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We Instead Could All Be Billionaires...

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 01:00 AM
Just an interesting little perspective on the 'War On Terror'.

[Edit: As pointed out my maths we're f--ked so i've changed this a bit. The point was the same but it's worth editing and doesn't affect the outcome of this post]

The Worlds Population is currently:
6.5 billion

The current cost of the 'War on Terrorism' by America alone is:
$171.8 billion - Figure not counting requested funds or future spending which is estimated at a Trillion dollers by 2010.

We could achieve this instead (number are ever rising):

- A fully funded global anti-hunger efforts for 7 years
- A fully funded world-wide AIDS programs for 17 years.
- We could have ensured that every child in the world was given basic immunizations for 57 years.
- We could have provided 8,333,938 students four-year scholarships at public universities
- We could have hired 2,979,265 additional public school teachers for one year.
- We could have built 1,547,911 additional housing units .

Bu where does the money come from?? Why aren't these things funded??

It's a pandora's box viewable through a glass ceiling.
This money doesn't actually exsist, only the interest does and we are paying it.

Banking Empires
The most obvious reason would be the collapse of the global banking empires who are worth billions on paper and in interest owed to them on their loans, but which really don't or never had the money to begin with. A bank will always loan more than it has to draw from because it relies on the fact that at no point will more people withdraw than what they deposit, in that sense they can loan $5 for every $1 they actually have (small example). They then charge interest on the money they've loaned. If they loaned $100 at 10% interest, when they've only really got $5 in the bank, they've just made money out of nothing! Even if they never get the full $100 back and only the interest, aslong as it's more than what they currently DO have, they've made money. The loans continue so that difference is never caught up on.
[edit: bad example for the financial experts here i know, but it demonstrates the point in a simplistic way]

When a bank collapses, it's usually because it can't honor withdrawals because it's not recieving enough interest or deposits. If this happens to the World Bank funding America, goodbye America. So they need a way to generate money out of nothing.

Debt and interest is the only way this money can be created to fuel a war, printing more money only deflates the value of money, counter-productive.
War is business and WE are paying the loan.
To dry up a war, is to get out of personal debt.
Supporting war is creating more personal debt.
When a population is in debt, the people who control that debt are the leaders of that population.
When a government is in debt, the people who control that debt are the true government.

War is akin to throwing coals on a fire. It burns the economy bright for a little while but needs more and more to keep it going.

It's a circle of power that is using us as the pawns, the means. Instead of spreading the wealth and evening the playing field and still having billions to spare, they continue to raise interest rates, raise our debts and borrow upon this to further their own power via our dependency for money.

If we all had money OR worked together to not need it, the powerful would fall because they are only powerful in an illusionary manner. They aren't smarter than us, they aren't healthier, they aren't better looking, they aren't more talented, they simply control our debts and we are the dog on their leash because of it.

The reason Oil is still the standard when it doesn't have to be is because there's still plenty of oil to turn into money. That's all, as simple as that. We could develop other industries and other means but we'd be leaving a lot of money in the ground. Who does that benefit? Not you and me that's for sure, we only consume it, not profit from it. Free energy doesn't relate to much money for wallstreet. Power doesn't come from an even playing field so these options are supressed until the 11th hour when we have no choice and at that time in the future, money won't exsist, only numbers on a screen or credits in an implanted chip.
Again, in the meantime, we're paying for it via our bodies, health and wallet.

If you are the big tree, we are the small axe, set to chop you down - Bob Marley

When you see that there's only a fraction of this population profiting from War when we are all paying for it, you got to ask who these people are?
When they are high up in the governments and high ranking 'think tanks', you see what is called 'the shadow government'.
When you read from these 'think tanks' that they need a 'new Peal Habor event' to further their 'military dominance (power, business)', you see a faux war.
When you see a faux war, you see everything as purely business.
When you see business, you see big money.
When you see big money, you see power for a few.

