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posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 11:46 AM
Icarus Rising,
Thanx, I am in between trying to write stuff and getting it all straight for once and starting to feel much better. I have told some of the family about this and I'll have to repeat it 'cause I wasn't very clear on some facts and I guess that happens so knowing that can help when I'm trying to rewrite that here, which might take longer. I'm afraid for a number of reasons one I may be wanted I don't know. If I planted a high-tech spy device in another country in 1972 would I still be wanted since I got caught in the act? I'm getting ahead of myself now.......yes I do have an implant, seen it and did not believe it had to ask my Doc. the last time I saw him, had a witness there still don't believe it......what do these things do? tracking or mind control? he told me I shouldn't be smoking- "it won't work" he said. He never explained himself with some of my questions just stared at me sort of weird look. I don't know. If they are watching:
Otis A. Freeman where are you???????

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 11:47 AM
sounds like you have been involved with one of these projects.

(1953) CIA initiates Project MKULTRA. This is an eleven year research program designed to produce and test drugs and biological agents that would be used for mind control and behavior modification. Six of the subprojects involved testing the agents on unwitting human beings.

1965) CIA and Department of Defense begin Project MKSEARCH, a program to develop a capability to manipulate human behavior through the use of mind-altering drugs

1966) CIA initiates Project MK OFTEN, a program to test the toxicological effects of certain drugs on humans and animals.

(1967) CIA and Department of Defense implement Project MK NAOMI, successor to MK ULTRA and designed to maintain, stockpile and test biological and chemical weapons

check this site out\

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 08:49 AM
This has become quite the task. I am only half way through writing everything down. It's getting very complex and full of thoughts I've had over the years about what's happened to me. I could probably continue writing and finish a book before I find my way home. I just wanted to let some of you know that it is on the way.

