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The "tall white" aliens near Indian Springs NV

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 12:35 PM
Have you read airman Charles Hall's first book, Millenial Hospitality, about the tall white aliens based near Indian Springs Nevada, with the sanction of US defense and black budget personnae? Richard Boylan wrote about it recently when promoting Helen Littrel's book, Rachel's Eyes, which also reports about the tall whites. What Boylan neglects to mention is that a four star Air Force general in the Pentagon (and other military commanders) explicitly allowed the tall whites to kill US soldiers on Nellis Air Force base lands surrounding the tall white site--if the soldiers approached the tall whites in any way that simply frightened them. Hall writes repeatedly about their use of pencil-like weapons with three settings; one for pain, another for unconsciousness, and a third that can kill.

Hall and other airmen were injured by tall whites. I find the tall white's quotes quaintly ironic in that it's been suggested they've been here since, of all people, James Madison's time (the main author of the Constitution). That smacks of a propaganda ploy. Why not say since the time of the Anasazi or Moctezuma?

My main concern about the tall white story is that they're presented (or they present themselves) as though they just happened to travel in our vicinity, as though they only coincidentally found our planet during cross galaxy voyages. That's deceptive for one obvious reason. As you may know, aliens look very different from humans. They evolve from other species on other planets under conditions that can be starkly different from Earth, also. So, when tall whites have large human blue eyes with white skin and are so close to our appearance that one can sneak into a Vegas casino with sunglasses on and pass for a light-skinned human, as Hall reports, the similarity to humans is far too close to be coincidental.

Instead, they were probably engineered to look like humans, for obvious reasons. I suspect that they are Verdant-gray federation hybrids to be used in controlling humans. It appears to be the carrot-on-a-stick approach. The tall whites reportedly gave US generals the nuclear propulsion technology used on the large black triangle craft called the TR-3B, which was reported by Edgar "Rothschild" Fouche. *My alien sources, over years of communications, say that the French Rothschild is "direct operative" of the federation; in other words, working for them here directly as part of the intervention. So, the whole TR-3B scheme appears to be a ploy, in part. The tall whites give narco-dealing black budget gullibles a minor tech innovation (nuclear thrusters that are only good for low altitude flight, not deep space or interstellar travel) in order to tease and encourage US militarization of space. The federation also appears to have decided to use their most corrupt "direct human operatives" to gain leverage over the secret, narco-dealing, black budget nightmare. As Hall indicates, US generals are easy dupes--taken on joy rides to the moon, it seems, then returning slap-happy and elitist. They'd shoot a man like JFK for trying to open up their doings to public scrutiny. It's marginally mind-controlled, operational logic. The more lethal, the better, they think. They wear blinders and don't make big decisions; the private profiteers gained control over them long ago and some military personnae resent that, but what can they do, other than aid in exposing crimes in government?

Edgar "Rothschild" Fouche is a strange case, isn't he? Why wasn't he killed for talking about the TR-3B? He boasts that the Fouche part of his family worked as French spies under the old monarchies (combining both pro-monarchy Du Pont and Rothschild interests under one roof?), but he doesn't say anything, whatsoever, about his Rothschild roots. Is he allowed to talk about the TR-3B because he's promoting federation infiltration of US defense? Remember, the TR-3B's nuclear thrusters were given by the tall whites. Fouche also wrote a book called Alien Rapture, in which a Fouche-like character invites the aliens in to save the day and bring about a messianic "rapture," after which we are saved. In short, Fouche is the weirdest exception to military industrial secrecy during our time. Was he allowed to talk, or was he told to do so, effectively promoting the abductors' agenda here by creating a cult-like aura surrounding the TR-3B? Afterward, unlike petty secret tellers, he wasn't murdered by narco dealing cabal elements. Is Fouche protected because Rothschilds involve direct federation bloodlines? Rothschilds, royals and the narco mafia in the US all appear to share control of cabal technologies, not the voters. It's a bizarrely mixed bunch of criminal elements.

And who would report their crimes under a criminal "empire" like the one Bush is trying to sneak into our basket? No one, unless they manage to filter the news to hundreds of independent news sources, all at once. We need a peaceful revolution of the sort, but how many military men are equal to the founding revolutionaries? We're the killer empire, now, not the underdog. Only extraordinary individuals, working in cells or in concert with a larger faction would even think of acting, as such. It will probably be random civil employees who do such exposes first. But risk a job? Hail Caesar!

*Here's one recipe for a quick revolution in government: compile the dirtiest Monarch program video clips and photos of high officials and their cronies doing Monarch sex crimes, also torturing Monarch betas in NASA and other official sites (like the Mt. Shasta site, Offut Air Force Base, and so on), then mail it all ON ONE SINGLE CD to hundreds of independent and global news sites, plus place it all over the web all at one moment. It would overthrow the criminal cabal in short order--a bloodless removal of so many. Just in time.

