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Self in me/Ancient Haste (poems)

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 06:54 AM
The self in me

I try to express
The self in me
That suits my desires
Most perfectly.

But I’m tossed by emotions
At a loss to explain
A thousand possibilities
All spin in my brain.

Distance increases
Compromise is made
Rhythm and meaning
Begin to fade

Life goes on
Its inexplicable way
In a moment must wait
Yet another day.

Ancient Haste

As we rush along
In our ancient haste
We must stop and consider
The meaning of waste.

Find a way
To curb our desires
Cool the flames
Without dousing the fire.

Walk the fine line
Between darkness and light
Believe in our heads
What our hearts know is right.

Else only the ashes
Will hold what is lost
The best and the worst
Oh god! What a cost.

To pay for a freedom
We shall never lose
That’s also a privilege
We can’t afford to misuse.

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