posted on Jun, 8 2005 @ 01:26 PM
Aside from leaving out a couple of facts which might incriminate me and changing a few names, the following is a true account. I am not a con or a hoaxer. I do care if I am not believed for the simple reason that this could happen to anyone and quite possibly has occurred to someone reading this now. They may not remember and perhaps this will help.
Although I can't remember much of my life prior to being abducted, I have mentioned facts about the family in question (NCMC779029). In my initial statement to police, I mentioned the father's name and where he had worked. I also described this place in great detail and mentioned him working for the police at some time. Later, I mentioned a connection to the mother's name as it was a name I used to call a babysitter I had sometime after the abduction. When I was asked why I called her that I said it was my mother's name and I liked calling her that. I described certain details of where I was lead by a mysterious young girl and was told that the dogs had tracked the scent there but, were ignored by police. I have also been told things by the family which seem very familiar to me. I have also been to the area and recognize this as the place where I had lived and been abducted from. In my mind I am completely satisfied that this is my family. If so this would start at: June 2, 1971.
I had told someone later on that the man who abducted me was named Clyde Cook(e). Apparently he would go from place to place as a "traveling preacher" and brainwash people. I believe that he had planned my abduction and had contact with the family. I have done some searches on his name and believe I have found a match who died in 2004. I'm not sure about this fact but, I remember telling someone that his profile was one out of five used to create Hannibal Lecter.....this could be possible but, someone could have put that idea in my mind as a possibility to consider. I know that this guy and the people he dealt with and the people I have had problems with are warped, very determined and cunning. To catch someone like that you have to be just as warped, determined and cunning as they are to survive with only a few scratches. There are so many people out there who are like drones to them. If anyone is familiar with the Zodiac killer and have read his letters you'll see a sort of pattern (even though I believe that the person who wrote the letters wasn't the killer but, a partner) examples: Nov. 9, 1969: "....So I shall change the way the collecting of slaves..." and this I believe is the important bit: " prove that I am the Zodiac ask the vallejo cop about my electric gun sight which I used to start my collecting of slaves" (Is this an actual device or just ranting) Dec. 20, 1969 asking for help: "Please help me I cannot reach out for help because this thing in me won't let me" March 13, 1971: "The more slaves I will collect for my after life" . It seems all these people have something in common: manipulating people into doing what they want them to do amuses them and they can't stop what they are doing because of something inside them (could the Zodiac and people like him have been programmed?)....I had been told this once by one of the cult-like people bothering me. They all seem to have been trained to do something that involves hurting people, little children and puppy dogs. Undermining the safety of people everywhere and creating mind slaves and duplicating this in such a way that it is similar to the reproduction process. Anyhow:
After-wards, I believe that I had spent some time at a nearby Shaker community before being taken to Portland where I had spent several weeks with people he had obviously befriended. The first couple of days I can remember very clearly. I had been handcuffed to a radiator and told that my mother had died and my father could no longer take care of me.
The young girl was taken away and the kidnapper came back and took me off somewhere. I believe that we had picked up Maryanne Wesolowski, missing from Glens Falls, NY 8/18/71
(This is not the only missing person I have had contact with, I believe there were others)
At some point I was taken to Nantucket and spent two days there. I have been able to describe some places there to Nantucket natives. Eventually I was put on a boat or ferry and told to get off at a particular stop in CT. which was probably a pick-up point. Well, I had been left on my own and I got off at another spot. Where I was let off there were lots of people camping out in vans and tents and I had met someone who's parents ("Tom and Gladys") lived right up the road. After I was adopted I had them take me here and this is the weird adopted mother had a daughter from a previous marriage and her husband was the "brother" of "Gladys". As I was directing them there my adopted mother was saying it can't be the same Gladys and it was weird huh? Anyhow, I had spent some time there and it was here with some of the people that were camping out that I managed to find someone to take care of me and eventually made it to California.
It's hard to say what happened next exactly but, I had been staying with a small group of people and we went to see about staying on the pig farm in Berkeley. Eventually we were kicked out of there because of some of the guys there messing around with some pigs or sheep or something. It ended up just me and young woman who's name I can't recall. Anyhow, I had some problems to say the least and I was taken to a professor at Berkeley or quite possibly Stanford U. (I date this sometime after Dec. 1971) And this is where it gets really fuzzy but, I was sent to see someone at Oak Knoll Naval hospital in Oakland. I do remember some things like the training and most importantly I can remember going through electro - shock and this is probably why I have problems with my memory. And this is where I believe I was implanted. I was chosen to do a few things because I was easily programmable. After this I can remember being in different places around the world and having some connection with L. Ron Hubbard or Scientology. I know I have been to London, Paris, Egypt and other places I do recall planting an Eschelon device somewhere though and it did not go well. The person who set this up had been working on it for months and all I had to do was plant this device that was hid in a plastic ball (let it accidentally roll somewhere) but, I got caught. I can remember meeting with agents and possibly someone high up after this and I was no longer flavor of the month. So, about summer 1972 I ended up back in the San Fransisco area. There are so many things that are fuzzy here now. I do remember being babysat by "Pigpen" from gratefull dead fame and meeting Jerry Garcia, I believe I was set up with them to find out info. I actually ran in to someone who was also babysat by "Pigpen" he looked very familiar and recalled my "codename" because i had used it openly at the time. --I have talked to a couple of Dead-Head researchers who said they recall my "codename" in relation to the Dead and Jerry was supposed to have worked for the CIA at the time. but, that's as far as that went. I can mention things that I did at this time but, the thing I remember most was being followed by someone. I had been staying with someone who was camping out at GG park and some older kids there were hip to what I'd been through I actually tracked a couple of people down 2 years ago.....wasn't hard because they are still living in the park. Anyhow, some kids took me down to the RR tracks and we waited for a train when one came they threw me on it. That is when I started my trip back east and eventually back towards the Connecticut area. I think I wanted to go back to the family I had met previously. I think it was they who had taken me to DHS or an agency and I was set up with a family that would have adopted me.
This brings me to "family one". I had been taken home by them and might have been adopted by which would have been a good thing. They own a business and are very well off only problem was the woman couldn't have children. This is what happened here: One day the woman went out to check the mail. She has MS and would drive to the mailbox. Believe me this is a pretty good walk. Anyhow, she pulls up to the mailbox, opens the door to reach out because she wasn't close enough and she looses her balance, falls out of the car and gets pinned as the car rolls over her. I got out and said I was going for help, she yelled for me not to leave her but, I didn't listen. As I walked down the road to find help a van pulls up and I'm grabbed and pulled into the van. I am abducted again how can this happen twice? This time by someone I'll call "shaky" because this is his nickname, they call him this because he shakes a lot, probably because of a bad habit. I can tell you exactly where he lives, he is still alive because I haven't admitted that he took me from "family one" until now (people do suspect) There are some people that believe that "family one" is my real family. The last time I saw him and the people that were making sure that he didn't go anywhere, he was digging a hole in the basement. I'm not sure what the hole was for but, I have an idea. Anyhow, "shaky" wanted nothing more than to see my "dinky" and he jabbed me a lot and pinched my stomanch really hard to show it. I will never forget this as long as I live because these were the worst moments of my life regardless of everything else. Everything else was a walk in the park. "Shaky" had an idea that he would sell me, this is about the time that I first met my adopted father. "shaky" had dropped me off at his house to watch me. I didn't say anything for awhile, I didn't know what to do, I was probably frozen with fear as I had been so in the past several times now.
