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U.S. Congressman Wants Bill Maher's Show Cancelled (moved from ATSNN)

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 10:00 PM
A U.S. congressman has decided that Bill Maher's show borders on treason and should be removed from the airwaves.
A congressman says comedian Bill Maher's comment that the US military has already recruited all the “low-lying fruit” is possibly treasonous and at least grounds to cancel the show.

Rep. Spencer Bachus (R-Ala.) takes issue with remarks on HBO's "Real Time with Bill Maher," first aired May 13th, in which Maher points out the Army missed its recruiting goal by 42 percent in April:

“More people joined the Michael Jackson fan club. We've done picked all the low-lying Lynndie England fruit, and now we need warm bodies.”

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

If a politician begins to use their clout to try and remove a medium for someone to speak their opinion, does that border on censorship and does it violate freedom of speech?

From my understanding, freedom of speech is only violated if it is a government entity that tries to censor someone, so I'm not sure if this counts.

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 10:14 PM
Well . . . leave it to beaver and the fan club in the bible belt and we will be watching reruns of family shows from the 50s and 60s.

I think some of our congressmen need to retire. Many are becoming mentally impaired.

HBO, is a pay channel if you don't like it . . . don't pay to watch it, or change the channel.

I like his show.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 10:41 PM

ahem. 'scuse me. did i say that out loud?

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 04:09 AM
What does the 'bible belt' have to do with anything and by saying this i assume you are referring to the mid-west states. I dont think the guy's show should be cancelled but it was a congressman who wanted the show cancelled, not a preacher from the 'bible belt' :shk:. Why does this always come down to hatred against christians?

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:07 AM
He's a republican though, funny how this is another republican calling from the supression of freedom of speech. No pattern forming here at all is there...

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:14 AM
Certainly, criticism of the war and recruitment practices does not amount to treason, eh? Maybe it does if you look at it sideways.

How brave of this congressman to champion his cause -- transforming America into a place where war critics are treacherous terrorists.


posted on May, 25 2005 @ 09:17 AM
Spencer Bachus would have done a bigger service to his country if he'd analyse the reasons for the low recruitment numbers, instead of lashing out on a comedian, for Gossake. For one, I agree with Maher about the Lynndie character. She's a fruit. Or a vegetable. Low-lying.

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