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Coca-Cola updates?

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 06:19 AM
I was just curious if there is any new major news, revelations, facts, etc that has come out about the Coca Cola corporation? In relation to the Columbian death squads, India banning, or Nazi Germany advertising/relations, etc?

Whereas IBM for the most part since helping to exterminate a race or two has ebbed it's nefarious ways, Coca Cola continues to be behind some pretty sinister things.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 05:08 AM
There is a conspiracy floating around about Coke using a cheaper recipe but keeping it very quiet.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 08:55 AM
I'm sure the new/old Coke ploy had the top dogs at Coca Cola laughing in front of the TV as they lit Churchills with hundred dollar bills. I was under 10 but at the time but I remember all the people freaking out. Mass campaigns, tv shows the whole thing. Pretty silly but I think it was purely a shrewd money making marketing scheme. Which worked perfectly.

But my questions is, weren't most soft drinks made with corn syrup for some time before the whole Coke thing? Was it just because of Cokes massive popularity and familiar taste that they were afraid people would notice the difference?

Anyway New Coke was horrible... tasted like Pepsi to me and I hate Pepsi. It was almost as bad as Crystal Pepsi.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 10:23 AM
you want to know about Coca ~ Cola, here are a few paragraphs below taken from a series written by legal researcher Sherman Skolnick.

COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Series 1 to 15


This series going to deal with the following:

===Cocaine and Coca-Cola ===Coca-Cola and the espionage/mafia cartel ===Coca-Cola's reputed spy apparatus inside their enemy's camp in an important unpublicized blockbuster court case against the soda pop monster ===malign if not corrupt influence on the Courts ===Coca-Cola as "Big Brother" and the Echelon worldwide spy machine.

From the beginning, Coca-Cola always had a trace of coc aine. Early in the 20th Century it became part of a now forgotten prosecution of the soda bubble water drink. Over the years, doctors treating stomach ailments quietly used a mixture containing Coca-Cola syrup base. Of course, NOT used by doctors, who knew the score, was the base for Pepsi-Cola, Royal Crown Cola, or for that matter, any of the other fizz drinks. Savvy sorts, when they ran short of Drano, knew to pour Coca-Cola down their home plumbing. The acids in Coke cleared the plumbing almost as good as the high-priced hardware store stuff. Nutritionists raised their eyebrows. What does Coca-Cola do to the human plumbing?

Coke advertised with scenes of sports stars, speed boat enthusiasts, and such. To give the impression that Coke adds to a vibrant, healthy life. Yet Coke rightfully cannot make any nutrition claims. At least that is what their critics swear by and swear at.

Hey, how come Drano and other pipe-uncloggers, do not also advertise with speed boat pictures, sports stars, and such?

Some years ago, I interviewed on tape, a top official of the firm that makes the secret Coca-Cola base. That is Stepan Chemical, headquartered in the north suburb of Chicago, Northfield, and with plants elsewhere. They are the largest importer in the western world of coca leaves, used for Coke's base. A by-product, as admitted by the Stepan boss, is coc aine sold by them to the pharmaceutical industry. Does any of it also slip by as contraband?

In the 1970s, some alternative journalists began heckling coc aine-linked Stepan Chemical. He said he was aware of the criticism of Stepan regarding coc aine. He could not go into it too far, he said, because of reasons of "national security". Or did he really mean, "Stepan security"? The bosses of Stepan have always been close to the Daley family that since the mid-1950s, with just a short hiatus, runs Chicago's city hall machine.

Early on in their history, The Coca-Cola Company assisted the U.S. in espionage. When the company set up bottling plants and distribution facilities in a new country, sent in were spy operatives. The place to hang their hat was the offices and plants, worldwide, of the much ballyhooed drink. The coc aine trace made it addictive. So did the sugar content, according to some nutritionist.

With the U.S. Senate subcommittee hearings on Iran-Contra late in the 1980,s, the CIA-Coca-Cola link was dealt with. In Nicaragua, for example, those with CIA, when the Senate subcommittee asked, where with local offices of The Coca-Cola Company. By the end of the 20th Century, Coke bought about a billion dollars a year in advertisements in the monopoly press, even more when you add up their so-called "independent" subsidiaries.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part One of a Series


COCA-COLA's reputed spies and the corrupt Federal Witness Protection Program

First, a short lesson in court corruption.