If the powerful are profiting from war, yet debt is rising and interest rates are rising, why would you believe there's a threat from anyone except those that are encouraging war, thus encouraging your rising debt?

Sure, it could be Bin Laden's plan to finacially wipe out the US by drawing them unwillingly into war via Terrorist Attacks but when he's only hurting the little guy and helping the big guy, then he IS the big guy and they can only be one and the same. The alternative is, by helping the big guys, he's expecting the small to rise up and take control. He's essentially trying to show us that by controlling our government, we wouldn't be going broke fast and we wouldn't be dying. Doesn't that make him right then? Via a revolution in America because of the situation the rich and powerful have put us in, we would be reacting directly because of Bin Laden's actions, making him the one who in effect would be responsable for the American population re-gaining control of government spending and putting it back into the community rather than into the war machine. Could he be telling the truth then when he refused to acknowledge 9/11 as his plan and his actions (making it an inside job)? Or could that have been a drastic measure to hold a mirror to our society (making us responsable for our actions by turning us into a third world until we reclaim our government and leave the Middle East alone)?

So which is it?
Do we continue to fight Terrorism and absorb debt and loss of civil rights in the hope of a Utopia after an undefined global group is defeated in an unkown timeframe (Rumsfeld said it won't end in our lifetime)??
Or do we demand a government that looks after the population as a whole and which works UNDER us, not ABOVE us?

One is a dream, the other is a revolution.

Bin Laden, Al-Zarqawi are the new enemy of the new century so we are told over and over again, yet they are cash cows for the very people constantly telling us we must stop them. Why? 3,000 dead in America is nothing compared to what could easily be over 100,000 dead post-9/11 by the US hands. Isn't revenge achieved yet? Aren't we now the Terrorists when our emotions and our fears are dictating the lives of other nations?

Iran might get the bomb, but what is 1 bomb against Israels 200 or America's 5000?? Is that really a threat? Would Iran not realise it would be no more if it used that bomb? Of course they would, so logically, they want a defense.
But what are they defending themselves from?
An invading force. Business under the guise of fighting 'Terrorism'.

War is Terrorism as is Business is Politics.


Main Entry: ter·ror·ism
Pronunciation: 'ter-&r-"i-z&m
Function: noun
1 : the unlawful use or threat of violence esp. against the state or the public as a politically motivated means of attack or coercion

Why would you want to stop Terrorsim when it's making you rich?
Surely you'd want it infact to work more efficiently, more wider spread and in regions where more money will be generated, just like a business, you want to franchise it, spread it, dominate markets with it.

Without a threat of an Enemy, there is no validation for War(business)

Pre-Emption is Terrorism. When it's unfounded as in Iraq, then there has to be another force driving it. Governments only talk in the language of business. Proof of this is when they supported, funded, trained Bin Laden, sponsered Saddam, etc etc, it was good business at that point to do so.

Let's compare your odds of Death in America alone:

1 in 88,000 of a terrorist attack
1 in 1,500,000 of a terrorist-caused shopping mall disaster assuming one such incident a week and you shop two hours a week
1 in 55,000,000 in a terrorist-caused plane disaster assuming one such incident a month and you fly once a month

1 in 55,928 of death by lightening
1 in 20,605 in your clothes igniting
1 in 10,455 of dying in your bathtub
1 in 10,010 by falling from a ladder or scaffolding
1 in 9,396 due to excessive heat
1 in 8,389 due to excessive cold
1 in 7,972 in a drowning accident
1 in 6,842 in a railway accident.

Using odds of dying in a way that Americans can relate to, let's compare the above numbers to the odds of dying during your lifetime to homicide from various forms of weapons.
1 in 197 of dying in a homicide
1 in 299 of dying in an assault from a firearm
1 in 5,330 of dying in an assault by hanging or strangulation
1 in 207,261 in operations of war.

This makes the threat no more valid than any other daily exercise. So why are we spending BILLIONS on it rather than fixing healthcare, education, housing, environment etc etc??

