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Watchdog slams Israel rights abuse

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 03:25 PM
An international human rights group has accused Israel of committing abuses that constitute crimes against humanity and war crimes.

The annual report by the human rights watchdog group Amnesty International (AI) criticised the Israeli use of Palestinians as human shields, extra-judicial killings, systematic house demolitions, torture, collective punishment and closures and deliberate killing of civilians.

Some 700 Palestinians were killed by Israeli occupying forces last year alone, an increase from the previous year's figure of 600, according to the report. About 150 of these were children, many killed deliberately and unlawfully, charged the watchdog group.

The report also said some 109 Israelis, most of them civilians and including eight children, were killed by Palestinian armed groups in bombings, shootings and mortar attacks inside Israel and in the occupied territories.

"In the overwhelming majority of the thousands of cases of unlawful killings and other grave human rights violations committed by Israeli soldiers in the previous four years, no investigations were known to have been carried out."

"Routine destruction of Palestinian homes, land and property in the West Bank and Gaza Strip was stepped up in the biggest wave of house demolitions in the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the intifada."

"The wall and hundreds of Israeli army checkpoints and blockades throughout the occupied territories continued to hinder or prevent Palestinians' access to their land, their workplaces and to education, health and other crucial services," wrote the group


The Israeli army declined to comment on the report

Could it be, that Isreali Soldiers are performing these Crimes on Palestinian populatin, that are so similar to the Nazi Holocaust?

"These are not new definitions [of war crimes], they are taken from the Nuremburg trial after the Holocaust that brought to trial Nazi leaders: crimes that are perpetrated against civilians and that are part of a systemic policy."

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