How do a series of secretly related court cases get onto the docket of one Judge? As a case is in the process of being filed in the federal district court clerk's office, the case, under the rules, is supposed to be assigned by random selection, "blindman's buff" they used to call it. But, after studying and investigating court corruption for over 40 years, I know the term to be used is RANDOM MAGIC

COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Two of a Series


1. Sometimes whole groups of court cases are assigned, not by random selection, but random magic, intentionally to one or more judges part of "big fix". And involved is a malign, if not corrupt, influence upon the judge. Knowing who it is that bought the chair for the Judge is one type of influence.

Straight out bribery, another. And the major corruption, as we have repeatedly shown, is not in the state courts, but the big bucks federal courts. We have been showing as an example a group of cases assigned to Chicago U.S. District Judge Blanche M. Manning [(312) 435-7608. FAX (312) 435-7578.] We have more details on her. And she is not the only one, just an example of the corrupted federal judiciary.

2. Worldwide, major enterprises are secret adjuncts of the American CIA. Privitizing the spy agency avoids Freedom of Information disclosures. One example is Wackenhut. An example dealt with here is The Coca-Cola Company.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Three of a Series


Here is more that is boiling and bubbling out of that witches brew of a scandal implicating Coca-Cola. For background to this story, you should visit our website story about the Chicago Tribune linked to the criminal cartel, at least from 1910 to date, including the Trib using Al Capone as a labor consultant in 1930 to beat back a strike against the Tribune, and then again, in 1986, using gangster goons with attack dogs against the Trib's own workers in a labor strike.

With a charter for their Canadian pulp from the King of England more than a 100 years ago, and large ownership currently by the Queen of England and her dope traffickers, the Tribune Company are no angels. Neither are the Coca-Cola Company as an adjunct worldwide of the American CIA. The one who got in the middle between the Tribune Company and Coca-Cola is Chicago U.S. District Judge Blanche M. Manning [(312) 435-7608]. In a theft of intellectual property case pending against Coca-Cola, Judge Manning has issued a series of "judicial perjuries", as some call them, to corruptly favor Coke. [Robert E. Kolody vs. Simon Marketing and The Coca-Cola Company, 97 C 190.]

Plain-spoken folks call such things straight out lies by the Judge. In August, 2000, Judge Manning was confronted with a situation involving a spy infiltrating the camp of Coke's court opponent, Kolody, thus becoming privy to Kolody's confidential legal strategies against Coke. How did this happen, as identified in the Court record? Following a court hearing, I interviewed Kolody's required "local counsel" in the presence of Kolody's out-of-state counsel Dan Ivy

COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Four of a Series



It was set to be a crucial hearing in the media-ignored Coca-Cola case in Chicago's federal district court. U.S. District Judge Blanche M. Manning [(312) 435-7608] was determined NOT to hear in open court on August 22, 2000, that Coca-Cola had a reputed spy in the camp of their opponent, Robert E. Kolody, who was sueing Coke for theft of his storyboards and designs. In law, his claim is called theft of intellectual property.

The monopoly press, beholden to major advertiser Coca-Cola, has purposely evaded reporting on this case. Kolody's out-of-state attorney, Dan Ivy, had on August 9, bravely filed a Motion demanding the Judge expunge all her rulings favoring Coke, since the reputed spy reportedly conveyed confidential legal strategies of Kolody to his opponent, Coke.

It is called Fraud Upon the Court, an unusual procedure that makes most of those of the bench and the bar plenty nervous. Kolody's required "local counsel", Daniel V. Hanley, the reputed spy, in the presence of witnesses, had confessed to me that Coca-Cola knew Kolody's court strategies because Hanley's sister is media buyer for Coca-Cola.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Five of a Series



One of the hardest things to understand for poorly informed folks is that the law and the facts are not the controlling factors in important cases in Court. Mind you, not every case is corrupted or "fixed". Too often, however, the big ones show signs there has been a malign, if not corrupt, influence on the Judge or Judges involved.

Our court reform group, targetting court corruption, has been active for four decades. We know what to look for. The assignment of cases, is, to us, a key sign.

We have been writing and commenting, and did a one-hour Cable TV Program, on the corruption in the case against The Coca-Cola Company, in Chicago's notorious federal district court. With no exceptions, every judgeship in the place has been bought and sold over the years. [Visit onur website story, Buying a Judgeship.]