The tall white-influenced TR-3B will never go to another star. Humans can't withstand the radiation of the superluminal passage, so they'd fry on the way. Aliens are genetically engineered and have Tesla structure built into their craft, or suits, to protect them from the radiation. So, the whole tall white and TR-3B routine is a set-up, used to make tightly gagged elitist generals think they're on top of the world, that they must murder and accommodate narcotics and neo-fascist subterfuge to keep on top. But they can be shot down by the dimmest, least capable alien at any time. It's like giving old WWI biplanes to a native tribe: they'd think they're invulnerable, but they wouldn't get far.

The cult-like secrecy surrounding the TR-3B and the TAW-50 (Boylan's latest reported anti-gravity craft that's does a slightly faster delivery of cluster bombs; it's not an interstellar vehicle) may be literally that. Men who agree to, or are complicit in, murder of THOUSANDS OF CIVILIANS AND WITNESSES (probably more than all soldiers who died in the American Revolution, at this point), men who give the nod to massive narco trafficking and a Roman empire-like scheme, are easily used by federation aliens to further their dirty work, here, whether they do so knowingly or not. Just add a little religious fundamentalism and some terror, then the whole human planet becomes more unstable and vulnerable, ripe for the abductors' intervention.

The tall whites appear to be like the tall grays: cloned hybrids just slightly more capable than the natives (us) and mean enough to kill in order to do federation manipulations here. I've personally remotely probed their electrogravity and spatial orientations. The result? They appear to be DIRECTLY tied into the federation's network. They certainly aren't independent; they're hybrids to be used as another prong of an empire's intervention here. They pretend that they aren't part of the abducting intervention, but they appear to be just that.

As for Boylan, his glowingly uncritical Star Seed talk is peculiar. Why would someone in the military seek out Boylan to have Boylan release classified info about aliens and the TAW-50, the X-22A and so on? No one else reported such craft but Boylan. I suspect that they see Boylan as a complete dupe of the federation aliens. Any info they give him is immediately translated into pro-federation propaganda. ~Up with the abducting aliens, down with human self-control. Meanwhile, the gray federation reportedly has tightly obscured control over the most corrupt black budget criminals. It's a massive fraud, one of the biggest stories of our time. It will never be reported by Fox or Parade magazine. Nor will Spielberg touch the theme--it isn't saccharine enough for his money tastes.

Boylan's supporters try to say that he was set up by those who had him de-certified for his sexual misbehaviors with psychotherapy patients. I read the board's report on the UFO hall of shame webpage (much of that website is sloppy, but the Boylan report is the offical paper) and Boylan even admits to the therapy review board that, if allowed to continue as a therapist, he wouldn't repeat his actions (asking one patient to give him nude massages in return for therapy, sleeping nude in the bed next to another patient at a convention, and asking a third patient to enter a hot tub naked with him to help rid herself of body preoccupations). The patients complained and Boylan's behavior was sharply unprofessional. Psychologists shouldn't mix such behaviors with that of highly vulnerable, then later resentful patient clients.

About a month ago, right after I first read the report that de-certified Boylan (taking away his therapy license) one alien source who regularly communicates with me stated that Boylan may have been provoked by federation aliens to behave so unprofessionally in order to de-stabilize him. Now he gets most of his income by conducting Star Seed workshops that are entirely pro federation. Destabilizations are a typical intelligence ploy, and Boylan was known for his interest in such aliens before he screwed up and lost his professional license. Now he's up a creek.

In short, the federation intervention appears to de-stabilize and corrupt its direct operatives (i.e. according to non-federation aliens there are "direct operatives" of the federation in the Biderman part of the Du Pont family, the French Rothschild, and other high level positions). The federation intervention is aggressive and manipulative. They likely try to destabilize less dangerous, mere aficionados like Boylan, also in order to massage them in the direction of the abduction/control scheme.

I recommend Charles Hall's books, by the way. Part of his report is lucidly aware that US officials were deeply compromised and that Hall's military colleagues were victimized, although Hall isn't judgemental in his reportage. His experience happened decades ago, way before most of us ever even read about aliens and a federation.

[edit on 25-5-2005 by gl2]

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 05:34 PM
had communications with the man. In /64 he was there. Indian Springs and has a truthful story to tell and the Beings he mentions comes alive in other peoples books too.

Perhap's the "Nordics" better fit the usual ufologists known investigations, however "the tall whites" /64 run-in I believe is a very important part of the whole matter - as He was not under any security oath (as was Mr Adair) he is free to talk and write the experiences.


posted on May, 25 2005 @ 05:48 PM
Thank you again for a very interesting post.
I 'know' a lot of it is true, but there is a tad of disinfo added..
Did you do this on purpose?