When a population is smart, healthy and happy, they won't want to risk war, they won't be in debt and the divide of power between us and them is reduced. Is 'No Child Left Behind' a deliberate ploy to lower the education of the population? Widen the gap? Make manipulation and propaganda easier? An educated population doesn't fall for propaganda as easily as a person without the knowledge to see past the smoke.

Bush will never go broke, his debts will never hurt him, the same with the other 'elite' who run this world and are on the boards advising this government, supplying this government and working against you for this government.

Yours will. They have us chasing our tails and they want us to believe 'Terrorism' is the cause we're chasing while they grow more powerful and more wealthy at our expense.

Don't expect it to stop anytime soon while we continue to hate people we'll never meet, be scared of a threat we'll most likely never experience and continue to stay in debt to the people scripting these fears.
The banks have been sponsering war since the banks first took control of monarchies and governments in Germany, France, UK etc etc and under the guise of Terrorism, they are sponsering it again.

You can not enforce Freedom. America was founded on a revolution so do we expect Iraq or Iran to be able to thrive on freedom they haven't worked for?
Same goes in America, it's time for another revolution but we have to work for it, we have to earn it and it won't happen from removing 'possible' threats, that is infact what's repressing any revolutionary movement.

Patriot Acts don't make us free.
Creating more death and destruction doesn't make us safer.
So who does benefit?

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 01:39 AM
But terrible maths.....

Originally posted by TheShroudOfMemphis

Just an interesting little perspective on the 'War On Terror'.

The Worlds Population is currently:
6.5 billion

The current cost of the 'War on Terrorism' by America alone is:
$171.8 billion - Figure not counting requested funds or future spending which is estimated at a Trillion dollers by 2010.

If, instead of going to war and the US government gave every human in the world a nice fat cheque for $10 Billion US dollers, there would still be well over $100 billion dollers left unspent compared to what it has burnt so far in 'liberating Iraq'.

[edit on 24-5-2005 by TheShroudOfMemphis]

171.8 billion divided among 6.5 billion people gives everyone a nice fat checque for 26 dollars and 40 odd cents.

Hardly enough to retire on for me, but still I await the cheque in the post....

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 01:39 AM
Great Post!!

I'd vote you up but I guess I've used up this months quota...

That puts the whole capitalist/elitist agenda in prospective quit nicely.
The government is not here to serve the people, it never has been and never will be. We will never be truly free whilst we still chase carrots we'll never catch and support governments that perpetuate the worlds problems. They make money from peoples suffering. Cold, calculating and uncaring.
We could feed and house the Worlds population without even making a dent in the wealth the elites have.
But it's not just all about the money. Money is just one of the tools they use to control us. It's about power and control. Human desire to be King gone out of control. The ruling elites truly believe what they are doing is their right. That they are somehow chosen and we are just here (like all the animals) for their use. Poverty is an illusion perpetuated by the ruling classes. Because without poverty there would be no ruling classes. No privileged class.
People had better wake up, there's not much time left.

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 01:53 AM
Sorry, it was petty to point out a simple mistake in your post. The rest of your post is spot on and you will find a lot of like-minded individuals here at ATS, yours truly included......

You are my first WATS nominee...EVER!!!!


posted on May, 24 2005 @ 02:35 AM
you're right, though... the math is flawed. we'd all get twenty-six and a half bucks, and inflation would take over from there.

if you have one hundred and seventy billion dollars, you can give one billion dollars to each of one hundred seventy people.

i think i understand liberals a little better now, though...

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 02:44 AM

Originally posted by howmuchisthedoggy

171.8 billion divided among 6.5 billion people gives everyone a nice fat checque for 26 dollars and 40 odd cents.

Hardly enough to retire on for me, but still I await the cheque in the post....