The case against Coca-Cola was brought in January, 1997, by a Nebraska attorney, John DeCamp, with long prior experience with the American CIA. [The plaintiff, Robert E. Kolody, found it difficult to get a local attorney.] DeCamp was in a position to understand plenty. He was in a position to know that this important case in Chicago, involving claims against the soda pop monster for theft of intellectual property, storyboards and designs, would be difficult to continue. Any plaintiff's attorney might get chewed up and spit out, especially by Coca-Cola, a worldwide adjunct and proprietary operation of the American CIA.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Six of a Series


A real-life drama and the players

ROBERT E. KOLODY- For upwards of ten years a local lawyer he trusted, DANIEL V. HANLEY, reportedly elicited from Kolody details of his legal strategy plans. Kolody contends that The Coca-Cola Company and their marketing adjunct, Simon Marketing, stole Kolody's intellectual property, being storyboards and designs. Kolody had difficulty getting a Chicago-area attorney to pursue his claims. Since 1997, Kolody's case has been in the U.S. District Court in Chicago, No. 97 C 190.

In February, 1999, Kolody retained Dan Ivy, an outspoken attorney from Arkansas. As required under the local federal rules in Chicago, Ivy designated Hanley as "local counsel", meaning Hanley has to be informed of all proposed court filings and procedures.

SHERMAN H. SKOLNICK- As a long-time court reformer and TV Show moderator/producer I began investigating the Coca-Cola case. In May, 2000, in the presence of Ivy and Kolody, I interview Hanley
Skolnick "Does Coca-Cola and their attorneys know the legal strategy of Robert Kolody and his attorney Dan Ivy here?"
Daniel V. Hanley "Yes".
Skolnick "Really? How could they know?"
Hanley "My sister is MEDIA BUYER FOR COCA-COLA." (Emphasis added.) From the signed court Declaration by Skolnick and Skolnick's court testimony made in the presence of Daniel V. Hanley, 8/22/00.
After the May interview, I find out that his sister, Mary Hanley, is Associate Media Director at the advertising agency DDB, with offices worldwide. And get this DDB represents both Coca-Cola and their alleged "competitor" Pepsi-Cola, an apparent Anti-Trust violation situation.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Seven of a Series



McDonald's Hamburgers, a worldwide chain as a purveyor of Coca-Cola, is caught up supposedly in an embezzlement racket. The Bush Justice Department has focussed on an employee of McDonald's long-time marketing adjunct, Simon Marketing, their Chief of Security. The FBI says it involves rigging and siphoning off a purported 13 million dollars from McDonald's prize contests.

Sources in narcotics law enforcement and the field of Federal criminal prosecution contend, however, the true nature of the scandal is being covered up by the George W. Bush Justice Department. Sneering at and hooting at the Bush Justice Department, they tell confidants that they call the U.S. Attorney General "John Ashcan", to signify a continuation, they say, of cover-up artist Janet "Butch" Reno.

Those ahead of the curve say that patriotic Americans must leave their cocoon of denial. Howsoever it has happened, the biggest business in the United States is the distribution of dope principally from Southwest China and Colombia. It exceeds any business you can mention. IBM and General Motors, by comparison, are childrens' lemonade stands.

A full understanding of the profound and complex details would convince any reasonable person that what appears to be only the crimes of misappropriation of game prize monies are really an epidemic of corruption that reaches up to America's highest tribunal, the U.S. Supreme Court.
Some background. The matter revolves, in part, around a Massachusetts-based games promotion firm, Cyrk, Inc., and through a complicated series of mergers and moves, to Simon Worldwide, Inc., and division, Simon Marketing.

The founder of Cyrk, a Balkans-linked marine biology professor whose hobby was graphic design, picked a Slavic word for the name of the firm, meaning CIRCUS. Has it become a misleading if not evil three rings of criminality?
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Eight of a Series



There is one subject lawyers do not generally study at all. That is, Fraud Upon the Court, implicating the Judges themselves. After all, lawyers are Officers of the Court, pledged and sworn to uphold and respect the Courts. Corruption and bribery, invol ving the Judge themselves, are a rarity; and lawyers do not wish to get caught up in it.

