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Police State Resource Forum

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 02:52 AM

Greetings all........I have made this post to give people some more resources to this issue. Some may, or may not have seen alot of this info here and there through other posts. So the purpose of this forum was placed here for your convenience. Here you will find some very good video coverage for you to look into all in one spot, enjoy.

1.)This link is to a pretty interesting video that shows alot of unseen footage as well as insite to what people were thinking when we first invaded Iraq. You will need a fast connection and QuickTime installed to view it.

We Interupt This Empire

2.)This is a very good Archive of video downloads and streams ranging from 911 conspiracy to chemtrails.

911 Busters

3.)This next one is a very kewl resource video archive, and most the videos are
free to distribute, very kewl.


4.)This next one has some pretty graphic images, not video of some of the victims of the war I came across this today, and I tripped out, pretty gory.
(Parental Discretion Is Advised) LÂșL


5.)This is another great Archive source found on a blog........

Brave Free Press

So there it is for the takers one can spend hours off the links in this post!

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