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World War IV Part One The Rise of The Red Dragon

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 08:38 PM
Okay guys this stories main plot is in 2020, China invades Taiwan, Nepal, Tajakistan, and Bangdelesh and conqueors them in two weeks . It invades them because it wants to show the world what it can do, and of course natural resources, they also tax the people in these countries to fund its military, and other government agencies. India feels threatened so it moves men and equipment to the Chinese/India border, and thats how the war starts. Me, Devilwasp, Vagabond, WorldWatcher, and GradyPhilpott are doing this story if any more people want to join U2 me.

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 07:31 PM
I've gone with a ficticious American administartion, in the interest of suspending disbelief. I hope everyone approves. (By the by, I know this scenario is just a tad out there from start to finish, but that doesn't mean we can't have fun with it- if anybody feels the need to be exceptionally true to life, I recommend that they lay out the facts for us before we get in too deep).

"Frankly gentleman, I don't see this as a negative development. India's deterrent effectively checks any further expansion in the South West, and this move seems likely to drive a wedge between China and their allies in Brazil, Russia, and India. The Russians won't tollerate a Chinese push to the Caspian. It's the perfect excuse to invite them into Turkmenistan and open up the natural gas supply there. I see this as a limited grab. Give it to them and take to opportunity to make a little money and warm up to Russia."
Secretary of State Reynolds returned to his seat, awaiting the President's response with an indecipherable purse-lipped expression that any card player would envy. His steel gray eyes were the only hint of his soul, but most would never guess it, for they were as cold and empty as the analysis he offered.

The old oil man's eyes did show a flash of surprise however as the acting secretary of defense stood to challenge him. The young Marine veteran was never meant to actually have a voice in the administration, and wouldn't have if not for the untimely death of his predecessor, but being thrown into the deep end was nothing new to him.
"With all due respect to the oil industry- or whomever may have been speaking a moment ago", he shot a firey glance at the secretary of state, "I do not believe we can afford to recognize expansionism as the new order of the day. Intelligence suggests that China has committed most of their new J-10s to the North against the eventuality of a clash with Russia. They may be couting on India to simply back down. This may be our best chance to rout them in the South, specifically Nepal and Bangladesh. From such a position of strength we can reach a settlement- to save Taiwan, if not Tajikistan. It won't be pretty, or profitable, but it may very well be better than the alternative."

There was an ominous silence in the oval office. If there was an attractive sollution somewhere between the black and white, nobody seemed to be looking for it. The President cast his eyes back and forth between the two men sternly, then searched the faces of his other cabinet members for help, but found none. To which side would he sell his soul and commit his legacy?

A mere thirty six hours later a select few men knew the answer to that question. Among them were Captain Don Baker and his Marines.
"So this is Nepal? Cold enough for you gunny?"
"I'm from Chicago, sir."
"You kill many communists there?"
"I never asked. I reckon I'll get a few tomorrow."
"Bet you're stripes on it. Find those '51s that weapons company sent over and get them squared away. Confirm our count of AT-4s too. I hear the Chinese have been bringing in T-55s by rail and flat out sacrificing them everytime they hit a bump in the road."
"Aye aye, Sir".

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 08:01 PM
Nice start Vagabond, I like how you deal with the political side of a war like this!

posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 10:05 PM
Brit Hume:

"Two weeks ago China invaded the countries of Taiwan, Nepal, Tajikistan, and Bangladesh. It has been no secret that there have been tensions between China and the nations of South Asia in the past, but coming at this time, the invasions have taken the world by surprise and the governments of the free world are scrambling to come to terms with these developments and offer support not only to the nations who have been occupied, but also to those who are threatened by invasion.

"Today we are pleased to have in our studios Dr. Elmo Byrd of the Abernathy Institute to help us sort out these events and what the long term implications might be.

"Dr. Byrd, the world has been watching these events carefully and many experts have expressed surprise at China's timing. Why is that? Should we have been surprised?"

Elmo Byrd, PhD:

"Brit, there are many reasons why the timing of these events has taken the world by surprise, but first let's consider the history of this region. Throughout history much of the lands in question have been in dispute and have in fact changed hands a number of times. In recent times, Taiwan has been a thorn in Mainland China's side, emerging as it did in the wake of the Chinese Communist revolution following WWII. That much is less of a surprise, given the tensions and posturing of late."


