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Nintendo revolution to use holograms!!!?

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 05:33 AM

....release of the new Playstation 3 which is 1% as powerful as the human brain and 35x more powerful than the previous console.....


compare that to 2 to 5 times more powerful. my god........the playstation 4 and/or XBOX 720 is no doubtedly going to look 99% like the real thing.....
and i'm talking about in-gaming, not the already ultra real movie renderrings...

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posted on May, 27 2005 @ 05:46 AM
i think im going with sony again in this upcoming generation

I skipped ps2 entirely for the xbox and its modding/multimedia capabilities, and the games were just upgrades of ps1 anyway, but the ps3 really looks like a graphic monster. :O

And as for nintendo, they have always been the masters of deception, when it comes to marketing the new gadgets, they know how to play the public. Too bad they keep selling the same games over and over and....

Anyone remembers N64 and its infamious DD disk drive add-on?
My god, they lied to the public so hard, they probably stopped beleiving the lies themselves....i dont even want to start about their fake release dates, just to sway the buyers off playstations and segas. They are thedirtiest players in the game

posted on May, 27 2005 @ 11:06 AM
5 years ago I remember seeing all the PS2 stuff, and how impressive it was. But as usual Sony over exaturates there system. The PS2's games all had little jaggies in them. People always seem to forget that though...and thats why Sony spends a lot of time making there games look like they were designed by god at the E3 event. I garuantee that the preview's you saw of the 360 games will get better, as the makers get there hands on the beta system...While what you saw sony do, there games wont be like that...everything they showed was all prerendered...hell there system isn't even going to be out for another year, and the damn thing still ain't gonna come with a hard drive...while the xbox 360 has over doubled the size of there hard drive and said every game will have cusamizable soundtracks...which is something I really like.

posted on May, 28 2005 @ 05:22 PM
IS ANYONE ELSE SICK OF STUPID MARIO!!!!! i wish nintendo would stop making mario games!!! ok yea hes their first dude n all but come on!!!! they have milked him dry and then substantially some!!!

nah hes great but nintendo should think about investing in more completely new concepts rather than milking others...

(it gets to the point where there is a spinoff of a spinoff of a wars:rebel strike 5: Attack of the sithlords 2 inc. rage of the wookies or some unbeleivably giant title like that

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