This is about where "family two" came in to my life. Somebody found where "shaky" had got me from and offered him a lot of money for me ("family one" apparently didn't want anything to do with this) I would probably be dead now otherwise. One particular member of "family two" believed he owned me right up until the day he died which was sometime in ' 98 I believe. Anyhow, when "family two" got a hold of me and they found out that "family one" wasn't my real family and they would not get their money back, they wanted to help me find my real family. I had told them about California - I'm not sure if I could remember where I came form at this point but, if I could I wasn't telling them so I guess I led them on a wild goose chase. We had several stops along the way from what I remember the family had business in a lot of different places. Someone in the family had been studying in Berkeley so they picked her up and we had explored places that I could remember. I ended up staying with her for some time maybe a few months. Somewhere in between I went back to one of the places where I had been programmed/trained. I briefed them on everything I had been through over the past year and they wanted to know everything about "family two" and their business. I told them about one of the stops we made and they had me look at some satelite photos. I remember this very well because we got into an argument about it. This place in question was a farm. I don't remember why we stopped there but, the photo was different it was missing a silo. I know this because I sat there long enough to memorize everything. I said the photo was wrong - he said it wasn't so, we went on like this in front of a few other people which was probably making him look bad. So, one of the people took him to the side and said something to him. They left and came back with a newer photo. Someone originally got a photo out of an archive or something. I can remember that whole thing and other facts but, I can't remember my past (before I was taken) in detail this is what really bothers me.
Anyhow, it was around this time that I started using a false birth certificate so I could get in to day care. It was really hard on this woman so "family two" came for me and took me back to CT. I was dropped off with another member of the family who was a single mother of two kids and this went on fine for a while. The woman had been seeing someone who was married, his wife found out and this drove the guy nuts. He came over one day while the other two kids were in school. She had locked me in a closet upstairs thinking I would say something. Well, I heard a lot of fighting and I think he knocked her out. I remember him saying "I have something for you Sarah" and from what I gather from what happened next I think he had given her an overdose. After he left, I got out of the closet and found her lying on the floor. I thought she was dead so I ran out of the house and told a neighbor and ran off. I had been running around town for about two weeks on my own. It was at this point that I got picked up by some weirdo and he had a few kids together in one house I think it had been abdoned. A couple of us were plotting how to get out when he left and we were locked in the basement and one of us had some matches. We were going to light a fire (looking back this it would have been a bad idea anyhow but, we were kids) So, he comes back and catches us with the matches. I think he was trying to come up with an idea to get rid of some of the kids anyhow so he made one of us light a fire. The fire got really bad and he grabbed my arm and held it in the fire, I still have the scars from this. He grabbed me and left the other kids locked in the basement. I got away from him a few days later and eventually got picked up by the police, my coat had been stuck to my arm and when they took me to the hospital they had to rip it off and I can remember screaming my head off. Sometime after that either someone had to pick me up or they would put me into foster care so, I mentioned the one person I knew who "shaky" had dropped me off with. Eventually with the help of "family two" I was adopted and they were told not to say anything to me about this. I had gone through hypnotherapy to forget because I was going crazy at this point anyhow, I was told I had to go through deprogramming before I could start. So, the "grandmother" in "family three" took me to Jewish Family Services in NY around 1974-1975 because she was familiar with this kind of thing as she was associated somehow with Margarate Singer. Anyhow, I went through this deprogramming and I was told all of my "alters" had been destroyed except for one which was my sexual alter because I might have problems if they did, and I'm still not quite sure what this means. So I had been refered to someone by them I'll call him "Doctor M." This Doctor would come from his office in New Jersey to visit me in CT. and this continued for some time over the years. There was a whole group of children maybe 10 or 15 who were in the same boat as I was. So he had given them code names (I had already had one) and these were used with post hypnotic suggestion and we were given a contact number that I spoke of in my first post when I created this thread. As it turns out a lot of kids were being abused by some group in this area and the Doc. was trying to get info about them through us. Over the years I guess this failed and one of these "kids" in the group thinks it was an alien experiment that went wrong. So, most of them are worse off then I am now really and this is still going on.
So, life went on and around age thirteen I had stopped living with this family although I went back and stayed with them at times. I had forgot about the other families I had stayed with but, now and then the memories have popped up. One time I thought I was going crazy having all these memories surface at once and I'm sure I had some kind of weird experience around this time but, can't remember so, I went to Silva sometime in 1984, after doing a little research and if it wasn't for what they did to me I might know where to go now. I joined the Army National Guard sometime after this, I was 16 and had to wait 2 year to go to boot camp so I was taking a leadership training course. From that time until 1997 things had been somewhat normal. I had a battle with alcohol, been married and had a few failed relationships. All this time I was suffering from some kind of grief but, not sure what was causing it at the time. In 1997 I had been married for the second time and was planning on going to England, where my wife was from. I had told my adopted father that I might not come back to the States. Next thing I knew all these people were coming together and telling me little bits of this story which I could not believe but, I got to see my adoption records and the police started asking questions. They were trying to get info about the woman from "family two" who was attacked. I started to remember some of the things I was being told but, there were a lot of gaps and there still are. I gave info to the police regarding another matter and I made an offer to the people it concerned because I was being hounded by someone who said he knew who my real mother was and he was taking care of her. Basically, he wanted money for taking care of her and in return he would tell me where she was. I got the money that was put in to a sub account and I had a cashiers check made out and I handed it over. I wasn't given any info so I had the check canceled, the money is gone now and nobody will give me any more info regarding my past. It seems they just wanted to use me. At this point I left for England and a few months later forgot about all this until a few years ago. I had come back to the U.S. and was trying to get back on my feet when I started having all these memories again, I called my adopted father but, he wouldn't say anything. I told him where I was and this guy showed up again about a week later. I told him I knew this woman he was talking about was not my mother because by this time I had met her by chance and when he mentioned her name I told him I met her and she was only about 10 years older than me and he said I guess your right but, it didn't stop there. This guy is like the person who kidnapped me, he and his group are the ones abusing kids in CT. and possibly elsewhere I may have an idea how to track him down but, it would take some time and resources I don't have. Anyhow, I started to see him and his associates hanging around places where I'd go on my way to work like a regular cafe so I got really freaked out, packed a few things and tried leaving. I got to the bus station in Fort Myers, FL. (this was sometime in Nov. 2003.) but, there were some people waiting for me. Everytime I went in to buy a ticket they would get up and block my way. I called Greyhound security and told them about this on a message, I asked them to send the tape if they had one to the F.B.I. as I had been having problems for years. I don't know if they did this I never called back to check. I haven't done a lot of things. I just want this over I am tired of running. I went to Connecticut for a couple of weeks, things were really weird there and nobody would talk so I headed to California and started to look for my family again. I got discouraged and went back to the internet on Doe network and NCMEC and that's when I found NCMC779029. By now I realize this is not the first time I considered this and in fact know that I am this child but, I am having so many problems proving this. My link again is:
This is all I know for now until I can get hypnosis to help with the blocks. Hopefully I can find out what has happened before it's to late.

