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Meeting your "dream (girl/guy)"

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:24 PM
Misleading thread title, but it is the best I can come up with, regarding this manner.

My problem is this:

For at least 12 years, I have had these dreams, images, and "flashbacks"... not so much of past life existances, but rather of a duel/other life, one that is continuous with this life. Most of my drawings and sculptures are based on the things I have seen within these images.

To me, this other life is as real as this one; there is little to distinct between the two. I won't go into details concerning them, or the implications contained (they are on different threads), but I will talk about this.

I have literally met the woman of my dreams.

She, too, has had these same dreams, same visions, of this other world and existance. She has seen my sketch books and became visibly stunned when my drawings matched in detail what she wrote in her dream diaries. What unsettled her the most was that, in all her dreams, she has seen my symbol, the mark I use for my occult/arcane activities.

That's when I showed her the pictures I drew of her, 12 years ago.

I went on a limb and showed her my character designs; I've been working on a graphic novel, and thought the best way to make the characters seem real was to give them all distinct histories, personalities, etcetera... all my characters are based from, once again, my dreams.

She flipped through them, and when she came across the one I based on "her", she stopped. Cold. Her real life history, personality, birth sign, even the kind of pet she had, as all right there.

My spiritual self (my "other") screamed at me, "I knew! It IS her!"


All this time, I thought I might have been a little bit delusional... but now, to actually meet someone who has had the SAME DREAMS and knows of the same places and events... add the fact that she looks exactly like I knew!

This is not a case of meeting her before, and developing the images later. I only first met her a couple weeks ago, while the memories of her I have had for at least 12 years. Furthermore, I am 32, she is 19, so it is not as if we hung around the same people. AND that she just moved up here from Virginia last year.

Am I alone in this? Has anyone else met someone from their dreams, who was exactly as the pictured? Has anyone else had a spiritual "other" who recognized someone else?

Now if I could only find those darn links to the other threads... they'd really help in this discussion!

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:34 PM
Very cool. Can you post these drawings please? Thanks

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 10:58 PM
Wow, people search lifetimes to find that ONE TRUE mate, sometimes to no avail. Glad to see you have connected on sooo many planes with her. Good Luck in both of your futures.

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 03:02 PM
The same thing happened to me but it wasn't my soul mate or anything. I found the horse of my dreams...
he was in my dreams since I was 2-3 and then 2 years ago i met him and we clicked...
i swear I have never known a horse that shared so much with me and I probably will never meet another one like him.

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 04:55 PM
Well, this is really interesting. Usually I don't go for this sort of stuff, but this particular thread got my attention for two reasons. One is that your dreams actually came true. Whether this is a massive coincidence or some kind of fate/destiny, I don't know, but either way, it sounds really awesome! The second (and bigger) reason this really got my attention was that I've had a bunch of dreams where there is 'the girl of my dreams', and it's always the same person, although I've never met anybody like that (yet). Maybe there's a chance then for me, lol. I see that you've only known her for a few weeks, hopefully things work out for you two, this sounds soooo cool

(edit begins here)

It just hit me that if you are 32 and you had these dreams for 12 years, and I'm 23 and I've been having them for a couple of years, then they might have started at roughly the same age. Kind of an odd coincidence, hehe.

[edit on 26-5-2005 by DragonsDemesne]

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 08:24 PM

I've been having weird dreams period!!!!! But I did have a dream about my current girlfriend 3 months before I met her. The dream was so vivid that i remember waking up and feeling sad that i had to leave her. I honestly think that dreams are not just random brain activity. They are a perception of a reality. What was weird about when I met my current girlfriend is that I woke up in my dream and I was trying to wake up other people. I was in a place that reminded me of grand central station. Everyone had their own place to go. Well any way I just wanted to let you know you’re not alone

P.S Since were on the topric of dreams i have been running into thing in dreams. This is a thread from a while back,

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 08:34 PM
I've actually done this too...

Don't know why it happened. We even tried going out, simply didn't work out that I wouldn't attach it to any kind of a destiny thing or anything... My guess is that our brainwaves were just on a similar frequency or something....

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 08:36 PM
I have had exactly the same expierences with dreams, I have dreamed of girlfriends before i met or really knew them. I wonder if like personalities attract or something in the dreamworld.

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 11:00 PM
Yes but did he/she also have dreams of you or match up ur dreams scenes like soothsayers? I wish i could say that but alas i cannot...Thats pretty much why i said soulmate...i had dreams of my exwife before i met her. The dreams were pleasant, but never clued me to what the marriage would become(dammit) lol.. Im assuming someone that dreamt(sp?) of you or your symbols and same scenes u did, would be your soulmate. But im no DrRuth or DrPhil
so thats purely an assumption. I wish Sooth and his new found Old Love blessings in their endeavor.

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 08:42 AM
Forgive me if it sounded as if I was writing about soulmates or true loves... this isn't that kind of fate. The relationship we have, have had, whatever, is something a bit different.

