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Iran Renews Nuclear Promise (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 25 2005 @ 12:14 PM
European negotiations with the Iranians have yielded more results. The Iranians have reaffirmed their lack of nuclear weapon intentions and have signaled their intent of compromise according to British Foreign Secretary Jack Straw. The enticements being offered by the Europeans for Tehran's cooperation include closer economic ties and WTO membership.
GENEVA - Iran on Wednesday renewed its promise to refrain from developing nuclear weapons and left the door open for further talks this summer, Britain's foreign minister said as negotiators appeared to be inching toward agreement on Tehran's atomic program.

After three hours of talks, foreign ministers mediating the issue on behalf of the European Union agreed to come up with more proposals and give them to Iran at the end of July or early August, British Foreign Minister Jack Straw said.

"Iran has for its part reaffirmed its commitment not to seek to develop nuclear weapons," Straw told reporters.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

The source news article is purposely misleading in that it states:

Iran on Wednesday renewed its promise to refrain from developing nuclear weapons

That aims to paint the picture that Iran wants to develop nuclear weapons but has promised to "refrain" from it due to these negotiations. That is false, the Iranians have repeatedly said their intentions are purely peaceful and in full compliance with the NPT.

From the reading i've done on this subject in mainstream Western media it has just been taken as gospel that the U.S's unsupported and upsustantiated assertions are fact. Whether this is a concerted effort to strengthen the West's position I dont know. But the spread of this mistruth is pervasive.

U.N economic sanctions against Iran are also a pink elephant. The World cannot do without 3 million barrels of Iranian oil per day. Plus the Russians and the Chinese will most likely veto any UNSC resolutions to that affect.

What does that leave us with then? A U.S assertion that the Iranians are lying which is backed up with no evidence. No U.N sanctions. U.S sanctions punishing all those that do business with Iran. And possibly a unilateral Israeli strike on Iran.

Oh happy days.

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