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Few Americans Focused on Filibuster Issue

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 07:51 AM
In the last few weeks we have seen the Issue of Filibuster been all over the news, but..........does America care?

Look at the figures shown here from ABC news, and make your own decisions.

I guess when it comes to present issues as changing rules most americans really don't give much care and rely on their elected officials to do what they think is the right decisions.

Just 47 percent are following the filibuster debate closely, and only 16 percent are following it "very closely," an ABC News/Washington Post poll finds. That's lower than the level of attention paid to a variety of other issues in recent years.

Perhaps we Americans are starting to lose interest in politics after all.

Americans seems to be interested on Ethics, financial reforms, scandals and life related issues.

Interest is somewhat higher than it's been for inside-the-beltway topics such as the ethics complaints against House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (36 percent closely following) and campaign finance reform at the beginning of 2002 (37 percent). But it's been far higher on a range of other issues, including, for example, the Enron collapse (64 percent), the Abu Ghraib prison abuse scandal (75 percent) or the SARS virus (74 percent).

Polls in this link.


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