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Majic Asks: How The Bloody Hell Did I Get Nominated?

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 05:32 AM
Community Serpent

Originally posted by Seekerof
Before I answer 'why'....allow me to ask a few questions?

* Do you feel you are apart of the ATS community?

Well, considering how much time I spend here, I should probably apply for ATS citizenship.

Hmm, what are the tax rates like in ATSia, anyway?

Product Of The Quotient

Originally posted by Seekerof
* Do you feel that you can make a difference in/on/within ATS and its community?

I think we all can make a difference, and do so each time we post, but my major concern has been that the councilors might actually make things worse.

In my opinion, things are actually not all that bad on ATS, when you get down to it. The site is incredibly well-run, the stuff people come here for is apparently here, or people wouldn't come here at all.

But ATS culture is such that we can never be satisfied, and well, I have my gripes too.

Can I make a positive difference as the DISC councilor? Well, aside from my patent ignorance of what actually goes on in DISC, I am a quick study, and think I can make a positive difference.

I talk the talk, so I may as well walk the walk.

Master Of Puppets

Originally posted by Seekerof
* Are you a sock-puppet of MaskedAvatar? Hold on...don't answer....I can can check that by comparing your IP addresses.

I'll answer anyway. The answer is I don't know.

That MaskedAvatar is extremely clever.

While I don't feel the obvious signs of someone's hand... um, nevermind, let's just move right along now...

"Anything less would be unacceptable...."

Originally posted by Seekerof
You were nominated, and I nominated you also, because it was felt that you could help make ATS a better place for its current and future members. Were "we" wrong in making you apart of the selection process?

No, I don't think you're wrong. I'm still playing a wrestling game between my ego and my ignorance, so take that for what it's worth.

Since I found out about the nomination, I have devoted a great deal of thought to the position I would be entrusted with if elected, and while I'm sure I would make plenty of mistakes, overall, I think I would do a pretty darn good job.

Maybe we'll find out, maybe we won't.

That's for my fellow members to decide.

posted on May, 27 2005 @ 05:47 AM
The Weakest Link

Above Top Secret 4.0 » Deny Ignorance Steering Committee (DISC)
Sorry, you are not permitted to view this forum

It still seems ironic to me that I'm campaigning for DISC Councilor and don't have the first clue what goes on in there.

I'll bet they're talking about me. I can almost hear them laughing, taunting, mocking me from afar.

And all while they gather round the open bar, gorging themselves on the peel 'n' eat shrimp DISC members get for free as they watch the Conspiracy Channel and soft porn on a huge big-screen TV while penning up stories for next week's Sun and Weekly World News.

If I get elected, will they even let me in, and if they did, would I be forced to crawl through a paddle gauntlet dressed in a loincloth? Or maybe carry a fifty pound candle through all the streets of the town?

I'm already scared!

posted on May, 27 2005 @ 05:57 AM
Your answer to "Why me?"

I noticed your postings and comments that first time you posted within ATS, Majic.
You have been noticed for them since, in more ways then I care to reveal.

These positions are not for those seeking glory and ego-boosting. When viewed with the seriousness that these positions will have and hold, simply being nominated to such a position should be considered a compliment.

The betterment of this community and site is what will ultimately matter. None of us "staff" are paid. "Thanks", and "Great job in handling that drama situation..." or etc. [besides the arse-chewings] are our only thanks....besides the lovely and delightful [read between the lines here] u2us that we also get from a few members.

You were one of a few here that were nominated and in receiveing that nomination, you, among those others, were given two things: an opportunity to make a difference and a compliment.

As such, IMHO, there should have been no reason to ask 'why'...but again, that is me. I rarely to none ask 'why' when I get a "thank you" or a compliment.


[edit on 27-5-2005 by Seekerof]

posted on May, 27 2005 @ 06:36 AM
The Double Entendre Of “Why Me?”

Originally posted by Seekerof
As such, IMHO, there should have been no reason to ask 'why'...but again, that is me. I rarely to none ask 'why' when I get a "thank you" or a compliment.

I'm turning it into a campaign slogan, and I like the double edge of the question.

It's a good question for members to ask. Why should my fellow members choose me for the job?

The more I ponder the position and what it would require, the more I convinced I become that I could do a very good job at it -- mainly because I would not try to go it alone.

Aside from hopefully being able to convince a couple of good solid members to help as “assistants” (I prefer the term “specialists”, referring to their respective focuses on the Collaborative Fiction and Debate forums), I would lean heavily on my fellow members for advice, both publicly in threads and privately in U2U's.

So while I would be the “choice”, I think it's important to point out that I don't think a strong individual is as important for this job as someone who can work well with lots of other people -- including new members.

I could go on and on about that, how I would like to help new members feel more at home, while encouraging the old timers to take better advantage of ATS as well -- and get some input from lurkers (I have a special place in my heart for lurkers), too.

All in due course, I suppose. Let's get back to the present situation.

A Look At The Present Situation

Here's the question which appears on the primary ballot, and the list of nominees to choose from:

Question 4 of 7 ATS DISC Council Person: Representing the Deny Ignorance Steering Committee think tank, with additional duties in collaborative fiction and debates.

Mirthful Me

There are some serious “big guns” on that list. Frankly, I feel like a lightweight compared to pretty much all of them.

I don't see anyone on the list who couldn't do a good job, and I'm still griping about Valhall pulling out, but oh well, water under the bridge.

Pragmatically speaking, for me to be elected to this position, a plurality of my fellow members are going to have to vote for me.

In light of the high profiles and well-earned respect my opponents possess, I think the odds are slim.

I certainly don't resent that. Actually, I am quite honored to have made the list at all, really.

My Campaign Strategy

My strategy for gaining some leverage in the race is to talk about it, so people who might otherwise skip over me might think twice and maybe give me their vote.

That does a couple of good things.

First, it raises awareness about the campaign. I wouldn't be surprised if voter turnout is rather low right now. I don't see that necessarily as a sign of apathy, just people not noticing yet. Many ATSers hit their favorite forums and that's that. Nothing wrong with that, either, btw.

Second, talking about the job is my way of setting some expectations for the position. It's a combination of a “note to self” if I win, or a “note to the new councilor from Majic” if I don't.

I am also seeking to influence public opinion on councilors. I want members to expect a lot from their new representatives, while at the same time having realistic expectations.

Councilors have the potential to really make ATS a better place (or worse, as I also warn). However, they aren't going to be able to work too many miracles, and it's going to be a damn tough job, regardless of who gets tagged to do it.

I am really not into garish campaign graphics or obnoxious come-ons. That may or may not be a liability -- we'll see.

Instead, I just like talking about this new system, and what may come of it.

The Best Proposition

I have seen some good people really get screwed up by politics and obsessions with popularity. I don't want to be another one of them -- and wonder if I may already be slipping. But not to worry, I have always been a dramatist prone to voluble, self-focused soliloquies.

The way I see it, this opportunity is win-win for me.

If I am elected, then I have a real chance to put up or shut up. The new councilors will have an opportunity to truly make ATS history, set new standards and implement ideas that future councilors will rely on to help them do better jobs. And, if they don't blow it, make ATS a better place for us all.

If I am not elected, I don't see that as a loss, just a sign that ATSers want someone else for that job, which is fine. I really don't see ATS losing regardless of who on that list gets the job, and am comfortable that any of the other nominees would do their best, and make a positive difference.

So despite all the drama, I'm actually quite happy about being nominated.

Whichever way this goes, I already feel closer to ATS and my fellow members.

Can't complain about that!

P.S. I love that avatar, Seekerof.

[edit on 5/27/2005 by Majic]

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