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WAR: White House pushes for access to ISP records

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posted on May, 29 2005 @ 11:50 AM
Our liberties are slowly and carefully being stolen away by the government...welcome to the police state of america, and it is only going to get worse. The majority of our society is so brainwashed to support the war and fight terrorism, they will let the government do anything it "needs" to do. No one will realize the power they have over our "free" lives until it is too late. They are simply trying to play on our fears in order to take away our rights. For right now you just need to let as many people as you can know what is going on, to spread the word. Because, sadly, most of them will have no idea what really is going on here, affecting their lives very slightly at the time, but there is a great change taking place with the balance of power and rights in our country, and in the world.

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 11:53 AM

Originally posted by FredT
Debating privacy concerns in the face of terrorism is a tough one.

True Enough. But, this issue is fairly straight forward......Isp records to help combat terrorism? Please.....The amount of traffic alone suggests that such an action is lame indeed, the only way to wade through that much traffic are words that are redflagged. If the intent is to be able to access the ISP records of a specific individual in relation to a set of circumstances that suggest the possibility of criminal activity...lo and behold......A Warrant Already Covers That!!!!!!

The government is starting to get more and more blatant about their quest for authority over the common citizen. And we're letting it happen. Besides, with the technology at their disposal and the millions of security agencies that employ half the nation, do we really think we are free from official/unofficial tampering? Yeah right...........

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 11:57 AM
now to this add..the patriot acts, hassel of airline flight in the continential u.s. and the report from the FBI stating that the number one terrorist threat to the u.s. al-qada...oh, wait a minute, i got caught up in all the propaganda that has been heaped on me for the last couple of years..tell a lie enough......i meant ..ALF and ELF. all these 'acts' and 'wants' of law enforcement and govt only help keep the Americian citizenry under control, ie watched. it's so obvous that it hurts..ouch!!
let me re-phrase we have all these 'acts' and anti-terrorism stuff that seems to only effect the the legal citizenry and the FBI publicly states that it is 2 Americian 'terrorist' groups that are the biggest threat in the u.s.
just another brick in the wall..the wall that we will all be behind soon.........but i guess we can take solice in that it is all for our own good.....right? it is for the best? ..right?? we will be stronger and better?....right??..right..???

posted on May, 30 2005 @ 12:04 AM
Does this mean if they find our records of talking here on ATS, we will be labeld "terrorists" for our disagreements?

Is this a way to mold everyone into law abiding robots who dare not get out of line or disagree?


posted on May, 30 2005 @ 01:08 AM
This isn't going to be used just for Patriot Act "suspected terrorists". Remember ladies and gentlemen, that money controls this world. You really think that if this is overturned that the only people utilizing it will be the FBI/CIA/other gov't agency?

*I'll bet the very first group to get their hands on it will be the RIAA/MPAA. So word to those who share illegal files, unless you've got a powerful magnet to erase your hard drive, or a program/piece of hardware that will allow you to erase past the point to which the DOD(department of defense) uses, kiss your privacy and computers goodbye.

I'm sure the Patriot Act will be amended to add the use of file sharing as a "terroristic threat".

Patriot Act = End of civil liberties as Americans know them
/end sarcasm*

"Anyone who trades liberty for security deserves neither liberty nor security."
Very great quote and put to a great use in this thread.

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posted on May, 30 2005 @ 02:24 AM
This latest attempt to raid ISPs is following one insidious pattern. Here are some other pixels worth connecting.
The system is called the Cyber Incident Detection and Data Analysis Center (CIDDAC) and it was first created by the Philadelphia chapter of InfraGard.

The FBI's InfraGard is a communications system whereby private industry and government can exchange information about threats and vulnerabilities to the nation's vital information systems.

CIDDAC kind of gets us information that we weren't able to get before and still protect the privacy of corporations," said FBI Special Agent John Chesson.

CIDDAC attaches real-time attack-detection sensors onto participating computer networks and tracks activity in search of hackers or OTHER BAD GUYS.

Once those sensors warn CIDDAC of an intrusion, data is sent to the main hub at the University of Pennsylvania for analysis. The center will then notify DHS and the FBI of the intrusion.
The government says its only interest is in large-scale attacks, not individual companies' personal data, and vows that information gained won't compromise users' privacy.

The FBI is poised to launch the Sentinel program to build, among other things, a case management system to replace the defunct Virtual Case File project

Sentinel is to be designed along the lines of the Federal Investigative Case Management Solution (FICMS), which will provide a blueprint for federal law enforcement case management systems. Senior bureau officials from across the country recently met in Washington to review the concept of operations for Sentinel.
Because Sentinel is based on a service-oriented architecture, other agencies will be able to use the core solution.

The bureau has not yet appointed a project manager for Sentinel. Officials said the FBI is conducting an executive search that will include looking at Senior Executive Service leaders in other intelligence and law enforcement agencies, as well as private sector executives.

Sentinel will go beyond [the capabilities of] VCF," the official added. "It is part of a larger service-oriented architecture, to develop and deploy services and capabilities to FBI employees."

The bureau plans to run the Sentinel procurement through the National Institutes of Health's Government Wide Acquisition Contract office.

Mail Covers
A Bush administration proposal would grant the FBI broad authority to track the mail of people in terrorism investigations.

Would allow the FBI to direct postal officials to turn in names, addresses and other material on the outside of letters sent to or from people connected to foreign intelligence investigations. But the Postal Service is raising privacy concerns about the plan to carry out such operations, called mail covers.

the plan would effectively eliminate postal inspectors’ discretion in deciding when mail covers are needed, giving sole authority to the FBI, if it decides that the material is “relevant to an authorized investigation to obtain foreign intelligence.”

The proposal would not allow the FBI to open mail or review its contents, however. According to the officials who spoke to the Times, that would require a search warrant.

The proposal is part of a larger package that strengthens the FBI’s authority to demand business records in intelligence gathering without judicial or grand jury approval.

Zoe Strickland, chief privacy officer for the Postal Service, told the Times that “from a privacy perspective, you want to make sure that the right balance is struck between protecting people’s mail and aiding law enforcement, and this legislation could impact that balance negatively.”...the new proposal ”removes discretion from the Postal Inspection Service as to how the mail covers are implemented,” and that she worries ”quite a bit about the balance being struck here, and we’re quite mystified as to how this got put in the legislation.”

bold & italics added for emphasis

Monitor, Web, Net, Going Postal seem to be taking on their other catchy meanings like a bad commercial of Big Bro taunting "You can fear me now'.

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