"I think we can all agree that Taiwan has been a constant aggravation to China, but what about the rest of these countries? What is the interest in Tajikistan, for instance?"


"Since the fall of the Soviet Union, Tajikistan has been through a civil war and is one of the poorest nations of the world. Interest in Tajikistan has stumped many, especially its being a landlocked nation with few natural resources. Currently aluminum is it's major industry and that is struggling due to a dilapidated infrastructure. Because it is a major route for opium leaving Afghanistan, the need to control that trade and the money it generates is not to be dismissed. Some have tried to link oil to this, but Tajikistan's oil reserves are minuscule. Hydroelectric power would be a better reason than oil."


"Then what is it about Tajikistan, besides opium?"


"I think we're going to have to wait and see on that. Clearly, having a foothold in the former Soviet Union is enough to unsettle Russia and for now that may be reason enough."


"I want to discuss India in a few minutes, but let's continue with the invaded countries for now."


"Let's look at Nepal and Bangladesh. Nepal has had many struggles since the years following WWII and the end of the Nepalese monarchy. There was a Maoist rebellion in 1996 and a negotiated cease-fire that fell apart in 2003. Then there was the savage massacre of ten members of the royal family, including the king and queen, by the crown prince, who then committed suicide.

"But despite these problems, Nepal has continued to strengthen its sovereignty. In fact, efforts to improve the relations between China and Nepal have been very active and successful in recent years. In fact, China has been very amenable to overtures by all the nations in this region who have sought better relations. Of course, China's occupation of Tibet for the last five decades has stood in stark contrast to its diplomatic efforts with others, including India."


"We'll get to India in a moment. What about Bangladesh?"


"Well, as you know, Bangladesh was formerly East Pakistan and the nation emerged in 1971 following the secession of the Bengalis from the union with West Pakistan. East and West Pakistan were originally established as Islamic states. Bangladesh is an abjectly poor nation that is enormously over-populated and is known far more for its vulnerability to natural disaster than for anything else, sadly."


"Then why Bangladesh?"




"Then let's talk about India."


"Okay. India is the second most populous country in the world behind China. It has a very diverse economy and while the caste system limits what we know as upward mobility, in India business is good. It's not a secret that India has a very potent military with one of the most capable air forces in the world. They are also a nuclear power. India is not a nation to be trifled with. The stand off between Pakistan and India is a good example of just how seriously India takes it's national defense.

"Diplomatically speaking, the Sino-Indian relations have been very good in recent years and improving all the time. This is the primary reason so many have been taken off guard by China's bellicose stance, of late. Not only that, but China has been building trust and expanding their trade for some time now all around the world, so attacking friendly nations in this region is not making them friends elsewhere. In fact, the diplomatic efforts of a generation have been washed down the drain in just two weeks and India is not letting the grass grow under their feet. They are mobilizing in a big way."


"Dr. Byrd, I hate to interrupt, but we have to pay some bills. We want to have you back on the show soon to help us keep track of these disturbing developments.

"We'll be back in a moment with the Fox News All-Stars.

"This is Fox News Special Report--fair, balanced and unafraid."

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posted on Jun, 22 2005 @ 10:33 PM
Very intresting Grady! I like how you explain all the cultural, and historical history of the nations involved.
You defintly get my vote!

posted on Jun, 23 2005 @ 02:26 PM
PFC Estrada felt lost as he stamped through the snow back to his fighting position a few meters down from the crest of the low ridge which his squad leader had dubbed "Mount SpeedBump". Estrada wasn't one to look for the deeper meaning there- he was a Marine, he had a SAW, and he liked it. It sure beat the fruit orchards he'd been working in only six months ago. Then again he hadn't expected to end up in Nepal with a PLA Army Group bearing down on him.
He looked down the ridge to the pass, littered now with the remains of vanquished armored vehicles. He thought he could identify one as a T-55 by the rounded shape of the turret. He didn't notice the Company Gunny approaching.

"You got enough ammo there devil?"
Estrada stopped to answer, hefting up several thousand rounds of belt-fed 5.56mm to reposition them.
"I'll need it Gunnery Sergeant; My fireteam is two men short."
"Are they the one's we moved down the hill this morning?"
"Yes Gunnery Sergeant."
"I heard about you. Estrada, right? Your platoon sergeant thinks you're good to go without your fireteam leader- you better make him right."
"Aye Aye Gunn'y Sergeant", the young grunt responded nervously.
"Carry on then.", Gunnery Sergeant Hunt paused a moment before looking back. "What is it you marines are calling this ridge, Estrada"?
"Mount SpeedBump.", he forgot to address the gunny's rank as he readjusted his load again.
"Well it aint much of a hill is it. Carry on again, devildog."