The biggest judicial bribery scandal in American history was caused by me as a non-lawyer, self-educated in Law. In 1969, in a little-known or understood procedure, I invoked the same directly confronting most of the Judges on Illinois' highest state tr ibunal. Instead of denying the accusations, the Illinois Supreme Court ordered a local Judge in Chicago to grill me as to how our group, of which I am the Founder and Chairman, since 1963, goes about investigating court corruption. That is, the Citizen' s Committee to Clean Up the Courts.

If I did not detail our methods, I was informed, I would be sent to prison for a judge-invented offense, created out of the mists and vapors of antiquity, called contempt of court. It was an extreme burden and jeopardy thrown upon me.

As most of the judges and lawyers knew, and anybody could see, I was a paraplegic in a wheelchair, from infantile paralysis, called polio, since childhood. I get about haltingly if at all, on crutches and heavy metal braces. I use a wheelchair. When I r efused to divulge our investigative methods, they ordered me to prison.

The Sheriff's Police had a problem. They did not know how to put a wheelchair-bound person into the heavily-armored vehicle, called a paddy wagon. They were set to take me away, to demean and humiliate me, as if they had caught the biggest bank-robber in American history.

The only thing about banks was that the state high court judges had been fingered by me for having been bribed to turn loose the head and major stockholder of a bank across the street from their Chicago office. The banker was in their court on criminal conviction. He had been the top state tax collector, Director of the Illinois Department of Revenue. Founded by him, the bank called Civic Center Bank was named for the courthouse across the street. The bribery involved the State high court Judges, a long with nine name-brand gangsters, brought into the Civic Center bank as owners, as a pay-off.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Nine of a Series


Some have come to know about the Patriot Act and Homeland Security. That seems to authorize secret proceedings. Seldom mentioned, however, is that some years ago has been set up in the U.S., a series of nationwide secret tribunals. In and out of the law trade, few know or understand the workings. Few, if any, are skilled in tangling with this already set up apparat.

Notice the particulars

[1] They are housed in supposed federal facilities or federal office buildings.

[2] Their headquarters are not in a known room or group of rooms. They have, if at all, only a general address.

[3] They have no records available to the public, referencing what is pending there, what determinations are made and have been made there, and who all are effected by the clandestine operations.

[4] There are no records available to the public adequately showing who all sit there, and when, and under what circumstances.

[5] Witnesses supposedly "voluntary" or actually abducted and brought there, with or without a so-called "legal" subpoena or warrant, are grilled by methods used by Royal tyrants centuries ago.

[6] What do this series of secret tribunals supposedly do? They purport to investigate instances of bribery of federal judges and related corruption. It appears to be a giant whitewash machine, in the dark hole of limbo.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Ten of a Series


From ancient times onward, there have always been certain ways of getting things done. By way of defeating your enemy, you send spies to infiltrate your enemy's camp. Or, as an alternative, to control what you perceive as the know-nothings, you set up a false "enemy". AND, claiming the "enemy" is formidable and threatening the nation, what do you do?

Before we continue on this topic, we first must define and identify terms. By YOU, I mean the Establishment, "the powers that be", the Aristocracy, the Ruling Class. And, of course, to do your sneaky, treacherous dirty work, you have your stooges, to be later scape-goated when necessary, to protect and perpetuate your power and your position.

So, by way of supposedly "protecting" the great unwashed, the shirtless ones, against a created "enemy", you put huge on-going obligations on the backs of the populace. You clip the corners of your gold coins, you cheapen your paper money, and raise huge armies and cause your war-mongering industries to invent and produce the latest weaponry at several times the price of civilian-type devices.

Further, you lure volunteers into being your warriors, promising later benefits (eventually reneged on) to those hungry for employment. As a last resort, you require all those reaching military age to register with agencies of the central authority. This, so you can, as needed, set up boards of compulsion, conscripting those who are too proud to run away from their "patriotic duty" to be maimed or slaughtered on some faraway battlefield that many young people cannot find on the map. That is, their "duty" to protect the elite, the plutocrats, and their assets, or crudely described as protecting their asses.

And this, against a background of drum-rolls of guarantees, that the rich and the poor alike, have the equal right to sleep under bridges when it rains.