Throughout all the dreams, and drawings and stories based on them, she and I have had the same relation as, umm... Scully and Mulder, or from the show Moonlighting, or any other really close male/female relation without crossing "that line".

Also, too... there's the past life aspect, in which we have always been born as father/daughter, mother/son, brother sister... it has always been that kind of thing (if dreams are any kind of proof). There is a love there, and a closeness, but it isn't a physical; she is rather attractive, don't get me wrong, and any guy would, umm, jump at the chance, but I don't see her or feel about her that way.

I am still trying, in my own way, to find those other links pertaining to my "other" and related info... that will probably help add to this. Sometimes words cannot describe or explain what it is you are trying to convey... I'm hoping the other links might shed some light.

But it is nice to hear that other have had things close to this experience!

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 08:53 AM
Found the first ATS page I was looking for...

What am I?

Helps explain the things I kinda believe, reguarding my "other", and how it may help relate to this thread...

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 03:44 PM
Ahh Very Interesting. Thanx for clearing things up. Thats kewl also. Having someone u can discuss the "weird" side of things personally is Awesome Too.

posted on May, 29 2005 @ 11:16 PM
So you're not even going to use all this dream stuff to get her in the sack??? Are you nuts??? You have the perfect situation handed to you on a silver platter... a 19 year old girl, nonetheless! If you don't do this then I will lose any respect I may have garnered for you in the minute I've known you on here!

I've already found my soulmate or else I'd jump on the grenade for ya and take her out lol

posted on May, 30 2005 @ 03:29 PM
Ahh, such folly... if I were to try to use such information to my advantage, what kind of person would I be? Things must be nutured, allowed to grow in their own way, over time...

Besides, I'm married.

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 05:59 PM
very very cool. I would be a bit freaked out myself if that happened. Also when I opened the thread I was going to rant at you but your right that is very misleading

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 09:20 PM

Ahh, such folly... if I were to try to use such information to my advantage, what kind of person would I be? Things must be nutured, allowed to grow in their own way, over time...

You'd be a happy and satisfied person! Things only need to be nurtured when they play "hard to get!"

Besides, I'm married.

All the more reason! If you have steak for dinner every night, once in a while you want lobster. Nothing wrong with keeping a little side dish at work!

What does your wife think of this "dream woman" anyway? Have you even told her? I'd be pissed if I were her!

posted on May, 31 2005 @ 11:00 PM

Originally posted by DaTruth
I honestly think that dreams are not just random brain activity. They are a perception of a reality.

That's a scary thought considering what I have dreamed of. Just last night I was getting images popping into my head before I was even asleep of massive explosions in a different star system on a populated planet. I think a more likely explanation is the fact that I just saw Star Wars yesterday and the two things are connected.

As far as meeting the dream girl goes, congratulations on your fortune. I hope your wife understands. I would be nervous if my spouse suddenly said they met their dream person they have been dreaming about for over a decade. It sounds strange.

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 04:02 PM
I had something similar happen to me but I didn't start going into her dreams till after we met, but it started out with my spirit guide entering her dreams and she posted about it on a different forum and I recognised my spirit guide and well we both knew as soon as we started speaking to each other. We have a lot in common but enough different to keep us individuals. We also share a very special link which allows us to know how the other is feeling and if they are okay. It changed my life in the best way I could have ever imagined.

posted on Jun, 6 2005 @ 05:07 PM
I understand complete-ly... only difference between it seems between you and I are the timing of our "dreams". There is a bond, a connection there, which has gone back for so very long; forgot what else I was going to say along these lines

It is interesting to note, though, that in this dealing, I have the "memories" and the knowledge, while she has the symbolic images and the emotional feelings attached to them; it is as if we each have a part, or half, of the picture. I have also considered "pulling" her into my dreams (or astral realm), to try to "awaken" her further, so that perhaps we can both learn or understand more...

It wouldn't be done without her permission, though. Everyone is entitled to make choices... sure, some people are not allowed to, being forced to do things as perscribed by the fates, but she still has the choice.

But should I?

There was a reason why we were kept "seperated" for all these lives, just as I am certain there is a reason why each of us does not carry our full memories... dare I try to fight against that which has kept that knowledge from me, from us?

I have lived my life to question everything, and to challenge the powers that be at every angle, in every aspect; it is as part of my nature as breathing... yet, concerning this, and more importantly her, do I dare? But, I suppose on the flip side, there must also be a reason as to why we are both here at the same time, in approachable manners...

Ahh... anyone ever listen to Suicidal Tendancies? On their Art of Rebellion recording there was a song... don't remember the name... but it had the lyrics "confused understanding". I think that fits this most appropriately.

Oh well...

posted on Jun, 7 2005 @ 09:25 PM
Why don't you write a web address in your book along with your handle
And next time you encounter her show it to her so she can meet you online.

Hint -> Maybe A BBS Doesn't have to be here.
But the url should be something easy to recall - no doubt if you do the same with a phone number the whole thing could get really weird reallly fast. But the on-line thing is familiary anonomous.

Besides being married and all - you wouldn't want your better half to think something is up.

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