Estrada climbed back into his position and began organizing his extra ammunition. If the Chinese came again he'd need more by the end of the night.His a-gunner was frantically finishing an MRE as if he were still accustomed to having a Drill Instructor burst in to announce the end of chow time.
"Why did you tell him about the name bro?", Private Harris was a bright but paranoid young man, about a month greener than even Estrada. He seemed to harbor a deep fear of staff NCOs.
"Why not?", Estrada shot back.
"Don't you know what that name means? We're the speed bump. There aint enough of us to stop the reds."
Estrada frowned as if the revelation were annoyingly ridiculous.
"Just do your job. Marines have come through worse."

PFC Estrada didn't know it at the time, but those would be his last words to his new friend. A kilometer out, a Chinese sniper lay silent, observing every undisciplined move of the inexperienced Americans above. Another fifteen kilometers back, a regiment of Chinese tankers was hard at work fueling and preparing their vehicles to support yet another human wave. When they were ready, Private Harris would be the first to know.

posted on Jun, 24 2005 @ 03:48 PM
"Gentlemen we are gathered here today, to discuss a unconventional warfare mission in China ", said USA, NSA (national security adviser) Justin Stanely . "What special forces units do you think should be inserted in the country ," asked Tom Brackston, the chairman of the joint chiefs of staff? "Well first we have to specify were we want to insert the team, because different SF units operate in different environments" replied Sam Linn, commander of US Special Operations Command . "Well based on Intelligence reports , there are a lot of Anti-Communist, Chinese guerilla's located around the Wuyi Mountains, so if a SF team wanted to have friendly forces around to help them that would be a good choice " replied Jack Williams, director of the CIA.

"Well if we do chose to land a SF team in those mountains, than using a helicopter would be the best way of insertion, since helos can fly just above tree level, and just below radar ", said John Sparrow secretary of the US Air Force. "That brings me to the question asked before, that being what special forces unit should we use" asked the Secretary of Defense? "Well to me looks like a job for Navy SEALs (sea, air, land, teams) I mean those units can operate in all types of environments" said the USSOCOM (US special operations command) commander. "Plus there is a river near the mountains SEALs are best in maritime environments", added the Secretary of the Navy, John Madigan. "Also there's very thick jungle around the mountains, and the river, US Navy SEAL's have been very good in those type of environments in Vietnam, and these picks show a jungle very similair to Vietnam,, added the NSA Advisor.

"Okay well will discuss more tommorow at 0660, dismissed" said President Richard Foxton.

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posted on Jun, 25 2005 @ 07:32 PM
Next day 0600, (sorry for the military time error, in my last entry ) "gentlemen I was researching other countries special forces last night" said the USSOCOM commander. "And I think this should be a joint country special forces unit mission, and I know just the units, Romanian Mountain Hunters unit, NZSAS (New Zealand Special Air Service) and Australia's SASR (special air service regiment"). 'Why those units" asked SECDEF Thaddeus Barns? "Well let me give you a little info on these units, for one thing the Mountain Hunters have done numerous exercises with US Navy SEAL's, the second thing is their probably the best mountain SF unit in the world. And as you know they would be operating in the mountains a lot, the reason I would select the NZAS, and SASR is. Is for one both regulary work together, the second is their very good at Hearts and Mine Campaigns. The third thing is that they are experts in jungle warfare and also some of the best trackers in the world, in vietnam they were called "jungle ghosts" by the vietcong, believe me they would be a very valuable asset to the mission" he replied. Okay then its settled, but first we have to find which seal teams, and which NZSAS, and SASR teams we want to take" ordered the NSA . "And of course we have to talk to the three countries about this we just can't do it" replied Secretary of State Reynolds.

"Of course" replied the NSA, "and I think Commander Sam Linn would be the perfect man to do the job. What do ya say commander"? "I'd be happy to do it" he replied. "Okay then everythings settled" said SECDEF Thaddeus Barns. "Oh yeah" said the commander "the people we pick will have to go through a training phase in the states, that allows us to have a smaller team of the best of the best", said Sam Linn.

