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Extreme Sleep Paralysis

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posted on May, 28 2005 @ 12:38 AM
Yo everybody. The night my grandmother died i woke up at 310 in the morning laying on my back. I tryed to roll over beuase i hate sleeping on my back for some reason. I realized i couldnt move , at all. I then opened my eyes and looked around my bed. Standing around my bed were 3 beings. They were just staring at me. For like 40 seconds they kinda mingled with each other and stood around. I fealt like i was gunna have a heart attack, i didnt even have three other people in my house at the time. After a while they turned around and dissapeared. Ten seconds later i could move but very groggy.I booked it for the lights and the door. My whole bodyw as aching and i fealt like an energy drain ive never fealt. Basically getting outa my bed, took me like 20 seconds. When i got up i turned on my lights , grabbed a golf club and ran upstairs to my parents room to see if it was just me. I turned the bathroom lights on and opened the door connecting their room to the washroom. When i opened the door, standing right infront of me and slightly illuminated by the washroom was another one of these things. It turned around and ran towards me. I slamme the door. I stood there all night. Listening to pitter pattering around the old wood floor. Despite allm my crazy yelling and # my parents never woke up.

The next morning my pops woke up and came into the washroom. He said so how was your sleep. I was like aliens!!!!!!!!!!! Ha, he told me that he woke up sitting upright in his bed unable to move, talking to somthing in the room . My moms said she dreamed of her deceased moms face that faded to a grays. my parents are very stern and closed , so i wouldnt be surprized if that was just the tip of the ice berg. After the pale look on my face i dont think they would have said any more.

For about another year of my life, once or twice a week somthing insane would happen in the am. For example, once i woke up and some cold hands were holding my face, i started swining my fists and #. Ive levited, then when i faught it enough, ive dropped out of the air onto the floor. There were times when for months on end, every night, i woke up in some terrifying situation. Once it happened like 5 times in one night, even if i layed down on my bed, my eyes would shut in one second for no reason, i would wake up like an hour later. So i set up a camera. and layed down, didnt feel tired. Coudnt sleep for the rest of the night as long as the camera was there.

I dont even waan remeber all the times i felt cold skin touching mine in the dark, skin that wasnt my parents or any mental conditions of my own fueling hollucinations. I wana hear from people who know about this kinda thing and wana relate. I mean people who have seen beings standing infront of them while not in a sleep paralysis state. It seems i have bridged the gap.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 07:26 AM
That has happend to a few times. And I'm sure a lot of other non-belivers as well.. they just say it's weird.. they don't start saying their abducted.

That's what most people call abductions.. see.. it doesn't mean there are aliens.
Heh, that's why you didn't get a reply.

Ya know, it's really creepy to when you have your mouth closed but you hear heavy breathing right beside you. Also once a hand came down on my neck then disapeared. A lot of people have these stories, it's sleep problems with the added hallucinations of a half-dreaming state.

My advice is to sleep on your side and to think of something constructive as you fall asleep.. as to not get your subconcious making weird things happen.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 11:45 AM
Sleep paralysis is not uncommon. Most people have similar experiences at some point in their lives. You were also in a period of emotional turmoil from your grandmother's passing, and that may have been the trigger or amplified it.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 01:50 PM
checkout This really isn't uncommon, it affects a large proportion of the population

posted on Jul, 29 2008 @ 07:41 PM
reply to post by sound2

my god due you sound like your possibly beefing up the story a bit truthfully but let me tell you If you think yours are bad you have absolutly no clue
and as much as i know it is impossble for uss to be alone in this universe
the little grey men just dont care about little you...your lying and I know this cause thats what I do...I know things my friend are special in a different are a false dragon
anyways you really have no clue about what the real desease is about....if you ever want to hear real stories that are based on fact with loads of documented proof look me up I would be more than happy to tell you about it and show you evidance...and please dont take what I said the wrong way I do not mean to be optomistic...I just saay it like it is...maybe there is a way to prove your story to me...I above all have a very opened mind....
my e-mail is
hope to hear from you even if you are mad.... JonnyBlaze

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