posted on Jun, 9 2005 @ 08:44 AM
There were a few things I forgot to mention 'cause I was trying to get it posted. I'll add this one: before I went to Silva these people used to have a hold on me. They would come up and wisper things like...."you going to the disco faust" usually phrases mixed with german and that's all it would take to zombify me. I believe there are links to P.O.W. brainwashing as well. A few people I had contact with were P.O.W.'s.
Also, when I was in Vegas I ran in to someone out drinking who was talking about cult's I asked him what he knew and said he was a writter and that he had read a lot of NSA files. I gave him some details and things I haven't included in my post.....something that could easily identify me and mentioned my codename as if you ever heard of "*&$%^" he said yes he's dead?????? I said no he's not 'cause he's standing right in front of you. I had to prove it more or less.

posted on Jun, 11 2005 @ 12:38 AM
your story has struck a chord with me. it reminds me of a couple other stories i've heard. it seems to me that there is a connection between kidnapped children and the mind control stories that most of us have heard about. missinginmanie, the crap you've been through is one of the worst examples of what plagues mankind. i'm glad you're sharing your story, and i wish i could help you find family members. i can't, but i will ask you about butterflies. i've noticed a lot of butterfly symbolism and heard that it has to do with mind control triggers. i want to know if you can inform us all about what a butterfly might meen to someone who's been through this kind of programming. best of luck, i hope you find what you are looking for.