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posted on Jun, 29 2005 @ 11:31 AM
Just to tell you guys this post is gonna cover the beginning of the war, there will be five fronts, special forces, homefront, navy, airforce, and regular infantry. So when this story eventually is done, there's gonna be six posts. If anybody is intrested in covering those fronts u2 me.

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posted on Jul, 6 2005 @ 10:17 PM
President Richard William Foxton threw himself down on couch in his private quarters. Loosening his tie and slipping off his loafers while still in his suit, he took several deep breaths, centering himself before asking his secretary to proceed with her briefings. Personal secretary Linda Lewis, who was accustomed to the President’s ritualistic behavior listed off all the latest news that occurred in the past few hours, starting with national news. The President stood up and began to stretch, easily banishing built stress in his neck and shoulders. The world was beginning to pay attention to the happenings in Asia and the President’s phone had not stopped ringing. Sides were being drawn and action was about to be taken. “Cool and Calm” the President told himself. “Always Confident” he recited to himself, stroking his temples as he paced slowly in front of the couch. He had given the okay and whether he liked it or not, the U.S. A was about to make history once again.

Checking his reflection in the large mirror, the President fixed his tie again. Quick Maneuvers and Minimal Civilian Casualty was promised. If only they would keep their word this time. The damn media and wannabe reporters were rampant on the net speculating the extent of U.S. involvement in the current situation, questions were being asked, they wanted answers, they wanted a press conference. Grabbing an apple and taking two bites before tossing it aside, Foxton listened as Lewis read the list of Congressmen and Senators who wanted private meetings with him. Nodding agreement to those names he wished Linda to arrange meetings with, the President picked up a cigar and sniffed it before putting it back down. Lewis had finished briefing him.

Striding as he walked over to his private fridge, President Foxton pulled out a Heineken, gulped it down in two quick swallows, fixed his hair and turned to Linda Lewis and said. “I’m ready when you are babes.”

posted on Jul, 11 2005 @ 08:42 AM
Major General Bernard Perris took a sip of water and adjusted himself in his seat. He was already airsick- reading wouldn't help that any. He was being thrown into the deep end though. It had been only 2 weeks since the Chinese offensive began, and yesterday the Marine Expeditionary Force, or what was left of it, had been driven back into India. If he couldn't put them back together and aid the Indian counter-offensive into Bangladesh, the Chinese would be crossing he Ganges next week, and India would have one foot in the grave.
The soft-faced old Ranger ran a hand over the smooth forehead where he wish his hairline still was and sighed. He loved and respected Marines- his father had been one. What in the world could the Chinese have done to run through them so quickly? He had heard that Chinese logistics had been grossly underestimated, but even that didn't seem to account for a bunch of conscripts in 50s vintage hardware getting through the Marines so quickly un such hostile terrain. The AAR had been handed to him just before he boarded the plane. He'd have find out for himself. Tomorrow his 3rd Infantry Division would be fully deployed, and two days later they were to be behind Chinese Lines- one way or another. If it all went according to plan there would be an Indian corps right behind them. But first he needed to figure out what that exactly the plan was going to be.
He opened the AAR and began.

For Official Use Only
First Marine Expeditionary Force

Chapter 2: Defensive Infantry Action in Mountain Terrain

Operation Mountain Watch (OMW) was a delaying action, fought primarily by infantry units, on mountainous, constricting terrain. The First Marine Expeditionary Force (1 MEF) fought a numerically superior enemy using outdated but creatively upgraded combined arms units in the high intensity arena and was largely overrun after thirteen days.

The failure of 1 MEF was the result of greater than expected quality of enemy equipment, lack of manuevable terrain for counter-offensive operations, and the high volume of inexperienced troops in most units, a residual consequence of high turn-over rates during the occupation of Iraq.

1 MEF is estimated at 15% strength, with up to an additional 10% surviving but unaccounted for.

General Perris shook his head in disbelief, flipping ahead several sections.

Chinese armored forces used a number of improvised equipment upgrades to enhance the effectiveness of what were considered to be obsolete vehicles. Deflective armor suppliments similiar to those employed on the Iraqi T-55 Enigma enhanced survivability and overwhelmed 1 MEFs logistical ability to field sufficient anti-tank weapons. Fire from Chinese armored vehicles proved extremely accurate in night attacks, though night vision capabilities have not been found on destroyed vehicles other than Type 96, which have not been seen in large number so far.
Chinese armored were used to support infantry waves by fire, and then exploited breaks in 1 MEF defenses to assault targets in the rear area. Chinese armor has proven vital to the success of their infantry operations and has been treated as expendable.

