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How the Islamic world is controlled by the network

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 05:55 PM
One of the most serious researchers into the current illusions makes links with one of the deep imams of Iran, next stopping point on the current takeover
A bagfull of resin and metal - how this imports into the world state

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 04:23 AM
im starting to hear alot of theories now about the NWO and Islam, some are really interesting, ill make a thread on it when i have time. Most talk about Islam having something to do with the NWO or, in some cases, being the NWO. I myself, do not foresee Islam being the NWO because its too weak to control the whole world and western nations wouldnt accept Islam as its number one religion. Ill keep you posted on the Islam theories

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 02:32 PM
Infinite, you might be interested to check out the inter-islam rivalries wrt the NWO and things like the Illuminati. I was reading a book on masonic legends, in one section it talks about the idea that masons were founded by the templars, and goes into how the Templars supposedly got a lot of their character from the Assasins, and that the Assasins were part of a larger movement called the "Ishmaeliites' or some such. These people, the writer notes, are the "Illuminati of the East". He says it in such a way as to mean that they have been slandered in much the same way that the bavarian illuminati have been slandered, as god hating secularists who want ot secretly take over the 'kingdom'.

I think that these Ishmaeli or whatnot are simply another spelling of the Ismaili, which I think is another word for the Shia themselves. Indeed, the Shia are looked upon as apostates, tools of the jews, who work behind the scenes to gain the throne and overturn all decency.

And of course, the Shia look upon the Sunni as being tools of the jews, who have corrupted the faith, and who's 'caliphs' are really the servants/puppets of the great satan.

I have noticed that the idea behind that islam is the NWO is part of the Christian Panic over the NWO. IOW, the christians think that the NWO is the government of the anti-christ. IN the moslem fear version, the false prophet is mohammed, and the world government is embodied in the re-establishment of the caliphate on the global level or that the muslims will come to dominate the world by immigrating there, as there is an uptick in muslims immigrating to europe.

You can see, the parrallels to WWII are interesting. An ethnic and religious minority of foreigners are hated and thought to be the agents of the Illuminati and the NWO. Hitler said it was the jews. The reactionaries now say its the muslims.

posted on May, 26 2005 @ 02:48 PM
"The Arabs are the NWO"

This above thought shows that you have yet to grasp the Hegelian Dialect, the thought pattern of the Elite.

Thesis (Christianity) Anti-Thesis (Arabia) = Synthesis (NWO)

Everything leading down that road is just to induce fear. The whole "be afraid of immigrants" is for a time when many countries will be on the brink of panic.

I guess if we really wanted to hypothesize, a fake alien invasion would take place, perhaps with the Muslim world rejecting the 'reality' of the invasion, and thus, deciding they must attack every aircraft (if the aliens were to be made visible in terms of their craft, and 'their' transmissions to us, on our TVs of course) and any way, I won't extrapolate further at this point

I am sure people are starting to get the drift of how deep deception goes. And please realize the internet won't be around forever, either, people.


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