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An essay on society's influences and its effects

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posted on Aug, 5 2003 @ 04:38 PM
Analysis on the backdrop of everyday life with subversive elements.

Largely, humans can still lead independent lives that are mostly free of things that will direct their actions. But what about their attention spans and emotions? These, I believe, are rather questionable as I have commonly observed. Of course, people will be people and jerks will be jerks, ELF or not. But it is the midrange where one can find adverse reactions and thoughts which could seem irregular or depressive. The more apparent forms of mental targeting are movies. My opinion is that many, if not all, new movies that have been released since 1998 (or possibly before) have been decisively horrible. It’s very hard to specifically isolate the actual reasons, but it is easy to note that this trend of bad movies seems relentless. But when you think about how things have changed in society and how its effect being is promoted that control our societies, it is not long before you connect the dots between the lack of free speech and the media.

I, as self-styled Neutralist, have found myself wavering in being nonchalant and having active thoughts about absurdly negative things. Investigating this, I have found that there are many elements that exist in society today which not only serve to deviate us from our normal agendas, but also there are those make us work harder towards that same agenda. How is this possible? It cannot be that a certain ELF frequency, for example, will cause all humans to feel pissed-off all of a time. The frequency is nowhere near as complex as a binary synapse loaded with trickles of melatonin and serotonin, which could guarantee close to 100% control over the subject for a limited amount of time. It is my theory, that every human affected has a slightly different reaction than the other. Say if your local ELF tower is broadcasting a “be sad” message today, but instead you feel agitated or irritable. These are examples of what I am speaking of; your results may vary.

As you know, ELF is but a pawn in the game of “Operation: Human Hibernation” (don’t look it up, I just coined it myself). Mass media is also more like a rook in the same chess game, as it is more flexible and has easy access to many different corners of people’s minds. Advertising, too, while not so aggressive in how it affects your health, is an excellent tool for instigating emotions. How many times have you seen that burger or pizza in a close-up and drooled over it because you happen to feel hungry? How about those holiday-oriented commercials that make you feel badly if you don’t have a date for Valentine’s Day or if you are unable to attend or provide a Thanksgiving dinner? Or, how many times have you seen a commercial with any variety of models and become rather lustful, thus minimally decreasing your attraction for your mate? How can you avoid it? The primal sex appeal is on display for all to see, and what’s worse is that it’s exposed and exploited in a very aggressive method. Unfortunately, the only solution I can offer for commercials is to just change the channel or (if you have an audio receiver) switch the audio to your favorite music. This will help to block whatever subliminal vocals are promoting the BS they are trying to get you to buy, as well as any “aftershock” emotions for effect.

I have long suspected that the radio is a primary tool in this game. The stations play nothing but the same garbage over and over again, perhaps to instill whatever messages are embedded in both their advertising and their main shows. Just look at all the conservative stations that exist solely to collect tithes from entangled innocent people! The radio is largely bland, as I have only seen the same kinds of stations no matter where I go. What’s worse is, while some of them may have some songs that others don’t, on the whole, they all play the same sets of songs; no matter the genre! Especially with Hip-hop; whomever has the most subversive lyrics wins, and then the rest are hired from there, ranked by most suggestive dialogue. A slab of proof of this is Eminem, who was probably the best anger-based-emotionally inducing artist the music industry ever had. Many people have cars, and when stuck in traffic and sick of all their personal music, are bound to desperately switch to something on the radio. Personally, I HATE the radio, and I still catch myself doing this.

Ah yes, the chemtrails. While not all chemtrails are designed to only augment emotional suppression, there are definitely some which help promote a decisively negative brain pattern. This is done visually, when the thin, silver foggy overcast sits below our actual stratosphere, therefore covering our natural clouds. Everyone knows that they feel gloomy, even if it is barely there, on an overcast day. It’s just our way of expressing our need for sunlight. We cannot be our best without it, except through artificial adaptation. Then there is the possible chemical effect. I say possible, because I have yet to identify the chemicals involved in the chemtrails of my area and have yet to isolate from such a list which ones would have a psychological impact. When we are infected by the malicious chemicals, we become sick, thus adding to our level of psychological suppression. While we may not become mentally weak, the drop in our physical strength definitely has an effect on mental energy. Another interesting side note, is that you will find that the suicide rates across the world are the highest amongst countries that chemtrails have been spotted in, with the USA and Russia not being an exception.

What makes things especially worse in highly populated countries, such as the ones mentioned before, is the domino effect: how many times has the emotional reaction of someone else impacted you? Take for example, a mother scolding her children none other than the reason that she is generally upset. The children, having become unhappy as a result of being scolded, proceed to pick on their siblings and whomever else may serve as an emotional outlet. Do you see the pattern? A better example could be the workplace: Say your boss is angry at someone for shunning him, and he therefore shuns you out of emotional angst, causing you negative emotion. The “population multiplier”, as I call it, immediately spreads emotional strife throughout the people effectively and quickly. Thus, more people become depressed and volatile as a result. Like laughter, anger, too, is contagious.

[Edited on 8/5/2003 by AlnilamOmega]

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 08:21 PM
chemtrails compose of a tracing element, dryed blood cells, and 3 times more aluminum than safe for human consumption. my guess is that the aluminum is supposed to spread through our water supply or into the air that we breathe to make peoples memory worst, so we are affected more by elf waves and our subconsious (subliminal advertising), and are less opininoinated. aluminum has been linked to alzhemeirs and i think the flouride in the drinking water is to serve the same porpuose because it contains plenty of aluminum. the interesting thing is that germany has banned flouride and chemtrails have recently been reported in iraq.

posted on Aug, 13 2003 @ 09:19 PM
Anagram (I presume you are one, but would like to be corrected)

Nice essay, very well constructed and reasoned.

Much subject matter with a low level of familiarity to me.

Not sure about the extent of subliminal messaging in ads, it's illegal, got recent examples?

Write more.

posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 02:04 AM
I'd like to see more writing as well. Good job so far! I especially enjoyed the rook metaphor. However it is always important to consider the kings and the queens, at some point down the line.

I say possible, because I have yet to identify the chemicals involved in the chemtrails of my area and have yet to isolate from such a list which ones would have a psychological impact. When we are infected by the malicious chemicals, we become sick, thus adding to our level of psychological suppression. While we may not become mentally weak, the drop in our physical strength definitely has an effect on mental energy.

I think you are fairly close in your speculation. Although I'm wondering if an internal chemical reaction can be induced without the use of external chemicals? Perhaps something like EM waves?

Human Consciousness Laboratory:
Pursuing the electromagnetic basis of memory and consciousness by perturbing the brain with weak, complex electromagnetic fields.

Imagine this on a global scale.

posted on Aug, 14 2003 @ 11:14 AM
during george bushes election, one of the ads was bashing gore over his prescription plan and when the word beurocrats decide were on the screen, the word RATS flashed for 1/30th of a second. the agency and bush claim it was not intentional. HOW COULD IT NOT BE INTENTIONAL?

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