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My two OOBEs +questions

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:26 PM
This was my very first one, when i was around 11:

Me and my dad went to Conwy castle for the day. We were walking around just enjoying ourselves, and i decided to go on my own

adventure in the castle. I walked around these spiral staircases and then noticed this Massive tower, with no roof. I started walking

toward it. The closer i got, the louder i could hear this chatter. (this Tower was a very large round room, with no roof, and has 2

doorways, one for entry, one for exit) As soon as i walked into the room, my view switched from my eyes, to what seemed to be a

camera on the wall high enough up to view the entire room. From this camera, i saw myself walking through the room, but i saw people

buying and seeling fruits. The fruits were oranges, greens, reds and yellows. i saw around....20 people buying the food at this small

market and they were all laughing with each other and just having a good time. When my view switched from this camera back to my

eyes, i had just exited the room.

This next one i had 2 days ago:

I was sitting in my history class, And my teacher was just blabbing, and i was staring down

at my book, and all of a sudden i saw the room from behind me,

and the colour of the room wasn't really a colour, but yet it was

(confusing i know, but i understand that completely). There musth ave been 13 kids in the room, scattered aroudn the room in chairs. I

saw everyone, but they were all blue, not a concrete blue either, they had black and white speckles in them, sorta liek a grainy film, and

the colour was vibratin very slightly. I looked down from this "camera" i was viewing from, and noticed that i was red, but not a dark red,

more of a light red, with white/black speckles in them, vibrating..

While i was meditating last night (only my second time meditating), i had an itch on my neck, and i used my energy to scratch it and it went right away. I must have done this about 4 or 5 times in different places... But this might have just been wishful thinking?

My questions are:

In my second OOBE, were the vibrating colours auras?

And, Does relaxation music help with meditating? i have only meditated twice, and im not sure what im supposed to feel, i just feel relaxed when i come out of it.

Also, Shouldi try and remember everything that is going on while im trying to meditate? or just go with the flow? will i remember everything once i come out of a meditation?

One more thing: I read that i should concentrate on my breathing. I watch from my third eye, and notice when ii inhale the air is green, and when i exhale, it is blue..

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 10:36 PM
Auras are a vibrating color....I see them more as swirls of color.........I can not be sure if this is what you are seeing or not, for the Astral eye is much differant than the eyes of our bodies. I see auras with the eyes of my body......and have not seen auras as colors in the astral realm....more like differant levells of brightness, if you can understand my meaning.....

Interesting experiances you are having!
I hope you keep us updated.......


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