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posted on Jun, 11 2005 @ 08:49 AM
I think it might be symbolic of something and I think I know what you are talking about.......Monarch: it's a symbol of becoming something, a change of course drastic in this sense.....I have had some dreams of being in a cacoon and coming out of it and being different somehow. Another weird thing: and I'm not sure if I can explain it right but, when they program somebody they create a multiple personality at least in my situation the child that I was is more or less in the order for the subject to be better able to deal with this and not break down in the field. So somehow you gain this perspective of the third person and you hear people say well I was floating above this person and bad things were happening to them.....they are actually the victim and they are relating what's happening to them in a non commital sort of way.
And I just looked this up and saw it for the first time, seems to have some good info and a warning to the reader. Must read the first section titled Nazi mind control. Monarch
I'm not sure if I'm fully intergrated or not and I know what that means but, I can't remember everything so I wonder but, when I started having all these memories I woke up one morning, not out of bed yet but, I realized I was alone and felt that somebody should have been there watching me (not to be confused with I felt someone was watching me)and when I got up I had the feeling as if I had grown. If you get it, the young child that I had been had just woke up after so many years and that's exactly how I felt.
I don't want to piss anyone off, I think I am a rare idividual not meant to shoot anyone or build any bombs. I would imagine there are only about ten of us in the world maybe even less if you consider that most would have suffered some kind of mental illness. I went crazy for a while adjusting to this but, I am at the next stage to being back on top and I hope to find any others like me because it's time for something....just not what yet. There is more to the story than what I wrote but, I hope this will help to guide the rest in.
Keeping the light on.

