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posted on Aug, 5 2003 @ 07:10 AM
Has anyone here tried dowsing before?
I know its most commonly known for finding water but it basically picks up positive and negative energy, lay lines and energy spirals. You can use it for healing if you wish. I've use them to find out history of buildings and those who've lived there and also to track ley lines that have been put down (whether or not intentionally). I actually found one in my area that was put there by witches in the past (there used to be witch trials near my area).
It sounds hard to believe, ofcourse i was skeptical when i first used them, but then they started to move in directions of their own accord which scared me a little. I though it may be that i am moving them by altering my grip on the rods unconsciously and decided to put them to the test. I went out to a field and made a lay line (a line of energy) from one point to another and remembered exactly where it was. I then later took my a friend there (who taught me how to use the rods in the first place) to see if she could find the lay line, and her dowsing rods lead her directly to the line i'd put there.

Has anyone got any ideas to how dowsing rods work - is it to do with energy and magnetism or are we able to use them to connect to our own subconscious thoughts ?

posted on Aug, 5 2003 @ 06:28 PM
Whats a lay line exactly, and how do you put one there? Im very ignorant on this topic, sorry. Anywhere you know of to be more educated? Always expanding my horizons

posted on Aug, 5 2003 @ 06:42 PM
Hi there. I use pendulum dowsing. In pendulum dowsing you are asking the pendulum questions and interpreting the directional rotation for the response. Let's say you have lost your wallet in the house and cannot find it. You would first start swinging your pendulum to and fro, back and forth. Now ask the pendulum to give a positive response. Keep swinging it back and forth slowly waiting for it to respond. At some point it will either rotate clockwise, or counterclockwise. That is your positive response. Tell it to give a negative response and it should revolve in the opposite direction. Once you have this established between you and your pendulum you start asking questions to narrow down the resting place of your wallet. Is my wallet upstairs? Is my wallet in the washing machine? Is my wallet in the kitchen etc. At some point you will get a positive response, then you can to to the room or place and narrow it down further. You can also point with one hand while you swing your pendulum with the other and sweep with your pointing finger and when the pendulum gives a positive response that is the direction for you to follow. The biggest thing in pendulum dowsing is asking the right questions. You can use this to find names and dates also. I would even trust it to tell me if someone is unfaithful to me.


posted on Aug, 7 2003 @ 02:13 PM
what's really odd about dowsing...

only about 50% of people who attempt it can do it !

i've been asked to find / locate lots of stuff
and I tell & show & instruct people to do it for themselves in the future..
BUT , half the folks get no response from metal rods or
willow branches either.

this would be a good scientific study for someone,

another problem, congestion...too many power lines
in ground & overhead, old drain pipes, wells, junk,etc.
well - anything that disrupts space, creates vortices.

1/2 acre can take hours, and U might have 100target
spots to cull down. whew!

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