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 06:04 PM
Hey gl2, are you the gl2 from the Unknown Country forum? I don't post there but I've been reading it for years. So I guess I've been reading your posts for years. This is first time I've seen you post here though.

Anyway, I'm interested in what part you think is true siriuslyone. I heard this story on Art Bell a few months ago but I really don't know what to think. I find it odd that no other "insider" has mentioned the Tall Whites (that I know off) besides Hall. People usually talk about the Greys. You figure if there was this much contact going on, there would be dozens of people talking about this species of alien.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 06:39 PM
The information I am coming across from that there are at LEAST 72 differant species of Alien, known here on this planet Earth.

So I would think these Tall Whites, are just one of these known species......

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 07:03 PM
Last before last I had the understanding in /95 there were at least twelve..and last of last before you 72 there were 167-165.


posted on May, 25 2005 @ 07:32 PM
hmmm ....

people who do know things sometimes find no one listening, really listening. then there are those who ask questions. if you ask someone a question and they smile and answer you with another question ..... perhaps you should be utilizing more of your brain on a conscious level instead of having experiences stored away in your subconscious because most of the stimuli of the experience wasn't self serving for you.

the hopi native american indians called them the ant people.

the dogon tribe of africa called them the ant people and proved that in 1909 they knew something about the cosmos we didn't prove until 1948, said the ant people taught them.

of course these two cultures could be just a few 100,000 + souls that just don't have the acquired intellect your superior opinion has granted you.

who knows, maybe at some point at least one soul made a pact with them to coven the ant in some kind of covenant or agreement, but who really knows.

maybe first we should worry about finding out what ant i matter is.

of course this could all be some jokers idea of an ant i dote, but who's really listening anyway.

funny thing about this matter ...... if you were to shrink down to the size of an atom, you'd see that there is nothing you could reach out and grab. matter is only compressed light, as though it were in a black hole or something ..... , but who really knows, and if anyone did, who is really listening anymore ......

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 07:36 PM
Great bunch of personal thoughts. Wondering if you have some inquirys of other ATS Members that you wish responded to ?


posted on May, 25 2005 @ 08:16 PM
let us consider for a moment the posibility that perhaps, just perhaps we have never been alone.

our (mine and yours) brain works by the automatic law of association.
which means you will only accept something as true if you can attach is neuologically to an already accepted truth.

if you experience something that goes against what consciously you know can not be possible, your subconscious chooses for you how that stimuli is integrated into your conscious experience.

at the core (cellular memory and instinct) this is what most men's opinions mean to me based on their instinct and first few thoughts:

opinion = instinct of self presevation, aka self before i serve anything + i am and i know i exist + FEAR from the ordeal of birth with screaming and wet and cold and nutrient source being taken and waste disposal source being cut from the umbilicus, yes fear is the second thought + when getting cleaned off and handled you know you are not alone.

recap of opinion (not truth) =

self before i serve + i am + afraid + not alone

i am self before i serve being afraid and i am not alone

every stimuli from experience has been attached to these first accepted truths which confines the real soul you are by dictating all incoming stimuli is confined to what is most self serving, which is why most men are only aware of their environment, their body, and time. Others know there is more.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 08:21 PM
O.K., I read your thoughts. How'bout now you put the thoughts in terms that I can understand and perhaps add a question or two?
Not at all being rude just trying to follow your points..


posted on May, 25 2005 @ 08:41 PM
I like how that teacher thinks. Poetic.

Anyway we're nothing. Well, we're something. There are "others" out there, not just on Earth, but a few are. We just don't know who's who, or what's what. We assume everything and hope for the best. We see and hear what we want. Tall White "Aliens", sure why not, the more the marrier, we're just another organism like them. Thats life and not just life on Earth.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 08:51 PM
He-He ! Well done. KISS and your, if that's what your indicating, - quite right. Yet the Alien questions still lives on..


posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:00 PM
It will always live on. Nothing is true until we see it, but as I said before "we see what we want", so there's a good chance we won't see anything at all.

Damn TV for corrupting our minds with government heehah and advertisments about bad breathe.

P.S. This is just a thought, but why do we try to explore the universe when we don't even know whats at the bottom of the oceans. Possibly the answer is there.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:25 PM
"there is only atomic particles and space, everything else is opinion."
planck - co-discoverer of quantum physics

Dallas, you are not being rude at all. I just know that the truth has been screaming at us since .... well since the first consciousness existed.

consider this: if you peel a orange and lay it on the desk in front of you .... 15 minutes late you will no longer consciously smell it. so here is a question for you ..... who decided that the smell of the orange no longer is worthy of being concsiously experienced? me. no. you ... yes. were you aware of that choice?

consider this: if you are in a large group of people and focused in on having a conversation with 1 individual you become oblivious to the fact there are many people talking while you carry on your own exchange of words, thoughts and ideas. so here is a question for you ..... who decided that the words of the other people are no longer worthy of being concsiously experienced? me. no. you ... yes. were you aware of that choice?

