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When Conspiracy Becomes Fact

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posted on May, 26 2005 @ 03:52 PM
In the latter 80's I was first introduced to the idea of conspiracy becoming embarassing fact. I was 9 years old watching the Iran Contra thing unfold, and although I was young, I was quite intrigued by it. Over time, things become no longer conspriacy theory fodder, but accepted public knowlege fact. Either by Freedom of Information acts, the CIA apologizing, or court records and whistle blowers. Cases of admittance include MKUltra, StarGate,
Tuskegee, etc.

The following I believe to be "conspiracy theories" that are different fromt he average "9/11 was an inside job!" hooey, in that a lot of evidence points to it from even higher levels of office. I ask, which of the following do you think will someday become accepted truth? Either by a company apologizing, or public record and admittance?

*The July 1996 downing of TWA Flight 800: Out of all the conspiracies, this one has troubled me the most. Troubled, as in since the day it occured something truly never felt right. A part of me believes it its quite possible the
US Navy accidentally shot down with a test missle the flight. I've read a lot of related articles from a more middle of the road view, and it points more toward that than an accidental combustion or terrorist stinger. There is prescedent for such admittals: In late 2001 Ukraine admitted to accidentally shooting down a comemrcial plane, and a few years ago the US admiited to capsizing a Japanese fishing boat in Hawaii with a US Submarine.

*CIA introducing crack into America(through rebel channels) Again, another so called conspiracy from 1996 which has always bothered me...more because of the moral implications. It's been said the threat of communism was greater than the moral implications of bringing a cheap new posion into black povery stricken areas. If the CIA can admit to the Iran Contra, it seems like at least admitting some rogue powers within the CIA allowed the flow of crack to pay for contra arming.

*Coca-Cola: Be it columbian death squads or the fierce marketing of Coke in Nazi Germany, Coca-Cola has always fascinated me with its more subversive side.

*IBM and the effeciency of the Holocaust. The idea that; complacency at the concert at the worst, IBM's new punchcard technology helped speed up and organize the Holocaust. That reparimen from New York were flown to death camps periodicly to repair them, that IBM NY knew their leased machines were being used for such, and that they recovered the funds after the war.

*General Butler and the corporate plot to overthrow FDR: One of th emost fascinating stories in modern Americna history, the idea of rich familes like the Morgans, Rockefellers, and companies like Dupont, Goodyear, Chase Manhattan, etc with other unknown groups conspired to overthrow FDR in 1934 and install a fascist regime. I actually had not heard of this til I saw the documentary "The Corporation", which in itself was very one sided...but there is some research ont he subject out there.

*The Federal Reserves' true origins and ownership

*Organizations that may have known beforehand of Lincoln's assasination.
Some writers like to implicate the early Klan or even Freemasonry in there, but it'd be nice if there was more factual evidence to show a plot.

*and finally, the warts and all potentially explosive but neccesary truth on people can heal and move on. It's said JFK had so many enemies that to expose the truth behind JFK may be to expose a laundry list of groups. This one is curious seems by now, in this Da Vinci Code pop culture world, not many Americans would be that shocked or ouraged if the US government gave folks the 100% truth. Someday we'll see a Dateline special on what really happened.

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