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The $10 million Allergy

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 10:50 AM
Radio DJ wins $10.6 million in stink over perfume

WYCD personality claims she was fired after co-worker's scent made her sick.

DETROIT -- A former top-ranked radio host, who claims she was sickened by a colleague's use of a perfume described as "romantic, sensual, emotional," won $10.6 million in a federal court lawsuit Monday.

Erin Weber, who was on the air at WYCD-FM (99.5), contends in her suit that she was fired in 2001 after she complained about being exposed to Tresor perfume, which sells for $45.50 a bottle and is described by Lancome as a combination of ingredients such as rose and lilac. She said she was sickened by the fumes, a condition that began when a co-worker exposed her to spilled nail-polish remover in the country music station's Southfield studio.

posted on Jun, 1 2005 @ 07:24 PM
That's an interesting issue. If you read the whole story apparently she is working now...10 million dollars seems a little excessive. However chemical allergies are a real problem to some people...myself included. Top of the list is perfume, air fresheners, nail polish remover, etc. as in the story. Wish I could sue...don't know who to blame.!!!! It really handicaps me in that I have to steer clear of alot of people, places and things.

It really sounds for fetched to some people and is an excellent subject for this forum...need to be researched and talked about.....

posted on Jun, 2 2005 @ 06:08 AM
Have ya seen this thread?'

They're not just debilitating you....

Pine Sol will make me sick for about a week. And, well, I haven't figured out just what all causes my hands to break one time, I was doing all my cleaning with just baking powder. I cut all the possible cuprits out and slowly added the things back one at a time. I try to use the same dish soap, the same hand soap, ect. ect... And, well, I don't go be pools.

Seems like everybody thought that it really wasn't a big deal, when I told them.... So, what's a few blisters on the hands right? I ended up having my both my hands wrapped in bandages for a few weeks, and well, weeping blisters are really a problem when you are trying to cook and well, painful when you have three little kids you have to chase down, put up, and well, hold their hand as you walk down the street. And, well, at work, there was alot of jobs I couldn't do if they were broke out bad enough, or were runny.
I don't get it really. they'll destroy the tobacco industry and spend a fortune on public service ads and enforcement of bans because of what it might cause a person decades down the line, but the seem to turn a blind eye on all the crap that is causing many people serious problems now, not to mention the ecological damage.


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