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When Americans health's become a political issue.

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 08:10 AM
Why when it comes to Americans health, it has to become a political issue.

What is the problem with the stem Cell Research that keeps many on their toes?

Our president is adamant about research while disease victims are pleading for help.

Today finally Two bills that would loosen restrictions on stem cell research take a center stage in the House'

But the president said he will vito them.

This is wrong and anything that is to help people to get a better quality of life through science should be allowed to get the help they need.

Sometimes I feel that big interest groups wants us to be dependand on miracle pills and potions, rather than find cures for illneses.

Before voting takes place Tuesday, Majority Leader Tom DeLay of Texas was to speak. Like Bush, DeLay, who is known for enforcing discipline on Republican ranks, is opposed to the bill by Castle and Diana DeGette, D-Colo.

Why...... when it comes to Americans health it has to become a political issue.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 10:26 AM
"This is wrong and anything that is to help people to get a better quality of life through science should be allowed to get the help they need. "

I'm sure you didn't mean this, but well, the nazis did alot in the way of medical advancements, but well, I don't think we could find many that would agree with their tactics.

News broke awhile back about foster kids being used in experimental testing, and well, there's a thread on this site about it. from what I've read, it was really quite cruel. again, I wouldn't support it, although, it probably did a little to advance medical research along it's path.

I believe everyone agrees that there is a line that needs to be drawn...but it's just where that line should be drawn that is at question. otherwise, we might find ourselves in the future, cloning real humans, and then sacrificing adult clones to harvest body parts for the originals or something.

I do agree that well, the line that bush draws might be too limiting.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 10:43 AM

A good question. Growing up outside of the US, I was surprised after moving back to see what a huge moral issue politicians have to make of everything. Instead of debating issues on the merits, whether its healthcare, birth control, defense, free trade, or whatever, politicians in the US debate the morality of those issues. They presume that their job is to be the moral guardians and/or representatives of the people. It's patronizing, elitist, and in many cases deprives the individual of their own ability to make choices based on their own moral beliefs.

I think it stems from America's origins as a religious country- the first settlers were devoutly religious, for the most part, and today this fundamentalist character still exists throughout the US heartland, and it sprouts in a new form in the neoconservative movement, which places a high value on morals in politics. Morality gets the people riled up, particularly if there's some religious aspect involved. So, many politicians are elected into office due to moral, instead of practical, reasons. I think we'd get a whole lot accomplished if we didn't turn the house of congress into a shouting match on moral issues, but that's the nature of politics in the U.S. It would be nice to be able to show the people a different way of government, where the politicians are limited to actual governance of the country, instead of assuming the role of moral shepherds, but I don't see any way of it happening.

-koji K.

[edit on 24-5-2005 by koji_K]

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 02:06 PM
Any scientific research should be monitor we know that what the Nazis did was despicable.

But we have to understand, that we all become willing guinea pigs, to new drugs that promises miracles and delivers often the opposite.

When you go to the doctor and you are prescribed a new pill to help your maladies, is not a cure . . . later you find out that the same pill is actually giving side effects that can possibly kill you.

This is happening more often . . . lately.

We are used for testing of new drugs, and have been done for years.

Why can we just demand cures? Perhaps because drugs are more profitable?

I tell you what the moralistic views may be true in the part of the American people when it comes to how they feel, but when it comes to the government are "morals with dollars signs all over"

All at the expenses of the sick in our country.

Then the same government comes back to protect the same people and companies that are profiting from our sick when they become victims of their products or services.

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