Your right, thanks for pointing that out.
I've changed the post as this point doesn't really matter, the outcome is still the same and the point of the post still stands, thou the impact of the figure wasted on war doesn't relate with the example i gave originally.

Anyway, don't focus on that anymore, the point is much more important.

(i'll leave the title of the thread as the point was to attract people to look further into the problem)

[edit on 24-5-2005 by TheShroudOfMemphis]

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 04:29 AM
Great post!

I hope to see copies of your post popping up on sites worldwide.

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 04:46 AM
You have voted TheShroudOfMemphis for the Way Above Top Secret award

great post indeed, dont have much to add

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 05:25 AM
You equate dollars to death.
Quite a lot of people are alive, but are oppressed, or in constant fear of being punished for excercising the most basic of human rights.
Does that count as dead, or alive?

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 08:39 AM

Originally posted by spacedoubt
You equate dollars to death.
Quite a lot of people are alive, but are oppressed, or in constant fear of being punished for excercising the most basic of human rights.
Does that count as dead, or alive?

That's a valid point and i'm not talking about a cure for the Earth in every persons life over night, but the point made was that this 'movement' of war isnt' freeing people either, it's not healing the world, it's actually costing us all in more ways than it's worth. They're telling us it's good but are we really seeing it or are we just pretending we're seeing it? Looking into the future, there's a certain well established bad time ahead or there's a possible good future if all goes well. That's not very reassuring.
For the mass majority of the world, this is a set back yet for those controlling it, it's a racket. It's their business.

If we have government that is aligned with people who's business and knowledge is in fossil fuel, it makes sense that they would run the business of government via a means that is not only familiar to them but also something they are invested in. You'll find plenty of information about Bush and Cheney in regards to oil and energy before they got into politics. That's not a secret, just most people haven't got around to placing that piece into the puzzle yet.

It's no secret the people moving the most money through an economy are the most important, the most valuable to it's exsistance but spending that money efficently is the key and the way you spend it, dictates how the industry operates.

So the fact we are at war while people in the, banking/wallstreet, the oil business, the military, the industrial and even Saudi Royalty are the majority of the government and the business that invests in this government shouldn't be surprising either. That's what they know, how they operate and throw coal on the fire.

Problem is, they have circled the wagons and left us on the outside. We are doing all the work, fighting the wars, paying the taxes, giving up rights and liberties so they can continue to 'help' us and 'protect us'.
They are letting us make the cake with them, thou they're just going to take it and have it themselves, we might get some crumbs.

Money is not what they want, money is worthless and most of their money doesn't even exsist other than in 'net worth' or 'stocks', which are more or less the consumer, us! If we don't want it and don't think we need it, it becomes WORTHLESS. If we don't want war but rather cures for cancer, we need to let them know by not supporting their war and by supporting those that are working towards helping us. Forget what they say, forget the headlines, the speaches, the TV ads, look around and ask if a billion dollers worth of bombs is worth more to you than the cure for the cancer of someone in your family??

That doesn't make your a leftist hippy tree hugger unpatriotic scum, it MAKES YOU SOMEONE THAT WANTS TO LIVE LONGER! If you could see the money for both war and cancer on two different tables and one of them had to be burnt to ash, would you seriously burn the table of cash for curing cancer to have a war that you'll have to add more money to out of your pocket? Well, that's what they are doing right now, cancer is just 1 example of many but it's an example that shows what moving life FORWARD is really about.

They want POWER, that's their pot of gold. Money is just what they've created to keep us under their thumb. They've told us we NEED money to buy their stuff to make us happy and to keep us safe.

Logic would suggest that a stronger economy and a stronger healthier population would be a better investment for a government. If we are all healthy, happy and less stressed, we would work better, be more productive and move the country forward technologically and evironmentally. Isn't that what everyone wants anyway?