Is it any wonder, then, that large financial interests, likewise, have certain ways of extending and consolidating their power and control?
Early in their history, the Rockefeller monopoly rid themselves of their obsolete facilities. How? By claiming their competitors, their supposed "enemy", bombed the Rockefeller plant.

Left unsaid, except by a pitiful few anti-cartel crusaders, was that the Rockefellers created and controlled this false enemy to fool those who relied too heavily on the popular press, owned as well by the Rockefellers. By the way, to give the image of "law", the Rockefellers bought the Pennsylvania State Legislature, owning all the representatives. Sound familiar?
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Eleven of a Series


This series has raised issues that Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have ostensible secret links, financial, marketing, and advertising, using among other things, market and pricing tricks, to divide up among themselves the major markets, monopolizing the same, in apparent violation of the Anti-Trust and other Anti-Monopoly laws.

We have contended they thus marginalize and x-out lesser beverage companies from various major markets. Coca-Cola and Pepsi-Cola have apparently procured and instigated a propaganda attack against our issues. At or about 3:45 p.m.,Central Time, Monday, January 12, 2004, was run a segment that sounded as if Coke/Pepsi prepared it. That ran on "All Things Considered", on National Public Radio.

The broadcast piece asserted that Coke/Pepsi no longer monopolize the markets, and that R.C. Cola is now permitted to better enter the beverage markets. We continue to believe we are correct and that Coke/Pepsi have launched a smoke screen. By the way, NPR is run by the Rockefeller Family, hence we label it National PETROLEUM Radio. Thanks to Internet and various websites, we have drawn the liars out in the open. -- Sherman H. Skolnick.

In America, the commonfolk have somehow come to believe that the Federal courts are the site of honest judges, not subject to local political pressures or corruption. On the other hand, there is the widespread perception that the state courts, unlike the federal courts, are subject to operating pursuant to the local moneyed interests and politics.
The federal judges are generally immune from being the target of finger-pointing in the popular press.
Contrary to popular wisdom, starting as long ago as 1966, we have dared point out as court-reformers that federal judgeships are bought and sold. And moreso than the state courts, big bucks are involved.
COCA-COLA, THE CIA, and the COURTS Part Twelve of a Series


There are many big secrets with Coca-Cola. Naturally, the monopoly press, with their financial and espionage hang-ups and conflicts of interest, are certainly in no position to ever tell you about it.

Since started several decades after the American Civil War, what was it that made Coca-Cola so popular? There were already plenty of drinks that could have been more popular.

The answer is simple. Coke had a secret formula base made up from processing coca leaves, the by-product of which is coc aine. Up to the beginning of the 20th Century, the Coca-Cola creators did say that their beverage had coc aine. And in 1903, they were taken to task by authorities for having coc aine in their drink which for many years in the beginning, was available as a soda fountain drink in pharmacies.

For a hundred years now, however, Coca-Cola Company has denied they ever had coc aine and that they deny that it has coc aine now.
Heroin causes a physical reaction when used and a terrible wrenching of the person when they seek to withdraw. Cocaine addiction, on the other hand, is primarily subconscious. Up to 1989, when you started drinking Coke, you got that "kick". Some even claimed that it had some unknown medicinal way of making you feel better. One long-time head of Coca-Cola Company contended it helped relieve pain left-over from a childhood head injury he suffered from.

But 1989 was a turning point. As we have pointed out earlier in this series, the secret base for Coca-Cola is made by Stepan Chemical Company, of Northfield, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago, through their Maywood Chemical Division in New Jersey.

I once interviewed, on tape, a top official of Stepan, who admitted that coc aine was a by-product of their processing of coca leaves for the secret Coca-Cola base, They supply, he added, coc aine for the pharmaceutical trade.
Coca-Cola, CIA & The Courts Coke & Cocaine Part Thirteen of a Series


It was the year 2004. The U.S. Presidential Election was set for November 2. The bosses of the newly-minted Homeland Security were worried. Their primary purpose was to root out dissidents, soon as possble, that could disturb the agenda of the Anglo-American Aristocracy that owns and operates the occupant and resident of the White House, George W. Bush. who is a stooge and scapegoat for their program of ruling WITHOUT THE CONSENT OF THOSE GOVERNED, a horrendous violation of the organic law, the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Not for small reasons did critics call them the American Gestapo. After all, their title, Homeland Security, was the English-language equivalent of the Nazi-era secret political police. And the Federal Bureau of Investigation, sor t of aides to them, has an awful historical background. A dirty little secret is that NO CHARTER PROVIDES FOR THE EXISTENCE OF FBI. Nowadays, who dares mention such things?