consider this: are you the boss dictating to the trillions of cells (individual consciousnesses) what your will is, or will they find a way to be acknowledged collectively. they are what your thoughts are combined with electricity, and perhaps collectively they know far more than "I'm selfish before i serve anything or anyone, aka self preserve" , so if the macro-organism you think of as 1 is only that, 1, then your cells may not be too happy with you.

most people are only consciously aware of 2,000 bits of information per second because it is what is most self serving. yet we know for a fact the brain is calculating 400,000,000,000 bits of information per second.

that is sort of like owning an airplane capable of flying 400,000,000 miles per hour, while people won't go more than 2 miles an hour with it. hard to get off the ground like that.

so in conclusion i put forth the concept that if aliens existed and if i were one, and i had the power to act, i would make damn sure an entire race with that kind of brain power had only good intentions and a desire to serve before they thought of themselves, rather than the other way around.

back to the orange and the crowd of people. you still smelled the orange, and you still heard every word spoken, and yes it is still stored away in our brains.

they won't just make themselves known, especially with the way we judge and object to things we find fault in, considering we only find fault where we look for fault, which is the truth for most people: look for fault and weaknesses i can use to my advantage because i am self before i serve.

you want to know the truth about aliens. change the world.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:31 PM
Esoteric Teacher, once again you make me proud. You make excellent points.
It honestly is everybodies choice, about anything.

If you were a General and I was one of your soldiers, I'd follow you to the end. Although the end is really just another beginning.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:39 PM

Originally posted by White Widow

P.S. This is just a thought, but why do we try to explore the universe when we don't even know whats at the bottom of the oceans. Possibly the answer is there.

what you are looking for is what is looking.

i will forfeit my life this very second if i am lying! the truth is within all of us!
how can you have truth in your left hand and truth in your right hand, but when you put them together it is no longer true? impossible.

unified field theory? if i were to shrink down to the size of an atom and try to grab onto a neutron or proton or electron .... i couldn't do it because they are not particles, they are energy. which makes this entire visible universe .... antimatter. which means we are either in or have already been through a black hole. time slows the closer to a singularity you get. maybe there is at least one profound truth written in something called the book. 1 day to them is like 1,000 years to man. are they moving faster? or are we moving slower?

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:52 PM
I don't know what to say. My eyes are opening wider to this thing called "reality". Who knows, whats is what, why, just live.

I don't know anymore.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:53 PM
i truly am sorry if i sound be-littling with typed words, i'm truly far from it. i know i would be nothing without everyone else and i see the most beautiful thing i've ever seen whenever i look into anyones eyes, gender or lack there of is of no importance. i know whatever it was that woke my dumb ass up has got to be within everyone else. still searching for balance between heart mind body and soul, and trying to balance all four of those out with the struggle of love, fear, and hate ..... with truth sitting there the whole time waiting to see what happens. if you were truly willing to die for 1 second with the truth, you'd have few questions left to ask. people and all life are amazing. i can even see the little boy in me and when i look around i see it in grown men and old men alike, still inside, undamaged by the wierd ass world we have created for ourselves.

i'm in the air force and i often ponder the fact that i wear a uniform. a uni-form: meaning 1 form (all one form), and yet it is camoflauged .... from who, the one form? that eye on the top of the pyramid on the back of your one dollar bill .... the whole 1 dollar bill .... riddled with truth.

everything in every culture and every word and every thought throughout all time is screaming truth.

when asked by a close friend "What's the story behind these ufos" president bush (the first one) in 1991 replied "You don't even know the half of it."

incidently i learn a great deal from everyone i share time with. you guys are all great! i'm priviledged and honored to have any oportunity i can to exchange thoughts and ideas ..... because we can not be wrong! none of us can be wrong.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 10:16 PM

they are fullfilling a pact we have forgotten we made. i am glad we have not been left to our own devices.

encrypted messages everywhere, delivering messages to our subconscious.

self-storage ..... telling myself to store rage?

star wars ...... a lower case T is a cross, cristianities symbol, ascended into
heaven to be seated at the right hand of the father. to the
right on the right of r in the heavens is stars ... start wars?

alpha and omega ..... yes even in the anarchy symbol there it is an A and O

atheist ..... like a thief in the night .... what happens at a heist atheist?

the 13 sign of the zodiac, the serpant bearer/restrainer ...... Ophiuchus

ophiuchus ..... 0 = time (can't be linear) time phi'd you choose?

hooters ...... hers too? hers two? two of hers?

K = l + < = there is nothing less than loving nothing less than nothing more than loving.

realize that words are being analysed by your subconscious and you will realize how to view things with real eyes!

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 10:27 PM
Esoteric, as always, excellent food for thought.

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