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posted on Jun, 12 2005 @ 02:11 PM
thanks for the monarch link, the history described there seems to be consistent with some of the experiences that you recall. if you can bear my curiousity, then i have a few more questions for you. of course, i don't expect to to reveal anything that would jeopordize your safety.
1) you say that there are only about 10 people like you in the world, have you had contact with any of the others?
2) what is it that you, and the other 9 or so, were intended to do?
3) do you have any idea how many other people who have been trained/conditioned under circumstances similar to yours (who may have different assignments than your own) there are living in the u.s. today?
4) have you considered whether your postings on ats could be something that you were instructed to do? no offense intended by this question. i'm just wondering how sure you are that your actions are coming from your own head as opposed to coming from the jerks who put you through the traumatic conditioning process.
i also wanted to mention a woman who goes by svali. her story is fascinating, and similar to your own. her goal is to help other people who have been through mkultra and/or ritual abuse. here's a link to her profile:
i pray for your well-being, and i hope everything works out.

posted on Jun, 13 2005 @ 08:49 AM
I'm sure there have been 100's if not 1000's that have been through this. Like I said I haven't mentioned everything I've been through but, if this dosen't go right to plan then I might have to. I don't know how to look at it but, I consider what had happened to me from the time I got away from my kidnapper a life-save. Now, I've had an experiance that no American (as far as what I got the chance to do once)can say they've ever had and I'm grateful for it. If I can't ever talk about it and, I understand the implications if I do but, If I can never talk about it at least I'll have the experiance. Everyone can't say that they were saved and most of what I hear are victim's accounts but, if I hadn't been through what I had I would be dead right now. I've been asked to do things from time to time which involved helping people not harming them and I am certainly not a slave yet, I got tangled up with some baddies and I'm having some inner conflict trying to figure out what to do. These other people are not associated with the government and I think they are a part of what has been going on for a long time and it's about taking control of the world one step at a time. These people in charge have been brainwashed themselves I believe they were P.O.W.'s at one time maybe still on the missing list. I think I might have been barking up the wrong tree I should be going to NSA or something. I know how to track these people and that's what I have to do. It's starting to look like I'm on my own.
I've heard stories where people were afraid to talk because they or they're families would be harmed and I used to think like that for awhile but, this is not the case that's something a perp. tells his victim so they don't talk and, telling my story at some point or another would be part of the plan not to mention there should be someone out there right now watching and waiting for me, and from what I've written they might not have a clue who I am 'cause I could be a few people. There are two different sides to all this. Like you have good cops and bad's only going to take longer to clean things up. the thing to do now is figure how to say who I am without giving myself up.
Thanks for the link I'll check it out.

posted on Jun, 14 2005 @ 03:32 PM
if you google 'svali' you will find lots of stuff that she's posted online. here's a link to a lengthy description that she wrote about illuminati mind control:
i hope this helps a little, take care.

posted on Jun, 15 2005 @ 09:10 AM
Thanx, Polytron.

I'll check this out. I've been digging around a lot and came up with some names of deprogrammers. I believe that I need to go through some reintergration or something. I had tried to get help from "wellsprings" ages ago but, they wouldn't help because I didn't have any "cult" the "Brotherhood" or, I just forgot the other one anyhow, I came up with some other info digging around a lot hands on. It would seem that some of the families I had contact with later in life had links to the family I believe that I am from....they seem to have a history together.

posted on Jun, 18 2005 @ 09:27 AM
One members kind comments (u2u):

"When I suggest you see a new doctor, it is with the most respect and worry for you.

I believe I see the signs in you of what is known as "schizophrenia," it's merely a word for a physical problem that gets into your thoughts. It is, by the way, nothing to be ashamed of and it is a sign of a good heart and a good intellect. I am afraid you will find it won't make you very happy.

Please see a new doctor. And please feel free to email me any time here."

Well, like I said if there is a super-mod who is privy to such info I will gladly tell them my code name and contact number I don't think it will do much good though as that wasn't the purpose of the post anyhow. As I said I do have witnesses and bashing people because you don't believe their story is uncalled for. We are all here to seek the truth not obscure or deny it. 'nuff said.

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posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 09:50 AM
Let me tell yo what has been going on in my life recently. I believe I have been lead to the answer to the survivors delima.

I have been taking sessions with a psychic healer. His name is Dale Power. Here is his web site

On the first evaluation ,(which he doesn't charge for) among other things, he informed me that I had a huge entity attachment that was sucking up my energy and disrupting my aura/energy system.

