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Solar Reactor

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 03:36 PM
Many of you may have heard about the arrest of Ronald Grecula for attempting to provide support to terrorists. The probable cause affidavit from the FBI contains statements by Grecula where he talks about a technology that was supposedly being suppressed. The affidavit is here:

It seems that he was talking about the combination of hydrogen, chlorine, and ultraviolet light to create energy. (I'm not interested in the violent uses he was supporting, but the science sounds interesting.) He indicated that the oil companies were scared to death of the idea because of the amount of the cheap energy produced.

I found this site describing patents for a "solar reactor": I'm leery of the source, along with any site other that talks about "repealing the laws of physics". But, the base science looks to be correct, at least with the idea that hydrogen and chlorine will react and produce large amounts of energy when exposed to light:

Has anyone ever heard of the advantages or disadvantages to this technology? Is it commercially viable as an energy source?

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