering the relatively young age of the USA - of course you're going to find shared ancestors!

It's common sense....take a small island (sidebar: it's also ok to marry your cousin in England thus making the gene pool a little shallower to begin with), add a number of interminglings from elite Mainland European families, mix, and leave to grow in fertile land.


Many, many offspring, with a lot of common ancestors.

Even when those offspring are transplanted to a New World.

Basic genetics

It's no surprise, and no conspiracy, to find American politicians with links to European royalty.

Edit: To illustrate a paternal great-grandfather was also a distant cousin to the Queen. Not even a cousin eleventy hundred times removed, either; a real, bonafide cousin. She has about eighty-odd cousin "branches", at the last can see how unimportant such a link actually is

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posted on Jul, 29 2005 @ 07:18 PM
I hope that its not true, owning something as bankrupt as America is not something we need. Im glad Britain is rid of USA they are going down bigtime.

posted on Aug, 4 2005 @ 12:10 PM

First off we are not a british coloney we do not pay taxs to them. we have are own army and they have there own. We have are own president.

posted on Aug, 7 2005 @ 02:24 PM

Originally posted by freethinkernow

First off we are not a british coloney we do not pay taxs to them. we have are own army and they have there own. We have are own president.

Barring your horrid spelling mistakes
, you are right, the US is not a colony in the traditional sense of the word. Only because the US gives the outward appearance that it has independent influence on its affairs, domestic and international. The better term would be a "puppet state."

The United States is actually a corporation, and the term, 'United States', refers to the body of that corporate government, not an actual coalition of states as defined in the constitution. Kind of like, 'United Airlines', doesn't actually refer to a bunch of airlines, but the actual corporation itself. As well, the U.S. corporation is a de facto government, which is why the government only makes policy and not law. The United States Code is a set of policy, different from actual law specified in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This is why people are tried in admiralty courts with the gold-fringed flag.

posted on Oct, 10 2008 @ 11:42 PM
reply to post by Skadi_the_Evil_Elf

We're still paying them our taxes- that is what the Fed Reserve and Social Security are for.

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