If we had a government that dictated industry to work efficiently, creating better cars with higher environmental standards rather than working 24/7 to fit out an army, we wouldn't be focused on warring other nations and we'd have cleaner air, cheaper fuel! That's just one example, think about the medical industry curing cancer and aids rather than joining the government to try and enforce our children take a test to see if they need drugs to control them! Wait, maybe these cures do exsist but again, cures don't sell as well as temporary remedies. Make them by the 8x DVD burner and wait until next Christmas to release the 35x standard speed!

We need people in powerful positions who want to share and who work hard to offer something for everyone, people like Oprah, Richard Branson etc, they might not be perfect but they are using their fortunes to make things easier for people.

Right now, through a government and big business system we have a circle that drives the car well, keeps it fueled up bust just keeps making us pay for the damn gas!!
Oh, they tell us they'll pay us back when we get to 'Freedomville'.

The War on Terror is their business, that's how they drive.
Now because they say they are spreading freedom and liberties to repressed nations, it's suddenly OK to make a living off war? Innocent lives are just bumps in the road??

What really has been achieved in the GLOBAL scale of freedom and liberty and a better life for all?
America has Homeland Security, Biometrics, Patriot Acts, Live Terrorist Drills, talks of microchips, DNA databasing, FEMA camps.
Africa is drying up, the Amazon is being logged in counter productive way, the ice caps are melting, our air is getting dirtier and our seasons are going nuts, we have giant waves, massive earthquakes, volcanos, ALIENS!!!

There's a lot of things to focus on rather than the little patch in the sand which happens to be on top of the very business we're in! The military machine was fired up and it's steaming ahead.

For men who have never smoked, the odds of dying from lung cancer by age 65 is 7 in 100,000, vs. 152 in 100,000 for smokers.

Risk of death in America from a terrorist attack, 1 in 1,500,000 of a terrorist-caused shopping mall disaster assuming one such incident a week and you shop two hours a week
OR 1 in 55,000,000 in a terrorist-caused plane disaster assuming one such incident a month and you fly once a month

So what's the bigger threat to you? Cancer or a Terrorist?

Cancer can be cured, can Terrorism be eroded? (without lose of liberties?)
Wouldn't a cure that can be taken worldwide be more beneficial to countries?

“Iraq holds the United States and Britain legally and morally responsible for the grave health and environmental impact of the use of DU ...” (A version of the report is available at:

Terrible as these results were, the last six years have witnessed a further rise in the number of children under 15 falling ill with cancer in Iraq. The rate has now reached 22.4 per 100,000—more than five times the 1990 rate of 3.98 per 100,000.

So right there we would be doing OURSELVES & IRAQ a better future, along with the rest of the world by not invading but rather healing. Spending our knowledge and money on producing POSITIVE things for building a stronger future.

It's funny how Bush is so keen to get to the Moon and to Mars when we still haven't got this place tidied up. Could you imagine the technology boom if we started thinking more efficiently and productively rather than blowing ourselves up to burn a toxic fossil fuel! We'd get further into space than we could dream of because we'd have mastered efficiency, peace and solidarity and would be like a giant team, rather than a fierce league.

When you have the wrong people in business, then you don't move forward properly.

Some other countries do things differently, they have a monarchy or a theocracy. We might not agree with it but really, it's not our right to enforce our morals on them. Our military will be ready when the people uprise and request our support, when there can be a better result but we don't go around creating them. You can't enforce peace on people, they have to want to find it. Some can easily find it in what we believe is a 'poor condition', they might even be thinking the same about the bad lands of the US big cities.

Saddam was removed because he was affecting the business. He was looking to move his business to Europe which would change the graph on wallstreet, the place that invests in this government. He had to go. He won't live through his trial because he can reveal information that will prove he wasn't entirely responsable for his countries condition.

The list goes on for ever, just like this post....

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 09:18 AM
long but worthwhile,
well done, great post's

posted on May, 24 2005 @ 09:33 AM
Nicely done.

If only the greater powers could take one year and do grand deeds for all mankind. (since money is never a issue for their power schemes)

you got a way above vote here..

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