The general was beginning to see. It had been a mistake to throw the Marines in their way. That was exactly the fight the Chinese wanted. An enemy fixed on the defensive, who could be staked out by infantry forces and for elimination by the antique vehicles that apparently had been growing on trees in China for quite some time. This might not be so rough afterall. On open terrain, his Bradleys could would eat Chinese tanks for dinner, every night- leaving plenty of unsupported Chinese infantry to make breakfast for his grunts.

General Perris felt better. It was a sensation that would soon be quite foreign to him.

posted on Sep, 22 2005 @ 11:36 AM
As the commander walked into the Australian Special Forces Command building, he felt a sense of pride. Pride that had come from being the best of the best, reorganizing how special forces were trained, and changing their missions to adapt to the challenges of the future. "I'm here for my meeting with Commander Jack Wolf" said the USSOCOM Commander. "Just a moment sir" replied the secretary. A couple of minutes later, " He'll see you know", said the secretary. " Just as he took a seat he heard the door close, "I have though of your request" Jack Wolf started. "And I think its a great idea, we just have to chose the right men. There are three SASR (special air service regiment) units, SASR 3, SASR 12, and SASR 8" he said. "Those units are already, ready to be evaluated at a base a couple miles away from here, let us go" he said. A couple of minutes later, when the commander was coming out of the car he immediatly noticed the high security around the base, "come this way" said Jack Wolf . "The first team will interview will be SASR 3 ", "hello sir "said the commander from the unit. "So soldier what operational experience or training missions has your team , have or done " ? asked the commander. "Well sir we've trained in jungle warfare with Britain, New Zealand, Germany, and Italy. We've only been on one rescue mission in South Africa, and we had a lot of support in that op". "Not that bad of a resume"', commented Jack Wolf, "now the next unit were visiting is SASR 12". "Hello sir" said the commander of the unit, "what operational experience do you have, or what training missions have you done"? "Well sir, just to tell you all of the people in this unit took 7 times to get through SF Training , but sir we train hard, with everynation's special forces all the people in this unit even use their own money just so we can do it". We don't have any operational experience, but we train in all types of warfare, and make a variety of different war exercises in those different types of warfare. Immediatly the commander was blown away, "I want this unit, no questions asked" said the commander. "Okay well if thats your decision, i'll have them shipped to the states in a week " replied Jack wolf. "Thank you sir its an honor" said the commander of the unit. "You guys deserve to do this job" replied Sam Linn. "One down three to go" though the commander. The next day the commander walked into the New Zealand Special Forces Command Building , "I'm here for a meeting" he said to the secretary. "Just a moment sir" said the secretary. A minute later the secretary walked out, "he'll meet with you now" and with that she ushered him down a hall and opened the meeting room door. "That will be all Ms. Wakins" said New Zealand SF Commander Clyde Reaves , and with that she closed the door. "Now I just got the main info about your mission about 5 days ago, and after reviewing it I have chosen two units for you to chose from, in fact there going to be arriving in about 5 to ten minutes. Both units have excelent scouting capabilites, and are extremly good at tracking people, the unit names are NZSAS 5, and NZSAS 8". Five minutes later, the unit that was mentioned first's commander came in. "Okay sir what where doing here is gonna be a interview on what your team has to offer" said Clyde Reaves. "What schools or military exercises has your team been on, or to? asked Sam Linn. We've been to Scouting School, and Tracking School, we've also been to Artic Warfare School, and Jungle Warfare School", other than that we haven't done any military exercises", replied the commander. "Impressive list", commented Sam Linn. "Okay that will be all" said Clyde Reaves. Five minutes later the next team commander came in, "so what are your teams specialities"? asked Sam Linn. Well everybody on our team are air, car, and boat fanatics and they know how to drive and fix just about anything" replied the commander. "Wow that pretty much sums it up your the team we want", said Sam Linn. "Alright, there be shipped to the states in about a week and a half", replied Clyde Reaves.

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posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 01:50 PM
First off, exscuse the spelling..

