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American-iraqi and romanian-syrian mafiosos behind journalist abductions

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 04:04 PM
Concerning the general questions "who hides behind the insurgency" and "who hides behind the terrorists", this article can give some insight...§ion=theworld&col=

Romanian court issues arrest warrant for hostages’ guide, businessman

27 May 2005

BUCHAREST - The appeals court in Bucharest on Friday issued a warrant for the arrest on terrorism charges of Mohamed Munaf, the Iraqi guide of three Romanian journalists who were held hostage in Iraq for 55 days.

The court said the warrant would allow the authorities to detain Munaf for 29 days while they investigated him for “terrorism”, and that it had issued a second, similar warrant for Romanian businessman Omar Hayssam.

Munaf and Hayssam are both suspected by Romanian state prosecutors of having colluded with the kidnappers of the journalists, a group calling themselves the Muadh Ibn Jabal Brigade.

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