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POLITICS: 'Nuclear Option' Averted in Senate

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posted on May, 23 2005 @ 09:19 PM
A bipartisan group of 14 U.S. Senators agreed to avert a showdown vote tomorrow over judicial filibusters. Under the deal the Democratic Senators will vote for cloture on several of President Bush's appeals court nominees that had been filibustered, but the option of filibusters later will remain intact for "extraordinary circumstances." The agreement immediately clears the way for Priscilla Owen, Janice Rogers Brown and William Pryor to get Senate confirmation.
May 23 (Bloomberg) -- A bipartisan group of U.S. senators reached agreement to head off a confrontation over President George W. Bush's judicial appointments, averting a showdown on the eve of a historic vote to revise the Senate's rules.

The deal will ``pull the Senate back from the precipice,'' Senator John McCain, an Arizona Republican and a key figure in fashioning the compromise, told a news conference.

``It's a good deal,'' Senator Ken Salazar, a Colorado Democrat told reporters as he headed for the news conference at the U.S. Capitol in Washington. The agreement is designed to preserve the filibuster for judicial nominations and head off a slowdown of Senate business threatened by Democrats.

The filibuster is a parliamentary tactic permitting unlimited debate unless 60 of the 100 senators vote to cut off discussion and force a roll call.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

I think this compromise will just kick the can down the street, and Senate Democrats will try to use the filibuster again, probably on Supreme Court nominees. However, I'm glad that the Democrats have changed their minds and will let these three fine judicial picks be voted on now.

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posted on May, 24 2005 @ 04:54 PM
I am so *sick* of this Media-spun BS about the "nuclear option". All this sensationalism and psycho-linguistics by the Media to take and clean up Congress's nasty little back door tricks. Filibusters, riders attached to bills at the last minute, "pidgeonholing", special committees-all the crap that's been set up to keep bills away from the vote, or to appease lobbyists and special interests, or to improve politicans' careers by letting bills die so they don't have to risk public ire by voting them down...all these disgusting tricks need to leave. Needed to leave a hundred years ago.

But that would help make politicians more accountable-make special interests more visible, and would make it easier for watchdogs to keep track of "pork". The Media needs more stories, more corruption, more control. Anything that keeps government confused and inefficient, keeps them the more obvious enemy in the public eye, is what they'll spin to the headlines.

Save the "nuclear" comments for real issues. Like real nuclear power or real nuclear weapons. Emotional triggers and witty catch phrases are disgusting enough in advertising, In so-called "reporting" of the truth, they have *no* place at all.

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