Captain Wallace of the The 1st Battalion ROYAL SCOTS, D company stood on the back his Chinook helicopter looking out the back at the two british army lynx gunships behind the large transport helicopter, in the middle of the two lynx gunships was another Chinook filled with his second "troop" while he rode with the first "troop". Thinking back to his breifing he had recieved back at regimental HQ at the indian border,

"Your to take 2 troops and secure a forward base at Janakpur for our lads to deploy from, the chinese have units ahead of you but they are understrength thanks to some rear guard action by the leathernecks. This wont be a walk in the park but you should have a lighter load since 16th air assualt brigade is takeing a beating up north with the yanks. You'll have RAF and USAF support, army air corp units are available but in short supply, you'll have a mortar troop from the argyll's who will come in the second flight, you need to keep that city open so we can set up a base there. The yanks are sending along a company of rangers, good luck captain."

"Lighter" load was what he described it, Wallace hoped it was and hoped that the enemy where the lighter load. He had seen the damage caused by the chinese tanks to the leathernecks, he didnt want a repeat happening to him. He felt the Chinook banked hard right and a trail of smoke flew up from the ground below, the tail gunners of both Chinook's opened fire with thier M-134 Machine guns, ripping apart the jungle like terrain below. He didnt know whether he would rather be down there or stay up here. The Chinook dived and the combat commander signalled for him that he had 1 minute, nodding back he spoke into his warrant officers ear; "Get the lads ready, 1 minute till we hit it." The old warrant officer nodded and stood up motioning for his men to check thier gear and get ready, wallace felt the familiar feeling in his stomach just before he went into combat. He gripped his SA-80A2 harder to calm hiself down then pulled out a map of the area, looking at the drop sites just out side the town he knew he needed to move quick. Two things worried him most about the enemy; The most major one was that although the enemy where understregnth they where a crack unit, the second thing was that there was a tank company several miles away..he wondered if he had ordered enough anti tank weapons but then cast that aside considering he had as many as he could have laid his hands on. He hoped it was enough, the comander made the 30 seconds sign and his troops stood up, him at the front leading the way. The trees were close enough to touch if he leaned far enough but cast that aside, focusing on the landing and reading himself, the trees dissapeared and marshland appeared instead and the chinook slowed and stopped, the gunships letting rip with their weapons of war defending the heavily laden chinooks on the ground. Once the Chinook had stopped he ran then leaped out, crying " Go go go!" His subordinates shouting orders as they went.

posted on Oct, 25 2005 @ 01:55 PM
Nice work mate, you finnally got an entry in! But remember I don't want a full scale war yet. Maybe just border skirmishes for the most part.

posted on Nov, 2 2005 @ 01:38 PM
As the commander walked into the Romanian Special Operations Command Building in Bucharest, he immediatly noticed the tight security, snipers on top of the roof, helipad for evacuations, guards just about everywere. "I'm here for my meeting with Issac Toplova", the commander said to the secretary. "Just a minute sir, I'll notify him that your here" she replied. A couple of moments later she came back, "he's ready for you commander". A couple moments later he entered the room, "sit down commander" said Issac Toplova. "I have two units resumes for you here, one is MHU1 (mountain hunter unit) and MHU13. The first unit is adept in all types of warfare, and is of course especially skilled in Mountain Warfare. Also all of the people are skilled in speaking in least three different Asian languages, and they also know the culture well. The second unit has trained heavily in all types of warfare, firearms, and war exercises". "I want the first one" replied the commander. "Well thats an intresting choice", replied Toplova. "I'll have them shipped to the states in a week".

The commander walked into the Naval Special Warfare Command in California, the building was filled with sunlight shining through the green house like windows. "I'm here for my meeting with Commander Rick Johnson" said the commander. "He'll be right in" replied the secretary. A couple of moments later Rick Johnson came out, "nice to see you Sam, its been awhile" Rick replied warmly. "Their is two units to choose from, ST8 (seal team) and ST5, I'll start with the first one. The first unit has gone to all of the worlds special forces training schools and special advanced courses. It continually trains in war exercises with other SF (special forces) units in the US and around the world. These guys have contacts in militaries everywere, throughout the world and have won every special forces competion they've been in. There also great athletes, run 5 miles daily, and 50 miles every once a month". "I want this unit no questions asked" replied the commander. "Okay then I guess that settles it, there be in Camp Sonya in a couple of days".

posted on Apr, 26 2006 @ 11:51 AM
ok guys I am restarting my story with some other people I know. Cause this just isn't working.

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