To my amazement he was able to remove this thing and the 3 others he found. He also removed all other negative entities from my home and set up a shield of protection. After a few weeks of my confirming to myself that this REALLY did take place I decided that I needed to hire this psychic healer to help a friend of mine.

My friend has suffered for years with voices in her head (dark entities)carrying on conversations with her. Her father is a satanic high priest and she was a victim of ritual abuse. Dale removed the entities. Her entities were much more powerful than mine and took more
time but this psychic was successful in removing them in a couple of sessions. Finally she had peace and was perparing to learn to live all over again without the entities.

In just a couple of days she started to feel really bad and began having attacks of uncontrollable shaking and seizures. I told Dale and he looked at the situation and said lady had post-hynotic programing that would cause her to do harm to herself if she ever attempted to become free of control. He said he could remove it.
Now I was already impressed with this man's talent but WOW If he could do this well he could do anything.

We scheduled a session for her ASAP. He removed the programing and all the backups and key words. Totally went down deeper than the existing programing and removed everything from the deepest to the most surface. ( if I understand correctly he also puts new programing in the very deepest level that will prevent the enemy from re-programing)

Just as soon as the removal was done the seizures stopped. The lady is doing very well now and her energy level is beginning to return. Total healing from all that she has been through will take some time. Dale estimates she will be 100%in about 6 months.

This lady is getting her life back and it is all because of one very rare talented psychic. How much money would that be worth? Its priceless!

Well I learned that he could remove programing and I asked him to check me for programing. Mine was much more extensive. Most likely MKUltra Programming.
We scheduled a 3 hour session and he did the job and also rendered a new implant ineffective.
He identified this implant as an energy withdrawal plug. (Guess that is because we booted the energy sucking entity and they were not able to pass the shielding to replace it.)I asked him to keep the report short and not detailed because I know my computer is monitored by whoever it is that placed the programing, the implants and the entities. Below is his report.

The work I was supposed to do is done. I think you
will be VERY "happy" with the results. Do you know how
many years this has been going on? Some of those
memories/implanted info (sub-personalities…) started
when you were about six! (I am judging by feel of
course, but very young!)

The programming is gone. I do not know how much of it
you will remember, due to things I cannot mention
here. All of the links are gone though, all of the key
words are broken. It is easier to destroy than build.
(For once it works in the favor of the good guys!)

I took care of the implant and made sure that your
dwelling will be safer for you to sleep in… : )

Sorry this is so short. The work wasn’t!

I have no doubt that he was successful. I had one small flash
of a memory the other day. Not much but more than I have
ever had.

Here is as article about this man.

And some articles he has written.

I plan to make a major post soon so more people who need
help will have the option of having their progaming removed
soon but wanted to share this with you ASAP. The results
are worth many times more than the cost.

posted on Jul, 23 2005 @ 10:45 AM
I did a little research and it seems
Even tho the time line of my programing began
makes it seem like it would of been MKUltra

The specifics and my experience say it was
more likley Monarch. There were signs of
ritual,demons and sex etc.

Maybe they graduated me from MKUltra to Monarch.

Just wanted to clafiry. Actually it doesn't matter what
kind you have Dale Power is able to remove it.

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 09:40 AM
....I have to keep repeating myself because they don't read.

I have another post in rant "troll?" I still seem to be having problems with some people on the net and when I posted for some advice I run in to the same thing. If I haven't already this info somewhere then it's my bad but, I doubt it.
The family is just as concerned with this as I am. It's not just the pics, I have remembered some things that weren't made public and it all fits with details that I was told by my adoptive father and other people. I was told that I said that I was from alfred and that my name was doug, sometime back in '97 when I found out that I was adopted.