By 2004, some savvy folks persisted in grumbling that in a five-to-four decision, in December, 2000, the Supreme Court of the United States installed George W. Bush as the occupant and resident of the White House. Some refuse to c all him "Mr. President". The duly elected President, NOT inaugurated, Albert Gore, Jr., never actually conceded defeat. Some people forgot that.

The ruling of the Five-Judge majority in Bush versus Gore was arbitrary. Even worse, some knew the five-judge Military-Style Junta had been corrupted. Judges on the High Court wear two hats. One, as a Justice of the Supr eme Court of the United States. Secondly and little known, each is also a Circuit Justice, supervising one or more U.S. Courts of Appeal, one step below the Supreme Court of the United States.
As Associate Justice, John Paul Stevens, as part of the Dissenting Four Judges, in Bush versus Gore, wrote the most blistering dissenting opinion probably in the history of the high tribunal.

[In 1969, I directly accused the Judges on the Illinois Supreme Court, that state's highest tribunal. of bribery. It became the biggest judicial bribery scandal in the nation's history up to that time. A Special Commission was pu t together to consider my accusations. Since I was self-educated in law but not a member of the Bar, they demanded, despite my outspoken objections at that time, that a lawyer be appointed to represent me and present my accusations, namely Jo hn Paul Stevens.

The state high court was just about swept away by the judicial earthquake that occurred; the Chief Justice and an Associate Justice resigned and a third Justice, while under fire from me, simply croaked. Issued in the name of that third judge, dated and signed by him---now get this---supposedly a month after he was dead and buried was an important steel company decision. Ten days AFTER the effective resignation date of the two other judges was issued i! n their name, and dated, a supposedly valid decision upholding the state Income Tax as Constitutional.

Corruption does not go away that easy. Before that, while yet on the bench, the judges jailed me, wheelchair and all, for the judge-made offense of "contempt of court" as the head of our court-reform group because I refused to divulge to the bribe-tainted judges the methods we use to finger judges and lawyers for bribery. Later, I was released and vindicated.
Coca-Cola, The CIA And The Courts - Part 14 Disclosures Of Corruption Of The US Supreme Court Part Fourteen of a Series


To defeat intellectual property claims against them, the two major beverage companies worked a corrupt influence on Federal Judges in Chicago.

The Coca-Cola case started, as I set forth in this series, before Chicago U.S. District Judge Blanche Manning. Obviously, I ran a jeopardy as head of a court reform group when I was brought in as a witness against her in her Court as to her corruption. My written statement in the Court record points to a gangster who paid one million dollars to buy her the Judgeship.

[I was later contacted by a supposedly elite government investigating group. As to my federal court presentations in the Coca-Cola case, they said they were going to immediately grill gangster William F. Cellini, a gangster who I contended in the Coca-Cola case buys and sells federal judgeships and bought Manning the federal district court judgeship for one million dollars.
When the supposedly elite group contacted me the second time, they said, "Mr. Skolnick, your federal court testimony is NOT accurate." Puzzled, I responded "In what way?" They answered, "The gangster paid two million dollars, not one million". Outraged, I demanded "And what are YOU going to do about THAT?" They simply stated, "We'll let you know". They never contacted me further and apparently did nothing against Cellini, a major power broker. Cellini reportedly under various names including Argosy Gaming and similar, owns and operates nationwide gambling casinos, and apparently because of "muscle" gets kickbacks from other casinos of what is known in the trade as Three Points. The highly corrupt IRS seems not to notice anything. Also, for many years covered up by the monopoly press and corrupt state and federal officials, was that Cellini's sister. Janice Cellini, for many years Administrative executive assistant to Illinois Governors installed corruptly by her brother, was an uni ndicted co-conspirator in a huge embezlement by computer consultants swindling the Illinois Public Aid Department.]

In the presence of Judge Manning, I was asked what I do. Under oath, I testified I lead investigations of judges suspected of bribery for the purpose of fingering them and putting them in prison.
To try to scare me, during my testimony, the Judge had six very sinister
Coca-Cola, The CIA And The Courts - Part 15


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