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Prince Sultan’s toilet seat adjustment costs 3 million dollars

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 12:01 AM
Terrorism will grow if the causes are not eradicated.

The royals of Saudi Arabia are continuing to snub SOFT U.S. pressure to reform. A country which is the world’s top producer of oil, has a 35% unemployment rate and a 200$ billion national debt. Their claim of succeeding in fighting terror by force is totally doing the opposite when you consider their corrupt style that is leading to more dissent and possibly more violent groups.

Prince Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saudi, Minister of Defense and Aviation of Saudi Arabia, along with his close family and associates are well known to be the most corrupt of the royal family of Saudi Arabia. An example of those is his son Prince Bandar bin Sultan, the Saudi ambassador to the U.S. who accumulated a wealth of billions of dollars through U.S. military contracts (F-15 sales, AWACS purchase and other logistical and support contracts). Another his son Prince Khalid bin Sultan the well known (Desert Warrior) who had accumulated more than10 billion dollars by being the so called joint military commander during operation desert storm. Who is now trying to regain the billions he blundered, through his appointment about four years ago as deputy to the Minister of Defense (his father), he is working hard to regain his lost fortune through kickbacks and other corrupt schemes.

A simple example of such complete utter disregard for their citizens and the reformists is the recent expense of 3 million dollars to adjust a toilet seat on a Royal Saudi Air Force Boeing Business Jet. This renovation was completed by Jet Aviation in Switzerland as recently as 9 months ago.

This aircraft is one of several (4 or 6) Boeing Business Jets purchased by the Royal Saudi Air Force for the purpose of catering to the royals only. Hundreds of millions of dollars spent solely for the transport of Prince Sultan and his corrupt relatives. This particular jet was completely furnished by Jet Aviation to be suitable for Prince Sultan and his sons (all are fat). But it seems the toilet seat was too high for their comfort and had to be adjusted by 5cm. Also, the armrests on the seat, being an obstacle had to be removed. The result is 3$ million dollars spent. To be completely truthful there was other minor seat and sofa adjustments on the aircraft but the toilet seat was the main reason the aircraft was sent to Basel.

The above example is only one of thousands of actual theft and corrupt acts detailing how the Saudi Royals are mishandling the wealth of the country. They do it without any regard or respect to their own population, who are suffering from huge unemployment in a country where 60% are under 25 years.

All the above information is 100% true. Boeing and Jet Aviation should be contacted for verification.

The corruption of the Saudi Royals is well known by U.S. government officials. And its collaboration in the past with those corrupt rulers, without any regard to the citizens of the country, aided in the creation of terror groups. So if the fight against terrorism is to be successful, action against corrupt regimes like this one is the only solution.

posted on May, 27 2005 @ 12:30 AM
Main reason why I fell ashame of living here on Earth, idiocy of the ultrarich.
This is not only problem in this one example, it is the same all over the world.
What is even worse a lot of people would like to be like that, on other people work and sweat.

posted on May, 27 2005 @ 02:22 AM
Good post Mr. Bond. On the surface, much focus & tax billion$ are dedicated toward severing the tentacles of terrorism, but lurking below in the dark depths it is allowed to thrive undisturbed because the rotten captain forbids the crew to harpoon the heart: Saudi-financed Wahhabism. Might come as a newsflash to many but Wahhabism remains the exclusive, state religion in the Saudi kingdom. The royals continue to nourish their leviathon as their devoted mutawwiin nurse each regenerating, venomous appendage.


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