There are some things that the police did recently that are questionable. We have found a company that pays for the testing but, only does so once a year for a brief time So, we are waiting for that. We had been talking to a case manager with NCMEC and the police well until this whole thing with websleuths broke out. Some girl decided she was going to make some phone calls and tell them I was asking for money.
---------------I never asked anyone for money.---------------

My site was only set up for the family and people I met and I decided to tell them about it, very few people had seen this. I wasn't listed on any search engines and I had posted on doe network to see if I could make contact with the family and, I did so. We have been in contact ever since and I have met them. I look like family members and have a resemblance to the mother.

I'm not doing this for my health frankly, I'd rather be someplace else buying and selling properties right now.

I'd like to hear more about your story.

posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 10:42 AM
hey hey hey do you know if this stuff was happening in Oak Noll in 1982

I WAS BORN THERE!!!!!!!!!!

this is an extreme intrest to me i have so many medical problems that i was "born" with its unreal

had to read the whole post sorry man looks like things been hard on you like they been hard on me but and a very different way

theres a saying I have I'd like to give it to you "everyone has their own problems the difference is, how you deal with them"

if anyone knows if any other tests of the like were conducted at Oaknoll please U2U me of post plz !!!

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posted on Sep, 14 2005 @ 12:32 PM
The link for Aerial Photograph is here:
There is some more info here:
Closure in Sep. '96.
I was there sometime in '04 and I had walked around the whole place, quite large. I remember this place when it was hopping. I'd like to figure what the whole thing was about but, I think that I went there for the chip and to the daycare after I'm not sure at this point. I know I had some strong feelings and I must have written them down somewhere. I haven't looked at my journal in a long time. I remember hanging out there a lot.
So, you were at Oak Knoll?
The Military are always doing some kind of testing. I remember a "blue pill" in boot camp. We went to the infirmary one evening and got a shot, the next day we were all sick it was the worst time ever for me. The day after we went back and they gave us a pill and the "flu" was gone overnight, burned right off. Outside of my other experiences that's the weirdest thing that ever happened. Now imagine what it must be like on the inside looking out. The Government has done soo much testing a good percentage of which we'll never know about, all for the common good.
google this: oak knoll naval hospital secret tests
mostly L. Ron Hubbard (I know where he's buried btw), do you remeber that guy. I have some memories but, not sure what to make of it. I do know that a woman who had me "worked" for scientology and it was around the time of my experience. Now I never found the place but, if he were involved with something I'd been through it was some place at the top of a hill and I remeber flag polls and other children still very cloudy. I tried going to a hypnotist recently but, I made the mistake of telling my shrink and he called the hypnotist and told her it wasn't a very good idea and she wasn't qualified enough to do it. So, downer there.

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posted on Oct, 12 2005 @ 11:08 PM
Have you notified the NCMC about your case with your update? If not you really need to. They need to know the story you told on this message board. And I was also wondering if you contacted the Maine police department? I was not sure which police you contacted.

Have you been able to locate your biological parents? Because would'nt they be the ones that listed you as missing? Please do some more updating. I would like to help you if I can. I really feel alot of your problems mainly deal with you abduction and you were so small your mind coul not comphrend what actually happened to you.

Please feel free to email me at

posted on Oct, 13 2005 @ 07:59 PM

Anything to do with it? Not sure, but it came up in a search with your code:

-Endangered Missing (View Poster)
DOB: Feb 5, 1968 Age: 37
Missing: Jun 2, 1971 Race: White
National Center for Missing & Exploited Children

-----------------MORE INFO------------------- (The Girl)
L. Ron Hubbard ... Church? You talked about a priest.

(A lot of people that are posting here are new...)

Call the number of the 'missing' department that has your name, they may know your identity.

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posted on Oct, 14 2005 @ 10:41 AM
I had brushes with Scientology but, I don't think it was responsible for my missing.
I finally worked up the courage to call an officer that I know but, he's on leave for three months. The woman I was living with prior to being adopted was attacked and is on record, that would clear a lot up but, I'm not to crazy about anyone back home knowing who I really am for one reason or another.
The people who offer free dna comparisons got back to me the end of June, we sent our details and haven't heard from them since. I have been diagnosed with Disociative Identity Disorder.

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