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PEACE corp anyone?

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 03:58 AM
hello one and all. recently i have been pondering joining the PEACE corp. I dont exactly support the US's military actions as of late, but I believe individuals can make a difference. I thought the PEACE corp would be the ideal venue to push for the causes I believe in. I looked at the site, and it seems there is a fairly selective screening of people deemed worthy to promote peace. basically, one needs a special skill to contribute. atleast an AA degree before the application is even looked at. Sadly, this I do not have. Im working on it. If anybody has been in, or knows anybody who has, are there any pointers on getting myself in? none of my natural born skills or talents are really gonna assist 3rd world nations. do i have to get a degree in water irregation if i want to join?

really, i would love some input, or tips to point me in the right direction. thanks...

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 05:07 AM
Lost, Do it man...overall it's a good deal.

one needs a special skill to contribute. atleast an AA degree before the application is even looked at

This is not true! So I Guess that's good for you huh?

none of my natural born skills or talents are really gonna assist 3rd world nations

Not true again, it doesnt take a rocket scientist to to teach kids english, there you already qualified!!! Or to teach art classes to elementary kids.

I have worked with the PC many times and many PC volunteers are my good friends. While we do not agree on politics and military matters (I think they're all hippies) we still get along great. I am a Marine stationed in a former Soviet country, not that many english speakers here and a very small American population. Most Americans here are older and have out grown thier "wild days" so I tend to hang out with the PC volunteers quit a bit.......the ones that don't im a baby-killer.

My peeps in the PC like it very much and do not regret joining. Would they sign on for a 2nd term? probably not. The money sucks, basically you make the minimum to survive...cost of board and food and a little spending cash. But in the 3rd world countries that little goes kinda far. I understand that many of them do not have much and they really are trying and do make a difference, that's what it's all go ahead and kiss your PS2, TV and soft mattress good-bye. There are a very few of them who get out here and whine about the living conditions that PC slated them to live in, whine about the pay and the opposite sex (same for some) and cry about everything...don't be one man, it's all about what you make of it.

This one dude in the PC has learned Russian pretty well while being here and in 6 months. when his commitment is up he is going to Moscow to attend college. Is he paying for it? nope..not a dime, Peace corps does not pay much of it, but many schools offer scholarships and deals for former PCers.

A few of the others here work in schools, one teaches does electrical work for a local village. Unless you are friggen have a skill, we all do.

The travel is great and the cultural experience is awesome. You will meet many people and have a good time. I must warn you, some PCers are straight up WACOS and anti-anything made in the this bad hell yeah. They are representing the US just same as me being a Marine and when they spout thier crap and garbage to the nationals in whatever makes them and the US look like A-holes.

Just remember to be a good Ambassador...and represent what you would like the US to be.

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 05:25 AM
awsome reply, thank you!

i totally understand what you mean being a good ambassador for the USA. especially in times where there is so much questioning. we may not agree on politics, but you can probably understand the anguish of trying to draw the fine line between patriotism and descent from the establishment or "official US position" many people, US citizens or otherwise have difficulty grasping it, and end up thinking I am a hypocrite one way or another, because I absolutely AM patriotic to the USA. I have lived in and around American military bases in Germany for about 12 years. I have seen my share of international interaction, and i can sympathize with nearly every position i have encountered. Really, we humans all want the same things, its just our culture and method that separate us. I very dearly want to be just that: an ambassador of the US to people who cannot see past our faults and blunders to the real heart and meaning of America. So you suppose I could teach English or Art? I am comfortable with both. I am only 21 years old. I am willing to go anywhere. Have a bit of college education. I suppose I will go ahead and submit an application.... holding my breath. thanks again.

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 05:55 AM

So you suppose I could teach English or Art?

Hell yeah, you can teach gym if you wish. Pretty much you can teach any of the "easy" classes we all had back in elementary school. Every country has a Peace Corps rep. or senior person that has been doing it for quit sometime. This person is an actual payed employee that has experience to run the show..he/she will decide where you would best be able to help based on your experience/skills and what they need at the time.

And a few of them said they got to chose the region and even country tha they went let the recruiter know where you wanna go..tell him up front.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 02:39 AM
cool. I wouldnt mind going to the eastern bloc or south america. africa even. SportyMB, do you have a favorite country or location? im willing to go anywhere, but in honesty - i wouldnt mind some tropical sunshine.

posted on May, 25 2005 @ 07:07 AM
After I graduated college, joining the Peace Corps was the first thing I planned on doing – Unfortunately, I need to pay back those loans that got me my degree first before I feel comfortable leaving the country....But it's still a dream of mine...

The first thing I did was contacted the local returned peace corps volunteers group and scheduled an informal meeting with one of their members - We met up for lunch, she shared her story with me and I got all my questions out of the way....

Her services were pretty amazing - She was in South America teaching English during the 70s....She actually had quite a bit of free time though and wanted to do more - She had a knitting circle of native friends and found that they lived in a village with no sewage system, so in her free time she built latrines for them.....Talk about one person making a difference!

Go for it! Hopefully I'll be there to join you soon...

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