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It all falls into place...

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 03:11 PM
me and ma m8 were havin...."a jokey" conversation bout taking over the world when it hit me.

She wanted me to think logically about how I would go about it.

I thought....if I (being the illuminati or NWO or wateva) wanted to "rub out" the world leaders and take control.....and it hit me, make it look like an accident......

Now global warming is basically going to wreck our planet whether we du anything or not, even if we stopped burning fossil fuels etc from this point on it will only slow it down.

Ya think this is why we have sat by and done nothing for so long???

When the world is at its worst a "new task force" or "special ops" (the illuminati) would step in and take control, claiming to be helping......

Can someone carry this on am tired.....or think of owt i cant........

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